Best Shadow Priest Legendaries - What should you craft first?

Best Shadow Priest Legendaries - What should you craft first?

38 895 views | 23 Nov. 2020

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug with SimC some of the info in this video has changed:

Legendaries Written Guide:

Shadow Priest Quickstart FAQ for Shadowlands Launch:

Full list of powers:

How to craft a Legendary:

0:00 Introduction

0:22 What to craft first

1:48 Eternal Call to the Void

2:58 Twins of the Sun Priestess

5:02 Norgannon's Sagacity

5:32 PvP Legendaries

6:03 Stable Phantasma Lure

6:45 Cauterizing Shadows

7:14 Talbadar's Stratagem

8:51 Echo of Eonar

9:04 Judgment of the Arbiter

9:20 Maw Rattle

9:33 Third Eye of the Jailer

9:43 Vitality Sacrifice

10:06 Painbreaker Psalm

10:45 Shadowflame Prism

11:55 Conclusion

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thanks for picking up the twin priestress meme

laurens Eldik, van

..was so enthousiastic for the whole SFP one with m+ interaction... and then they cocked it ><

Justin Cody

THANKS BRU! your the man bru bro.

Kelsey Werner

Painbreaker Psalm is somewhat reasonable for PvP, basically guarantees that SW:Death kills your target it you cast it when they're under 20%

A Red Herring

Publik, I think you misunderstood Talbadar's Stratagem - The damage buff applies to any target you mind blast as long as ONE target has all three dots. It probably doesn't make it much better, but it's not as restrictive as I think is implied.

I crafted it just because I don't trust my luck (or my guilds progression) to get to council and then I get the drop within the first two weeks x)


That Power Infusion legendary might be insane to unironically trade void forms with another Spriest on a fight with periodic adds with Surrender to Madness. You won't have to hold Power Infusion for a minute and a half, only 15 seconds as your first void form ends. Whichever Spriest has PI after first void form pops it and you both StM


Talbadar seems way beter than eternal call, I dont cast mind flay or sear much


So Icy Veins as of "Last updated Jan 11, 2021 at 16:36 by Publik" says 'Talbdars' for Raiding and Torghast. Making this video out of date and in disagreement with the Icy Veins guide by the same person.
I'd appreciate knowing why this is now so. New information, Blizzard change, miscalculations?

Talha Kalpak

hey mate i dont know what to do i dont have raidgroup should i wait for lfr or should i craft others one pls help me :(

hunter hernstedt

Is Tendies still the Alpha ?

Carl Lauzon

Can the tendril be killed in PvP situation ?

Oktay Babal

@publik I think at 10:26 when u mentioning about painbreaker you were mistaken something, it still might be useless tho but i think while it consumes 8 sec of dots it also applies the whole damage of 8 secs to the target as we use vampiring touch (twice from the unfurling darkness).


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Does it matter what Base Item you use in terms of gearing for other BiS items?


Painbreaker Psalm isn't even worth it for PvP?


What about the generic legendarys? I was thinking about “judgement of the arbiter” for m+ or is it just underwhelming?


How Many legendaries are we allowed to use ?


Strangely this was not in my sub video list.

Jeremy O

"No if you're playing perfect, yes if you suck at moving as a shadow priest"...I've found my legendary then!

Tyler Gindling

As a M+ focused person, I've been really liking Shadowflame and I understand its downfall yet find it fun to still roll and be beneficial. I'm still trying to get a Council kill for Eternal memory as I'm aware of its impact and seeing the sims myself. My character: Zabrazin-Zul'jin

Ant Mac

Does Eternal Call of the Void proc Dark Thoughts?

Tuscani J

3:16 cool dude acknowledged girls play too!

Kieron Pickering

When publik says "in my opinion" he really means it's a fact

Joel Snar

What do you mean at the 1 min mark, or just "eternal call of the void at a higher lvl"?

Thomas Berglund

so from a non raider point is the talbadars stratagem worth it?

Raquel Curiel

I was asking me this right now... and PUBLIK responded it perfect timing thx for all your content and be so happy with a Priest that I contagious

S w

Vault of heavens you have Missread the description.
It doesn't just add two charges. It causes you to leap towards your target instead of pulling them to you and can be extremely useful in pvp as an awesome escape, 2x instant jump for an immobile shadow priest is insanely good in pvp. not just as an escape but you can target friendlies ahead of you and jump to them instantly especially good if your being hit from behind or carrying a flag, I'm sure even in a raid it could useful.
Here's a good strategy, Door of shadows onto enemy pvp group, With the talent that Dazes them all 8 secs. do a crash on top of them, Then you can either fear and disperse flee or leap of faith yourself back to your team, This can really mess up the enemy attack and scatter them. It's fun in epic bgs too with big groups :)


I like pvp so im probably go with Measured contemplation and i fell it can be quite useful in mythic+ to top up a ally or yourself in crisis time.

Jeff Lightbody

great video


Double shadow priests twins baby come on man shadow twins

J Fish

Man I hope they fix the shadowflame prizm build that was so fun to play on beta. I was praying they would bring that back into balance with ECotV before launch and give us that option

Kentucky Jones

so basically.. there all trash.. thx lol

Miss Gold

RIP Shadowflame Prism, you will be missed!

marcus mavlian

Sephuz’s proclamation is no good?


@publik hey! How good is the alchemy trinket compared to the others? Its not on the sims page

Charles Feduke

Having been through Legion I am picturing this scenario where, in six months, I am still running LFR for Blood Council trying to get the legendary recipe to drop. This is probably a better case for having multiple priest alts, since the recipes are shared account-wide, than having a priest for each covenant was - multiple attempts at the legendary recipe per week.

Of course it could just be that the drop rate is 100% too. I think that, then I remember, well it's Blizzard.


Blizzard: haha non raiders, get fucked.

Really enjoyed Shadowflame Prism before the destroyed it, it should have been the default mythic+ choice.

Issa Envy

Just got my Eternal call to the void it's Soo good!

Mason Newman

Amazing videos lately, really helped guide me in my main for SL, I discovered you the other week and you're great!

El canal del Argan

The issue with raid legendaries is for those of us who do not raid at all (like me), so I need something to wear until the right LFR wing opens (in end of january/first of february if I remember it right, so too much time to go without any legendary) and I can get ECotV. Sephuz's proclamation (a PvP one) is, for M+, a good option, lots of interrupts, CCs and dispells there to activate it, which, at least the last time I looked at it, put it over the level of DPS gain with Shadowflame prism, but I can use also while going as healer, and the CC diminishings, come in handy with some of the CCs both trash and bosses use sometimes. So my first one will be Sephuz's almost for sure. Enjoy the next days.

Marc Haas

Hi @Publik So after playing with eternal void both on raid and dungeons i find it lackluster. It rarely procs, have you tried talbardara strategem? You spam mind blast so much, that it seems to do more consistent damage.

Corey Roccaforte

I'm a simple man. I see a new view from Publik, I like it.


Twins of the Sun with a duo priest has some serious potential IMO. You can alternate power infusions for each void form, so you each always have PI during void form. Big parse memes

Khangsing Chopel

I didn’t know shadowflame prism was trash I crafted it and it’s doing 15-20% of my damage through mythic dungeons I know it isn’t challenging content right now but it still feels like it’ll have a place in mythic+ idk if it’s just me but combined with the auspicious spirits dmg conduit and shadow word death mob sniping and playing misery/auspicious spirits to focus more on mind blasts to generate high damage ghosts with mind bender slashing everyone maybe I just need to play searing nightmare and realize I’m cucking myself lol

Guglielmo Famiani

I think for M+ the casting while moving Lego, is gonna be so good, it adds a lot of flexibility in so much scenario's.


Hey Publik, we're having a discussion around the use of PI in raids - what are your thoughts on spriest PI being prioritized to other classes other than the spriest?


Wait, actually first

brody carter

hey Publik do the void tendys from Eternal Call to the Void have hp (thinking from a pvp side will they be killable?

Jules Jay

Painbreaker psalm paired with unfurling darkness and misery, more burst for pvp ! Then psychic horror target, powerinfusion +void eruption (need instant cast pvp talent and ancient madness talent) then mindgames from venthyr, (hits like big truck) and void torrent that bish to death , or you can power infuse from beginning . This is how to eat people ! Gotta get that mass dispel ready for defensives if the target isn’t dead yet


Is it unfair and selfish of me to be mad that TotSP legendary is good, but does nothing to make our class/spec more exciting or add a fun element to our gameplay. It just lets someone else have more fun ? It's good because it's utility, but legit just does nothing for us. Am I wrong? is there something I'm missing there? It might even hurt us cause then are we saving our CDs for when someone else might need it more as a prio?


Me and the other Spriest in our guild will both go nightfae and the PI legendary. Coordination might be a bit hard to do but if done correctly we will both have PI for every voidform we do.

Tim Drum

ey its the tauren pally u res'd on the staircase by the tremaculum. you da real Mvp


play make a rotation guide!!


Hope you have a great launch week, all this work must be exhausting, really appreciate it.

Thank you.


Psalm could be awesome for killing blows in pvp ^^


Wouldn't Painbreaker Psalm be good in arena? Makes shadow word death a more powerful execute.


Venthyr and Tendies legendary it is, thanks for the content homie.


I think im gonna craft Talbadar's Stratagem and then wait for Call of the void. Talbards seems to go well with damnation too. Either Talbards, Norgannon or measured is prob the ones worth waiting for Call of the void :)


Just a quick question (love your content), but is Kyrian or Maldraxus still the way to go? I mainly just raid.. I don't pvp much, that is why I ask. I don't want to make a bad decision just cause I think the "vampires" look cool :P

Nebojsa Vidic

Dude, HUGE thanks for everything you did and still doing for the community! You're like a walking machine. I know you got nothing from our ''thank you'', but still... <3


“Our legendaries are not impactful... you’re looking at a 5% damage increase for this [Eternal Call of the Void]”. 5% seems pretty impactful in a game where people optimize for 1% improvements. Edit: I guess you’re saying none of the Legendaries really change or improve the baseline playstyle and rotation in any major way, nor are there any legendaries that are vastly superior to the others such that you’ll be gimped without that one.


IMPORTANT: Due to a bug with SimC some of the info in this video has changed: