Sevtech Ages-I'm A Cavepig!-Ep1-Modded Minecraft-Flint Hatchet, Craft Stump, and Grass Fiber Mesh

Sevtech Ages-I'm A Cavepig!-Ep1-Modded Minecraft-Flint Hatchet, Craft Stump, and Grass Fiber Mesh

8 306 views | 1 May. 2018

A new way to play modded minecraft. Progression based where only certain mods are available and the

rest need to be unlocked! Can we survive this crazy modpack?!

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I've also been watching DadCraft and Tedyhere play this mudpack. Was excited to see that you were going to give it a whirl. I knew this was a hefty pack but had no idea that it contained 250 mods. Crazy but I think the idea of progressing through the game as you complete tasks other areas open up.Watching you swim through the water the first time after the items you tossed I kept waiting for a piranha to attack you.  Them things are vicious for sure.There are a lot of crazy mobs in this pack as well so watch your back at all times when out and about at night.


glad to see you playing this pack its a fun one


I've watched Dadcraft and Tedyhere play this pack and it's pretty crazy. Basically you have to think like a caveman (ahem..cavepig) at first. Forget all you knew about Minecraft and remember fire hot, fire burns! So might want to remember your cousins' story with the big bad wolf (who is in this pack too) Don't build your house of "sticks", better to go straight for the bricks (the hardest, least flammable stuff you can find)! Good Luck and Have Fun!


Wow, starting over is an understatement. Love the changes to the mobs, but as someone else said, it seems like a lot to unlearn here.

vinch pop

Super late lol

Kurt Otto

Good choice piggy. It's a fun but challenging modpack. It not only starts with primitive tools, but you have to use them in a primitive way (i.e. open-hand selecting things, or using a crafting rock on a stump). Look at JEI frequently for recipes. You can add Optifine, it works fine. There is a hot-key for advancements.

Argost Abernackie

I'd be interested in this series being our modded minecraft. Not that I dont like direwolf but I dont want poor piggles spread too thin on so many series.

Mike Gaedeke

What is this it looks cool. Can you join use in Minecraft we are Ella and AJ.