New Ark - Divine Retribution (Punishment) |Musketeer & Cannoneer's Dream Ark !!|Tree of Savior

New Ark - Divine Retribution (Punishment) |Musketeer & Cannoneer's Dream Ark !!|Tree of Savior

5 964 views | 2 Jul. 2020

kToS live server gameplay

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JackerJack C.

Hi may i have a questions (I play in iToS that this patch not come yet)
-which Ark is suit for Ran/Flet/Mer between Thunder or Punishment?
-Which Arch Stone use for crafting Punishment Ark?


I have a question, would you recommend this kind of ark for Cleric Magic DPS builds? Or is ARK - Thunder a much better option?

AyNako WalaLang

Hi tom! Is there a new vaivora musket or any good ichorable muskets?

Patty Aticha

Sir i want some advice for shinobi rogue sin which ark is good thunder or punishment?
i dunno how many skill% can call "high SFR"

Valmor Junior

Thinking only of Pyro-Elem-Tao, Punishment would be good?


This + Ataka set is everything


Is this better than swift ark for SRs?


I think this is a tough choice for mergen, I play ranger-fletcher-mergen, I think Punishment would help a lot with fake multihits like spreadshot and barbed arrow, but at the same time I have real multi hits like magic arrow, etc.

does broadhead+burn from crossfire trigger thunder ark?

Felipe Andres

So punishment as i see is only for physical right? Or it will scale with magic attack also? I mean for a mage cleric is worth doing the punishment ark?

June Rabbit

@Tom Tsai 你好大大, 那个,想问...我本身的职业是bm/sheriff/outlaw 我上个星期刚抽到了个Arcstone justic, 现在的价钱足够我直接上一套 目前版本最好的fix ichor, Ziburynas一整套血精 4件直接上升120%伤害, 现在的阶段,我是应该卖掉还是做完整的arc呢?

现在arc在国际服的价位是650m 一粒, 如果拿来卖的话 我距离arc的路程又要从新开始...,
我是准备制作Divine Retribution, 但不知道弄完后 伤害会不会超过 120%... 大大能不能帮我分析一下?

打ds5 没伤害(只能靠带 打王也很久), cm7很简单过 但stage7打王时还是需要很长时间,
打weekly boss raid 勉强打到100-300m 单场 1/7 ,

Boruta seal +3 /
moring 饰品套装/
full set Legenda or savinos440 (ichor courage 和 first strike 轮流换) /
savinos +18 单手剑 +16枪 有vaivora cryolite pistol ichor,


hi what ark is best for scout-bm-sheriff-sin>?

rama rances

tsai san. can you tell us what new lvl 430 set of equipment are used in GTW? Is it PVP set eqps or the new savinose set eqps? thanks alot!



Plumpus Watson

God, this talesweaver music. I miss that game!

Cesar Revolledo

So what do u think will be better to craft at the end thunder or punishment?

BoA Kynortas

hey tom, may i know ur music title?

Rafael Siqueira

Hey, thanks for the news!
Let me ask... The materials needed to craft this new arks are the same? I mean Arch Stones, etc?

Allan Alves

Hi :3
which Ark is suit for hop-dragon-lancer e BB-Doppel-Barb ?




very simple and clear video, thanks a lot !


캐노도 쓰려면 천벌까지 만들어야하나 우욱..

Fort Pro

Hi tsai Tom.. Thank you for your info.. I m using cannon and musket.. I also understand punishment ark is alot better.. But I already have thunder ark.. What advice do you have?? Not that easy to build ark in TOS.

Teemu IGN

Umm, I play BM/Sheriff/Linker and Pyro/Ele/Tao .... is Punishment better or Thunder? ( currenlty using thunder ) was thinking of switching to punishment ...


So for fencer with lots of multihits, it is still better to use thunder ark rather than this?

Sticky Wicky

Hi! Do you know at what skill factor do you get the maximum activation chance for punishment?

Murdzlol Games

Hey Tsai, nice job with the TOS content!
I was looking for some news about scout, mainly for builds pvp. Would you mind to give me some tips about it? What is running good with the new updates? Im using BM outlaw assassin, but idk if rogue should be better to replace BM, or another diff build with the new updates.. well, i'd be glad if you help. But congratz for your channel anyway. Cheers!


hello tom, wanna ask is wizard suit to craft this ark?

No more DPK

Nice video & good music choice.

Ark Reyes

Hi Tsai, kinda new to the game. I play Arba-Wugu-Ranger, is punishment better for me or just stick with lightning ark

Wei yi Chiu

Nice video !!!! Could you please advise if the skill is real multi-hit skills, would the new ark calculate the total damage of the skill and make 75% damage or new ark only take one of the hit and make 75% damage? thanks!!

Marilyn Giovanni

Hi, which one is better for Dark Wiz (sm,ff,warlock)? Punishment ark/Thunder ark?


Hi Tom.
Can we change carfted Thunder ark to Punishment later?