The Mystery Of The Winged Nomu || My Hero Academia Discussion and Speculation

The Mystery Of The Winged Nomu || My Hero Academia Discussion and Speculation

35 106 views | 22 Aug. 2017

Yo everyone! Today let's talk about some obscure information coming from the My Hero Academia author. It revolves around a certain Nomu and it's just something that's worth talking about!


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Sengo Muramasa

Throw in the theory that All for One is Izuku's dad and it would make a lot of sense for him to keep tabs on Izuku, if he did.

protons and neutrons

im lowkey crying that cute kid turned into this monster and the grandfather did not even care like lowkey why owuld u do this to such a cute child and not some orphan

the Knight_0wl

Someone called Fortune cookie in the comments, mentioned that Midoriya's childhood friend would be a teen too like him, but the Nomu looked much more grown up, who knows

Leiva Lopez

This is getting so dark

Jairus Kristian Zulaybar

The kid's granpa is the dude that made nomus

Gierom guy_does_nothing_productive

I knew he was the kid from that memory


i honestly feel like Midoriya still has a quirk

Silent Protagonist

You don't want to pull a bleach.

Blake Anania

Am I the only one who thinks the nomus look like the mass produced Eva units from end of Evangelion? the first nomus abilities are even similar as far as aesthetic and ability to regenerate.



tyrel brewington

why does to the boy in question look like the monster card 'fairy kid from the sky' from yu-gi-oh?

Emily McCall

The winged kid happened to be the grandson of the doctor that declared Izuku quirkless as well and there's signs of the same doctor being AFO's right and man in the recent chapters so maybe that could be added to this theory (since the doctor thing is new)

Nehemiah Williams

I thought I was the only person who thought that kid was the nomu

Terrika Clayton

it's just sad that a kid would be killed off to make a nomu

Sater The Zombie.

I agree with alot of people in these comments about how All for One and the docter were somehow connected and if you scroll down a bit there is a theory that Izuku had super regeneration that explains why the black nomu had super regeneration

Cruz Nunez

That kid with the long fingers reminds me of the moonfish tooth guy. What if All For One took that kid too.

Ship Master

Ive never read the manga but when I saw the kid under that little description I thought 'SHIIIIIIIIIIIITT'. I never thought of that before but I dont that All for One has any interest in Deku only Shigaraki bc he wants to give him the power he has. Maybe though the brain in that particular Nomu is from the kid as well so then maybe it did kinda remember Deku in a way but was confused so they did something random like just pick hum up and fly away. Or maye it was taking him somewhere, like to Kurogiri or something

Chazz Johnson

I know that all for one takes him to a lab and clone him to make a nomo and all nomos are a clones and/or from other people that has a quirks but that flying nomo was a different kind instead of the mindless nomo like the one that attacking all migth at usj and but the flying nomo can remember that days and plus he got reborn by a kid with wings to a nomo in a lab's that nobody could chick out before

Sayaka Igarashi's hairtie

Why is no one talking about that the guy who announced izuku was quirkless looks like the guy in heroes rising that gave all for one like quirk to their enemy


I think the Nomu just remembered picking on Izuku,but I'm just a pessimist.

RedWay Games

If it was that’s dark as hell he looks really messed up

_ scüp



I don't know if you noticed in the manga that the doctor that was talking with All for One looks A LOT like the one that confirmed that Izuku was quirkless. And I think Hori (the author) told us in one of his notes that the doctor is the winged kid's grandfather. Think a bit about that.

Sayaka Igarashi's hairtie

Nah man that kid grew up to be hawks

Carlos Vasquez

Well the reason why All for ONe captured this kid was because maybe All for One was looking to recruiting Bakugou. Which the kid refused to say where he was and became the Nomu. Also later on in the manga, Bakugou gets captured by the Villains

Diz men

Winged Nomu: “ Oh hell, it’s that old kid I used to pick on, Imma kidnap em. “
Stain “ I’m about to end this man’s whole career. “

Barry Kesner


Cornchip Universe

That's fucked up

Top 10 anime betrayals

1 last taste of freedom

Mew 152

Wait, so Nomus still have personality?

Megan Henderson

another thing to note, the finger stretching kid' quirk is very similar to one of all for one's combo quirks, aka the stretched fingers that glow red. so thats possibly two kids from deku's childhood that might have been targeted.

[richie rich]

well we can't be sure about the winged boy being kidnapped at a young age maybe afo kidnapped him when he was older


I always thought I saw that kid in the middle school and the ally way when the monster attacked bakugo but I guess he was never there.

Shawn Garcia

Not to beat you on the head but it’s Mee-Door-ee-ya

Mascot with a dinosaur

Woow...I never thought about this,but the moment I saw this vid in my recommended,I instantly knew that it must have something to do with that kid

kenken's psp

the child's grandfather was the person who made nomu's, and they turned him into a nomu. he picked up izuku as a way to get help, he remembered him also bc, he used to pick on him in the past. ig he remembered him as the quirkless kid

Deandre Anderson

The dragon kid!?!

Lydia Hanger

I would never expect some completely random no-name kid to become such an important element of the main story


Let's be honest he's not a kid. He's probably a teen.

Angel Gonzalez

Damn welp rip

lobotomite Louie

What if the money was the kids father?

Heidi Jennings

I kinda fell bad for him

Kage Uzumaki

Damn that shit is dark asf. Like damn man that shit kinda scary

Hana Rusic

I thought that there was a note saying this kid granfather was the doctor who created nomus for one for all but the grandfather looks suspiciously like the doctor who confirmed izuku quirk less so either the grandfather used his own grandson as a base for a nomu or the grandfather told one for all about izuku then all for one saw potential in him just like shigaraki and decided to keep tags on him and his friends saw that the kid had good potential as a nomu and kidnapped him either way his grandfather would have had to agreed to turn him into a nomu but also all for one could have just taken his quirk and given it to a nomu but if you think about it all for one can’t take phisical quirks like ojiros tail meaning he can’t just take the kids wings he would have to actually turn the kid into a nomu

Austin Dupre

I just cant get past how you pronounce Midoriya’s name


The dad of the kid is the doxtor that told izuku that he won't get a quirk....and in the manga that doctor creates quirks

Izaya Orihara

A fanfiction I highly recommend reading is Yesterday Upon The Stairs by PitViperOfDoom on AO3. It's about deku seeing ghosts and that's where I was first slapped in the face with this startling realization. There's a lot of spoilers but it's definitely worth it, the author really went Plus Ultra with this AU and in many ways it may even go beyond the character depth and details the manga and anime can afford to get into due to their respective audience age range and media types. It's like reading a darker alternate universe and the nature of the Cannon-Divergence allows for so many new character interactions that otherwise never could have possibly occurred. It also deals with a lot of serious topics and moral debates and is fully engaging and absolutely fascinating to read


Oh my god the possibilities that your theory could be true... can you imagined the angst!!! If this is true that means all for one really did have an eye on izuku from the start. Remember the chapter where all for one revealed that he knows all might's sucessor and he gives izuku's full name to him even though its a secret only a few knew! It might just be all coincidence though but if its true gosh... maybe the all for one is izuku's father theory would flamed up a lil bit.


It would be pretty fucked up if the Nomu was a horribly transformed wing kid.


We need more Stain actions!
He is more interesting that the hand guy

Scottish Boi

The winged kids grandfather was the mastermind behind the nomu aka izuku doctor that told him he wasn’t getting a quirk


what if it was the kids brain and quirk...whoa

Amanda Sullens

The wings there wings are the same if you look closely the wings are the same and the kid is the professor grandson

Taif Hama

true if you paid attention it was confirmed in the manga.

Shotgun Chicken

i made the 666th like

Deandre Anderson



the kid is the grandson of the doc in chapter one.

Bruno Garcia

I think it is the kid. You know how the author explained that Ojiro's Quirk Factor was not having the tail, but moving it? It has never been stated if All For One can steal physical changes, only stealing quirks, If that is the case it would mean that he would be able to steal Ojiro ability to move the tail, but not the tail in itself. He would not be able to steal the kid's wings so it would be necessary to use the kid as the base body for the nomu and implant the other quirks into him. That would also explain the fact re recognized Deku.

Jacob K

When I realized that the winged kid Bakugo hung out with wasn't present when they were teens but the finger kid was, I thought it was a bit odd but didn't think about it. Then when the winged nomu appeared I was like "Huh, be funny if that was the kid from before. stain kills him Oh shit, hope I'm not right, haha..."
And then you show me the hint from the author about why the nomu targeted deku...

Coffee Cartoons

The winged nomu is Tsubasa

Noy Lasri

Maybe Izuku did have a quirk, something like a quirk which allows someone to have multiple quirks. That way, I can see why All For One would want his quirk and not a fire based or telekinesis one, since he could have used it to not only steal quirks using his own quirk, but also used them at the same time without risking damaging his brain and turning beast like similar to Nomu.

With a quirk like that, it’s possible Deku wouldn’t have found out about it because it kind of reminds of All For One’s brother, who had a quirk to pass other quirks, and maybe it can even mean they have some sort of relation.

But those theories I think complicated the show unnecessarily.

Justin Okraski

I would speculate All for One was keeping tabs on all the quirkless kids across the country, and had plans to conscript childhood friends in case the quirkless kids inherited One for All


Bruh that is to messed up


I've been thinking about why the Nomu had wings and realized that that one kid had wings. I didn't know if they were linked in any way, but when I saw this video, I got my suspicions confirmed that they are somehow linked.

idiot ՞

Poor kid..


Nomu are made using real human brains
Which would make sense why that Nomu went after Deku
because that Nomus brains belonged to that child who knew Deku
I don't think its about the wings
It's a bout more depressing matters


Theory the child who is the wing nome is the grandson of the doctor who help all for one and the doctor turn his grandson to a nomu

Ash [ Made With Soul ] Black Light creation

I believe Tsubas may not be the winged nomu and All for one is turning only power hungary criminals into nomu for some reasons so he might took Tsubas wing quirk and placed it on someone els. The doctor don't make the nomu's himself he needs All for one's help too.

And why the Wing nomu took Deku is became Nomu is controlled by Tomura, and Tomura want's to kill Deku and All Might and their was the perfect change to kill Deku when he's weakened.

Roblox unicorn Gacha

Bakugo friend

William Sheets

This is super interesting! I felt like I wanted to read the manga for a look time, now I feel like I really should now!
I'm sorry Tripl-L I was late...I just woke up.


This manga is going to get darker and im going to love it ;)


The writing of this series doesn’t cease to amaze me.


What chapter is that at?

Izuku Midoriya {Deku}

I'm pretty sure horikoshi implied that it was in fact Tsubasa.

Barry Kesner


Squeaky Deeds Done Soap Clean

Maybe Izuku was monitored because he was quirkless and he could easily be enticed into receiving at the promise of gaining a quirk. He needed to wait in order to see if one would eventually manifest. He could have been doing this with other people who were quirkless. It could be that the whole process would be better with people who don't have quirks or something.

Mew 152

4:22 then how was Dabi able to call his Nomu back in the training camp?

cybernetic ghost of christmas past from the future

0:03 in lets taLK about....dude if your voice cracks, on the first line, stop the recording and start over, that is just lazy.


And the quirk stealing doctor.... it is actually making sense.

Drake Fire

That picture is really similar to one of the kids that bullied Deku.


isnt it wierd that the doctor who told izuku he didnt have a quirk worked for all for one?

Gon Freccs

better than tose total eclipse nibiru x ufos potato and shit hitting the planet's theories


If so, then we know the fates of the three of them, but I wonder where the dude with the long fingers is now?

Omega Steve

What i heard is since quirks are apart of your dna when all for one steals it it messes with your brain

Gisela Diaz Amaro

this is actually really dark and fucked up

Lovely Leeno

Could all for one turned him into a noumo as a punishment for bullying Izuku?


I think that or more I like to think his quirk was stolen that day when deku saved bakugo so it had hat memory and the kid from loseing his quirk was so sad he moved to a mostly quirkless country its still dark but not that dark


According to this video, we saw Izuku's quirk before in a nomu that defeated by Gran Torino and Endeavor in Hosu city (episode30). that nomu was able to absorption and release fire that's maybe is a combination of Izuku's parent quirk.

Sayaka Igarashi's hairtie

i can't get this out of my head MIRORIYA MIRORIYA


maybe it could be a relative of the kid?

Jeremy Ng

Y'all remember where endeavour hit the winged nomu? In the eyes! The blood was the author's allusion to a literal cry for help. BRUH...

Honey Rose Lacandalo

0:43 mIrOrIyA

Barry Kesner


Kevin Nguyen

its a pokemon

Mew 152

My biggest question is why do the nomus all wear pants that FIT them?!

donald lehrmann

personally i dont really care what happens to that kid. he was nothing but a goofy looking side character that did nothing but follow katsuki around. as far as i remember he never even said a single word. id be willing to bet izuku gives zero f***s about this guy. although it would be a little interesting to know what the winged nomu identity really is.

hades child

What if he took Izukus quirk and erased his memory?

Nadia J

So I was watching the anime before I decided to read the manga. Before I saw this reveal in the manga, I did actually wonder what happened to that winged kid that hung out with Bakugo and Izuku. So when I finally read the manga, I was a bit devasted when I found out that he was linked to the Nomu somehow. We barely know anything about this character other than his unique character appearance and that he along with the other kids would make fun of Deku and bully weaker classmates. But despite that, the idea that a child was taken(whether he was taken back then or recently. If recently he'd be about Bakugo and Deku's age.) Is saddening

Chippers Chip

Did he just say midariya?

Mega Buster

"How did All for One manage to get a hold of the wing quirk?" You may ask.

Here's a hint:

-Firstly, go back to ep.1 and rewatch the scene where Izuku is diagnosed to be quirkless.

-Next, rewatch the scene from the latest episode's post-credit segment, where All for One finally gets revealed, and pay close attention to the "other person" in the room from that scene, besides All for One. The person only refered to as "DOCTOR".

-Have you connected the dots yet?