DEBUNK Thunderf00t Hyperloop Busted Video! [ALL MISTAKES EXPOSED]

DEBUNK Thunderf00t Hyperloop Busted Video! [ALL MISTAKES EXPOSED]

39 404 views | 27 May. 2020

Thunderfoot sends his loyal minions to downvote our video and flood our channel with trolling and hate comments. This is really very mature behavior. We didn't expect anything else :)

Don't worry, we will do a response video in time. Of course it will get downvoted again by the very devoted Thunderfoot fans, who apparently don't have too much else to do than to harass channels who dare criticize him. But we won't stoop so low and call anyone stupid. We will take our time though, as responding to trolls is not very high on our agenda.

Here are some other videos disproving TF's ludicrous anti Hyperloop "science":

They also all got downvoted by the infamous TF troll army. What a surprise!

Yes, we made some mistakes, which we by the way acknowledged in a pinned comment already way back, and we apologize for that. But instead of admitting his mistakes, he again re-introduced them, even doubling down on them. Sure, our thermal expansion explanation is wrong, but so are many more of his ludicrous theories about Hyperloop. But hey, we guess the one wins who has more loyal troll fans, right?

Anyways, have fun downvoting this video and flooding our channel with hate comments :) It triggers the youtube algorithm and we get more views.


0:00 Intro: We examine each argument in Thunderf00t Hyperloop Busted video and expose every mistake Thunderf00t made with regard to hyperloop pod and hyperloop engineering.

0:57 There is no hyperloop vacuum problem as Thunderf00t stated, as hyperloop only requires a medium vacuum instead of a perfect vacuum to function.

2:09 Thunderf00t wrongly compares the structural mechanics of a long slim hyperloop tunnel to a large spherical vacuum chamber by ignoring their different geometries.

3:46 We prove by exact calculations that a steel hyperloop tunnel is absolutely strong enough to withstand the outside air pressure.

6:41 The worldwide iron ore reserves are absolutely sufficient to build many many hyperloops out of steel.

8:40 The temperature differences along a hyperloop tunnel wouldn't pose any problem for hyperloop tube construction as Thunderf00t suggested.

11:25 Once again a hyperloop tube only requires low pressure air instead of a vacuum, so there is no hyperloop vacuum problem.

12:10 As stated in Elon Musk's hyperloop whitepaper Hyperloop Alpha, both hyperloop pod and hyperloop tunnel have emergency mechanisms in case of e.g. a rupture in the hyperloop pod.

13:12 We debunk Thunderf00t hyperloop busted argument of any rupture in the hyperloop tube would be deadly for the hyperloop passengers.

18:08 Elon's hyperloop whitepaper clearly explains the operating principle of hyperloop turbine, which certainly wouldn't explode as Thunderf00t suggested.

19:23 Thunderf00t wrongly calculated the hyperloop train speed and acceleration.

21:21 Thunderf00t wrongly compares the structural mechanics and speed of a hyperloop pod in a hyperloop tunnel to a ping-pong ball in a capillary by ignoring their difference in dimensions.

22:33 Thunderf00t wrongly claims that airplane would be much safer than hyperloop.

25:02 Hyperloop is superior to high speed railway as the hyperloop speed is much higher, but the costs for building a hyperloop are lower than building a high speed railway of the same length.

26:22 Thunderf00t probably never watched the hyperloop competition properly and also wrongly criticizes hyperloop being powered by solar panels.

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The idea of hyperloop-like tubes for public transportation actually goes back to the late 18th century!

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If the area of the capsule is 1.5sqm, does that mean it's about 1.40m (4ft6) high? Minus the engine parts at the bottom and wires or something at the top you'll have to be sitting or crouched all the time.

Gary Williams

Oh dear, your first point "it's impossible to build a vacuums chamber that long" - You've missed his point totally. Firstly, he never said that, secondly he did the math on the 'partial pressure' that hyperloop talks about so your first "debunk" is totally off point and wrong.

Vincent Peloso

XD Imagine comparing plate armor to mill steel XD

Steve M

So you think the coefficient of expansion doesn’t apply because there are multiple temperatures across the tube? EVERY BRIDGE HAS EXPANSION JOINTS, genius. A small bridge made of mostly concrete has expansion of about a foot. You’ve only proven one thing - that you’re a moron

Will Ernst

Hoop stress does not work that way. But that is what happens when physicist tries to do mechanical engineering. Maybe in physics the negative sign doesn't matter, but it does in reality. Steel tubes in tension are not the same as in compression. That is why it is called hoop stress, like the hoops of a barrel filled with water, in other words, compressed from the inside.

ZzTop's Beard Lice

I wouldve had more respect for this video if you had said Dyson was working on the vacuum tube.

Quack Quark

Thunderf00t doesn't even understand a whitepaper?! People, its a whitepaper. If Thunderf00L is so good, why can't he write a whitepaper that everyone can read instead of hiding in the elite peer science journal that costs so much money? (crickets) Just read the whitepaper, then you will understand. Thunderfoo thinks so critically that he can't understand bulIshit.


you're really stupid
source: engineer


Paper says pressure 100 Pa or 150000 feet altitude, then they compare it to a passenger plane with oxygen masks dropping... Red bull stratos jump was from lower altitude and guy used full pressure suit.

Steve M

Jesus Christ. Expansion differential is looked at by looking at the HIGHEST possible temp, therefore the longest it would ever be, and the COLDEST possible temp, therefore the shortest. Summer vs winter, in other words. What he’s saying is obvious. Along that proposed length, the winter length would be a few hundred meters less than the summer length. Holy hell man. Have you never seen a goddamn bridge?



Old Seadog

What's the betting this gets removed in the very near future?


Have you never done or seen the videos that take a steel drum, put some water in it, heat the can up, seal it, and then let it cool? The only difference between the hyper loop and the steel drum is the scale. Most people don’t understand how much pressure is exerted by the atmosphere because we take it for granted that we don’t get squished by 1 atm. We are just tuned to exist in 1atm. But go down even a few meters underwater, and see what happens when you try to breathe air at 1 atm of pressure. You can’t even suck the air in. Or what happens if you try to hold your breath when you are scuba diving (something they tell you to NEVER do when you take the scuba certification courses) and then go up. Your lungs burst if you try to do this. These are some of the basics that can be applied. If the pod ruptures, you cannot try to hold your breath because if you do, your lungs will burst. And if you try to supply oxygen at any pressure, it will again cause your lungs to explode. These are basic principles that are simply ignored by both the white paper and the YouTubers that put together this video. These two seem to take the approach that if it on the internet (or in the white paper) then it must be true.


I wonder if you are ready to put money on there being a hyperloop from LA to SF in say 10 years? (or anywhere on the same scale). I would take that bet, saying there will not be.

acristian ban

Thunderfoots fans are moronic. End of story. That lab tech should stick to grade school backyard lab tests.


Is it a joke or they really believe, what they just told?


At 2:36 the tube diameter is 2 meters. If that is so, do you realize what that means to the size of the pods? They have to fit inside the 2 meter tube. And to take into account that the pod may move a bit while traveling down the tube, you have to take some space away. And the skin of the tube has some amount of thickness. And then the tracks take up some of the space below. So all in all, I would say the pod would give no more then 1.25 meters of height. What is the average height of a human? 1.8 meters or so. That means you have to crawl to your seat! Even if you give the height of the pod to be 1.7 meters, it would mean you would have to crouch quite a bit while trying to find your seat. And that 1.7 meters is only at the top of the pod. The rest of the pod would be conforming to the tube so it would slope down. Before you try to debunk a video, you should use common sense in your statements to see if it even has any sort of logic. Just ask those who traveled in the Concord. It was quite uncomfortable for anyone who was even close to 2 meters in height. They even had to hire stewardesses who were particularly short so that they would be able to walk up and down the aisles comfortably.


LOL, this video will not age well.

Lucas Kane

Dunning-Kruger-Effect in action.

Mohammed Shafei

You two are either idiots or liars, or both.

Conroy Boothe

Did you really just try to debunk thunder foot

ian builder

this did not age well

Al Budynski

The white paper is the bible and these 2 are cultists trying to convince you that god exists because it's in the white paper.

Santo Pino

If the costs of operation and maintenance for a rail high speed trains are a nightmare and hardly any route operates at a gain without government money, in what way Hyperloop would be exonerated by this problem?

Hi I'm from Milan Italy.

Though the Italian Italo and Frecciarossa can hit nearly 250mph (400 km/h), the authorities have granted a maximum of 186mph (300 km/h).
These are top speeds and are not maintained throughout the trip.
A trip from Milan to Rome 372 miles (600km) takes 3h40m (3 intermediate stops plus two Milan and two Rome stops) that is an average speed for the whole trip of 163 km/h.
we did have for many years the trip at an average of 190 km/h with only 1 intermediate 10m stop.
The speeds are reduced because maintenance costs skyrocket with the increase of speed, and we cannot risk a high speed rail cut off due to maintenance, because all backups (the old tracks) are simply to slow in comparison, too many delays would cause the clients to prefer other travel solutions.
Only the Milan Rome train operates at a gain, the Turin Milan operates at a loss.

So though normal trains (without maglev) are capable of 400 km/h, they purposely choose to downgrade the average speed to about 180 km/h due to unsustainable costs.


Well, Thunderf00t has never been wrong when calling something out, and he is a scientist. If I were to believe anyone, it would be him. But I guess there is only one way to find out.


You stupid ?


I'll believe it when the first Hyperloop line is up and running doing 1200km/h and the overall cost of construction and maintenance is competitive with other means of transportation.

The vacuum must limit the cost of running so it can pay for the extra cost of the tube.

Bruno Miranda

Peer reviewing... FAILED!


And Thundef00ts response:

Michael Meridius

How many years and wasted millions will it be before the "Hyperloop" is financially abandoned and rendered as obsolete? When that inevitable time comes maybe I'll look in on this thread in 5 -10 years to read the comments and laugh at those who actually believed that the "Hyperloop" was not just a overly expensive, impractical pipedream. Time will tell ........

Timothy Reed

Good job. You just got [email protected] with your poor knowledge of physics, improperly attributing equations to real world applications, and overall making fools of yourselves.

Jason Papai

What a clusterfuck of nonsense

Jason Smith

Thunderf00t is also a professional scientist who provides evidence and all of his workings. You clearly have no understanding of science or evidence.

Great example of Dunning Kruger guys


I'll tell you what, I've certainly told Thunderf00t to stick to science before because I've seen him fuck up the application of tax law. But lord almighty, don't pick a fight with him on the science front because he WILL win that one.


Classical Dunning-Kruger case and point.


I think the hyperloop is dumb- maglevs are a way better alternative - however, Thunderf00t did make a lot of dumb arguments in his video...


Could you please do another video busting the various Thunderf00t criticisms of Solar Roadways? That would be priceless to see.

Jeff Saffron

You do realize that Musk is not a scientist? and his white paper are just a bunch of ideas which won't pass a single scrutiny.


I know people have told you about your misunderstanding of thermal expansion, and since you've mentioned it a lot: pipelines have expansion loops.

Essentially, you have a corner, as short perpendicular section, you return to the original axis of travel, the repeat to be coaxial again after a short distance.
It essentially looks like this : _____n______
As the two long sections expand, the corners at the base of the end can get closer or farther away, and the shape of the "n" itself deforms. Explain how this works with a multi tonne capsule traveling at supersonic speeds with humans inside?

Aaron Grey

2 Dumb fucks make a video.


Are you this stupid? Have you heard of seasons and day and night? Have you ever wondered why LHC in Cern is underground?

Pork Hunts

'HES TOTALLY WRONG' ITS YOU THATS TOTALLY WRONG...............Dumb Arses, the only vacuum i'm aware of is between your ears.


That tube is 2m diameter and there is a pretty big gap between the inner wall and the pod. Are people going to have to lay flat in these pods? Wouldn't it be easier, safer and cheaper to just make a large cannon that shoots bobsleds (which can carry up to 4 people) to their destination, with a deployable parachute in the nose cone for a soft landing?

surender rajput

Damn these two Elon fanatics. Go watch how you guys got nutted by thunderfoot.

Marco Tomasi

I love the debunking of thermal expansion... you must tell it to rail road engineer, for more than 100 years they have left room for rail to expand and contracts... but we know it already, laws of physics don t apply if you name something hyper... let s call it hypertrain, and puf... no more contraction or expansion to worry about


Im know next to nothing when it comes to physics and all that jazz. But i always thought the hyperloop seemed like a disaster why not just make a subway. Its the same thing. I appreciate the effort though. Flying cars id be down with. We are overdue for that.

Doc Tyler

This is based on a pipe with 2 meters width? How many people will fit in a pod?

Peter Hobelsberger

49 minutes of finest entertainment


Please stick to priasing SpaceX and continue shitting on Boeing, ULA, Blue Origin and China please

Annan Fay

Stupid question. But why is does steel production reduce mass? 230 gigatons of iron gives only 200 gigatons of steel. However to make steel you add carbon to iron, so it should produce a slight increase in mass, no?

Mark Beiser

Are you being willfully obtuse, or are you really this stupid?

Santo Pino

A vacuum pump every 100m in 600 km = 6000 vacuum pumps, pumps are not like transformers or electromagnets, they require constant maintenance and repair. considering you might have a constant amount of failures, via computer trains can be slowed down when the depression in not at ideal value, but maintenance would be nightmare considering that you might need power cabinets with relative power inverters and PLC's for every 3 pumps at least, and local cabinets.
Vacuum pumps are insanely noisy.


She’s reasonably cute. Pity she’s also dumb as a loaf of bread. At least the two are a great match that way.

Dheeraj Bhaskar

This is amazing. As a thunderf00t fan I love videos which debunk. This is extra special because you debunked a video which tried to debunk. You've earned a sub. I also like the fact that you walked us through yt4 calculations. Thank you!


Bloody hell, is this the Musk fan club channel or something. Yeah sorry guys but you fucked up on this one.


Here before the real shitstorm hits the fan... Either that or before the video gets cowardly removed or comment/like blocked.

Reclining Buddha

Two human guinea pigs took a ride in the Virgin Hyperloop:

2 THE FUTURE with Jixuan & Sebastian

It seems we need to add something regarding the thermal expansion.
Our explanation was meant to show that the expansion and contraction cannot be applied to the whole length of the tube, but only to segments, because the temperature fluctuates along the entire length.
Now many people say that the fundamental problem is the temperature difference between night and day or winter and summer.
This is addressed on page 5 of the whitepaper, and also on page 28, section 4.2.3. There it is explained how the thermal joints work. So the length change will certainly not be a showstopper, contrary to Thunderfoot's arguments.
But you are right insofar, as that we should have addressed these day/night or summer/winter variations. We missed this one, and we apologize for that. Unfortunately, we sometimes miss some stuff, especially in a video that tries address 10-15 arguments.

ZzTop's Beard Lice

You two are a helmet kind of special. K now, I watched this six month old vid four days ago due to random Youtube recommendation. Thunderf00t, the proud owner of two Tumblr scientists/engineers, just released his response a few hours ago. I see a bunch of other comments stretched over the past week. How did Youtube know Phil was going to be dunk8ng on these two? Insert twilight zone music.

Martin Feuchtwanger

And the counter-rebuttal

Jerico Parazo



A white paper is just a whitepaper. It isn’t peer reviewed or gone through any sort of scientific review. At least not anything that matters. I can white a white paper on my light speed spacecraft, so I can sell the idea to investors. That is what a whitepaper is nowadays. An infomercial in paper form.

I’m not gonna comment on the rest, since it is all such a monumental mess. Yes, thunderfoot did make a numerical error by a factor of 10, but it does not change the outcome of the situation.

Tài Lê



You make some good points, but I still think hyperloop is hyperbullshit. How many people can it transport (when you compare it to highway) ? Second, why after 7 years there is not one decent hyperloop track?

Maaz Maaz

I recommend making an apology video

tom dorn

Dreamers with too much money.

Afonso Ferreira

The japanese girl is very cute though

David Oñate

Wait wait wait. I think we all got this video wrong. All the stupid things these guys said were only Parody... Uf Almost got me there....

Afonso Ferreira

They talk about the "white paper" like it's a religious book

Kid Funko

You need to go back to Munich and learn science. Your misunderstanding of what was said makes you look stupid. Please give up on Youtube and go back and study

F a

A f*cking disgrace to all German physics students
Please, never ever say again that you studied any STEM field

Eine Schande


lmaoing @ you chucklefucks

Carlos Andrés

I was ready to open my mind to hyperloop idea but man! 1 minute and half in and you already twisted his words twice. 1. Thunderf00t didn't say it was impossible, he said in principle it was, but that it was highly impractical y doubtly profitable. 2. The guy doesn't assume perfect vacuum in his analysis, he uses 0.001 atm, which is roughly 100 Pa. Get your shit together people!

Cesar Madrigal

The new 'creationists vs thunderf00t';


YOU YOU are idiots.


You guys are really stupid and have no understanding of basic physics.


The way they use the whitepaper as evidence reminds me of Christians and their bibles.

Tyler Ly

Why Hyperloop will FAIL HARD
Here's the link -->

Stephan C

1. Your application of the thermal expansion formula is completele wrong!
2. That tube will fail in buckling and not based on ultimate strength of the steel. Your application of the hoop stress principle ignores the buckling effect completely.


I'm just a old BlackSmith and I get a headache by that Level of Stupid! A physics diploma in Munich? You are the Dummest !

adrian c

If you refer to page 69 of the white paper thundf00t debunked and busted you.


External diameter of 2 metres?? is everybody going to lie down in the hyperloop? And a vacuumpump every hundred metres? All i see is a lot of failure points, a lot of maintenance and a huge cost of power to keep even a medium vacuum..And we live in a world where terrorism is a thing, how could you explain a bomb will not turn the hyperloop in a giant crater of 600 kilometers? And atmospheric pressure is not the only thing if the hyperloop is buried wouldn't you need to take the pressure from the ground in to account?

Jamie Powell

The hyperloop is never gonna work. Period

Mike Stavola

Hey guys! I got a great business opportunity for you! I'm creating a teleportation device, and it doubles as a replicator. I just need $100,000USD.

It's got a white paper, so don't worry about it being impossible.

Paul Young

But we have an open air hyper loop. Called air-o-planes. They are even pressurised and everything...

ZzTop's Beard Lice

Let me put you in a plastic tylenol and send you down an American highway at 700 mph. Didnt think so. Yes that is hyperbolic but the point remains. We don't even have the technology to keep holes from forming in our roads. But HL is private, you say? Mkay, who keeps it up once the company has a bad year or goes bankrupt completely? Can it work? Sure. Can it work at scale, at a profit, at the power level they claim, for the fares they propose, and be maintained on a nationwide scale? Hell no.


Elon Musk: "Gravity is not real anymore to me."
This channel: "Scientists all agree that NOW gravity is not REAL anymore!"

the sane party



this is the dumbest yt channel I've ever seen and you 2 are complete morons. Pls delete.


Time fact check you own shit.

George Betrian

Knock knock. You have mentioned the oracle, and the oracle has answered your call:

Jack the Aviator

Thankfully someone is deflating that pompous windbag. If everyone thought like Thunderhoof we would be still be stuck in the stone age. He has made a career out out posting negative crap about people who are actually out trying to innovate. I'm sure the Orville and Wilber would have never left the ground if they had listened to the Thunderhoofs of their time. I honestly don't believe he is a scientist, he seems alot more like an internet scam artist. And he deletes any comments that don't agree with his claims. And his brainless followers line up to kiss his ass in the comment section. A true scientist would welcome debate and different ideas, but he only wants to hear from sycophants and sheep.

Juraj Kováč

Awww, 26:19 for Godwin's law!
Anyway, let's make a quick comparison here:
High-speed rail
- practical speeds up to 400 km/h
- capacity scales to some 1000 passengers per train
- usable interval around 3 minutes, using modern signalling
- connects to existing infrastructure on both ends
- fail-safe operation – no risk of decompression, minimal risk of damage
- tracks are well suited for a variety of temperatures
- well-understood, with established supplier chains and worldwide vendor competition

- higher practical speed, at the cost of extremely limited capacity and complex, costly infrastructure requiring extra redundancy
- no integration with existing infrastructure
- much more vulnerable to natural phenomena and deliberate action, not sufficiently debunked in this video
- we have yet to see a working prototype that would be even close to desired specifications

Tyler Ly

Hyperloop is basely the same like the world's fastest train which the SCMgalev from Japan.
Here's the link -->

Sebi One

Well, apparently some billionaires and engineers have enough faith in the concept to inject billions of dollars into it. If I was a gambling man, my money would be on them, not the internet "experts"...

But hey, they could be wrong, but there's still a silver lining. All you debunkers, naysayers, and people who seem downright hostile to anyone who thinks there is even a chance it could work can take comfort in the fact that not one single red cent of your money is being spent on the project.


Why not use normal tunnels and use them for cargo transport only..would solve way more problems with the environment...

Samantha Marie

This is even further evidence that just because you "STUDY" something, doesn't mean you know the slightest fuckin bit of it.

Kyuzo Kyuzosan

Vacum pomps every 100m ? Do you even have an idea how much they cost and how much power they consume ?


Is this supposed to be a joke, your a testament to the stupidity of humanity and you are an insult to those who you claim are your peers.