PPSSPP Font Fix (Windows PC & Android)

PPSSPP Font Fix (Windows PC & Android)

30 747 views | 13 Feb. 2016

Hi guys I'm gonna show you how to change your default PPSSPP font into a real font of a psp due to certain games.

For Android

1. Download the PSP font.rar here:


2. Extract the "font" folder in "sdcard0/PSP/flash0"

3. Enjoy the game with the new font style.

For Windows PC

1. Download the same file above.

2. Go to your PPSSPP directory and look for the "flash0" folder. (Update: In 1.4+ the 'flash0' folder is now inside the 'assets' folder)

3. Open it and you can see the "font" folder so delete it.

4. Open the downloaded file and extract it from where you deleted the original "font" folder. (In short, replace it. I just don't recommend the Copy/Paste method, just to make sure that all will be replaced.)

NOTE: It works for all games with font issues like DBZ Shin Budokai 1 and 2, Dissidia 012, Jeanne D'Arc, Monster Hunter series, Phantasy Star Portable, Growlanser - Wayfarer of Time, etc. except for games who have their own font like Crisis Core - FF7, Kingdom Hearts - BBS and many more.


Why is it not working after I load my save state of the game?

- Do not use load states. Load the game normally by using your save data on the Memory Stick.

Thanks for watching. Hope you like it and subscribe it. :)

Philips Connor

Thank you so much!!! It works and it fixed the problem that I'm having with Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time regarding the fonts being unreadable and gibberish! Thanks again!!!


This worked for me. Thank you.

Will Nyx

Hats off to you especially for having the patience for playing mhfu on Android emulator xD

Tortoise Knight

You sir, just saved my Growlanser wayfarer of time that i downloaded using mobile data. And for that, you have my thanks.

Jorge Lucas Andrade

I love you

Zaky Rizky

Thank you bro, now my growlanser no bug again:v

fauzi tri hastari

Anyone know what monster hunter freedom unite font used in fixed font cuz i like it

Dragonic Starblade

Could this also work for the PC version? I fail to understand WHY there are so f*ucking few How-tos for the PC anymore, granted more mobility and all that, but have at least something for those who don't have that luxury people! Come on!


Thanks for your effort


It has a side effect on my android, when I create a game config to have different settings for each game this file seems to force the main ppsspp setting over the custom ones I made for each game.

John Titor

How do you do this on mac?


Thanks, it works

Dennis Chin

idk why even after I did what you did and extracted it into my flash0 folder the text in Final Fantasy 4: the complete edition was so squished and the menu items were all messed up? what am i doing wrong? I have version 1.9.3

Mixo Xkamilla

Amazing, dude. Thank you a lot!

Genhigen Geanata

nice..thanks for tutor

RJ Luna

Wow it still works with the latest version of PPSSPP on Android this day. Thanks a lot man!

Mike Ramirez

Thank you so much, this still works!


Tank's Bro"

MiGuEl GAbRiEl

gracias, me sirvio para jeanne d'arc

Funky Monk

than you! it works for lunar

Anton Kishkowsky

Thanks, Growlanser started working correctly

Vakeer Von Delecruax

Is this still working on Android. It didnt work for me... :(


Damn this doesnt work under recalbox ppsspp where there's the same bug... no matter where I create the folder flash0 under /share/system/config/ppsspp it wont work... anyone any ideas?

Darkoz Krull

Thank you, run in pc.
Gladiator Begins looks better.

Idioma Del Gamer

Waoooo genial gracias amigo like y sub

Ismael Gania

thanks a lot ProjectXsent! i used this fix on Jeanne D'Arc on ppsspp on windows and it worked perfect!

naufal shafiq

thanks . u solved my 5 hour problem in 2 minutes .


Nvm it's alright

Pocong Goblock


Greg Sun

Thanks a million, this solution worked perfectly!

Oi QueToi

Thank you very very much. I am so sick of crap font


it worked well! i was having this same trouble in Jeanne D'Arc and your method fixed it, thanks so much!

Alexey Veretennikov

doesnt work either, wayfarer of time

Jan Adamiec

Works great, thx


Yea you go way to fast and do t explain what your fo iij ng this is basically useless

bed de manana io

Thank you its work on Jeanne d'arc

Luke Skywalker

This fixed Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on PC, THANKS!


Thank you so much

01:55 its flash ZERO not the letter "O", but thanks anyways man worked flawlessly.

Nico Briones



Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to play Lunar on PPSSPP and this has fixed the text issues.


excellent guide

Avith Vega

8/2020 with latest ppsspp version and still works.


Pretty easy. Delete the 'font' folder, extract that the thing you downloaded in its place.
Thanks dude.


Thank you so much bro. You solved my problem


Thanks, now I can read the help messages in Exit!

Joshua Kelly

Thanks bro it worked legit

Ronald Joshua Delo

This definitely works. Thanks man :D #subscribed :)

CiVic Gamer

Thanks a LOT it works on the Growlanser error I had before that I recorded before. I'll put the vid link I uploaded before with the error


Might upload the fixed error thanks to your vid later.


Still works in by October 2020. Thank you very much for this

David Palmer

Thanks for Making the Video Explaining how to fix it and Sharing Files to Fix It

Altair júnior

Thanks man! Playing Jeanne Darc here is a lot better now

The Velour Fog

Helped for Lunar. Thank you


Thanks dude. It fixed Growlanser 4 text issues....


It works by using the original files from the actual psp, which is illegal btw, I'm not sure how this guy has gotten around it but he's managed to upload all the fonts for us to use what a guy!

Michael Pace

How do you do this on ios?

Erdrick X

This still works on the PPSSPP 1.0.8 on Windows 7 in 2019.

Eduardo BSD

Thanks a lot. It worked even in Android

ktvoid 27106

question... what if there was no flash0 directory in PSP?

Ryanderson Aguiar

I can't seem to make it work on Growlanser in mobile PPSSPP :S have a like though

Uli Wit Ver

Thanks a lot man! You really helped me out!

Iain Sorby

Thanks man, this fixed a problem i had with Growlanser

mido omda

everyone The solution is very easy
You just need to reload the game from memory not by emulator
this work good for Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time :)


Works like charm! Thanks

Heather Armstrong

Thank you.


Thx very much! You really helped me out! After your fonts were installed, the Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time game began to work correctly.

Night Milk

bro, the small(default) and large(downloaded from you) fonts are mixed now rather than being all large. Is this a bug?

Jorge Lucas Andrade

Thanks lad, you're a life saver.

Yon Nana

help a lot thanks!


Thank you! This worked great for Growlanser 4.

Den Bagus

2019 XD

tq mate btw

Skully Gamer

Thanks it works!


Worked, thanks. Just make sure that the 0 in flash0 is zero not the letter "o".

Prince Trixter

hey bro.. what file manager did you use ? some of file managers dont havee custom directory. cant save my extracted file to flash0 . please help. nice video btw.


Thank You!!

Mark Robs

Does this mess up my other save state files? If I have use the other font so far?

Ako si Mart

Thanks bruv you're a bloody legend !!

Dalandan Evangelista

wow, thanks tol


2020 didn't work

Wendell Régis

It worked perfectly on Windows. Many thanks!


I did this step by step but text still isn't being displayed in pokemon white


Luv the video man, awesome!!! Keep the effort !!

Kłynston 19v04

Thank You so much. Much appreaciated.


Where's the link on downloading the font for PC? I check your description and it doesn't say anything?

Jorge Lucas Andrade

I love you


Someone help i tried everything still same weird characters


Thanks a lot for this video and the font pack. Much appreaciated.

Simon Sødermann

Thank you so much. I had problems with letters such as "f" showing as "y" after your fix it works fine and as a bonus it looks much more clear.

Architectural Aesthetics

thank you so much! the font issue of Jeanne d'arc on my pc got solved by following the instructions. ♥

Alex Neff

At 2018 this still work fixes my jeanne d'arc game font too large if you cant find the flash0 on psp folder you need to make flash0 folder and put the font inside... thanks i was looking for this fix.

Noir A

Made Jeanne D'arc playable, thanks.

Zoma Blaze

Thank you very much sir ^^


Thank you so much.!


Still working for my growlanccer game 2018

David Costa

Still working. Thanks a lot man. My first time a long time ago I finished the game on extreme mode (all text-like-junk). Thank you!

Wahyu Hidayat

Thank you buddy.. you solve my problem sooo much.. nicee... It's have been years.. now it's solved.. thanks again