The Vocal Range of Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) -- G2-F5

The Vocal Range of Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) -- G2-F5

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Special thanks to the owner of the thread, Crack2Hack, and any other users that contributed to the documentation of this singer's vocal range!

Voice Type: Baritenor

Lowest Note: G2 ("Voice In Me")

Highest Chest Note: D5 ("Break", "Goin' Down)

Highest Head Voice Note: F5 ("The Good Life")

Song List:

--Intro: "Never Too Late"

--D3: "I Fought The Law", "Scared"

--C♯3: "Just Like You", "I Hate Everything About You", "Take Me Under"

--C3: "Let You Down", "Never Too Late", "Let It Die"

--B2: "Now Or Never", "Lost Your Shot", "Wicked Game"

--B♭2: "King Of Nothing", "Never Too Late (Live)"

--A2: "Wicked Game (Live)"

--G♯2: "King Of Nothing", "Star Spangled Banner (Live)"

--G2: "Voice In Me"

--G4: "Time Of Dying", "I Fought The Law", "Pain"

--G♯4: "Just Like You", "Take Me Under", "It's All Over"

--A4: "Let It Die", "The High Road", "I Don't Care"

--B♭4: "Riot", "Never Too Late", "Break", "Home", "Animal I Have Become"

--B4: "I Hate Everything About You", "Let You Down", "Over And Over", "Last To Know"

--C5: "Burn", "Take Me Under", "Overrated", "Let You Down", "Fairy Tale"

--C♯5: "Hallelujah", "Rooster (Live)", "Free Fallin' (Live)"

--D5: "Goin' Down", "Break"

--E♭5: "Rock For Recovery (Live)"

--E5: "Eleanor Rigby"

--F5: "The Good Life"

--Outro: "Riot"


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Metal 0-4

This comment section has me so confused.. I don’t know anything about voice notes and octaves and what not..


his low range is sexy

Silver Daimon

Good video. I don't think he's really a bartone though. His second octave notes are too weak and his falsetto too full. His timbre is pretty baritone like though, so I'd say: baritenor.

Today's Okay

while ppl classified him like tenor/baritone or baritenor? It's classification used in opera music, not rock. There are two types voices in rock music - high or low. Baritone, bass, tenor - only opera music terms. Don't be so stupid.

Chucky’s Back

Nice video man but you are wrong about D5


Im surprised Give In To Me wasn't included. That song, I believe, is one of the most demanding for Adam.


My vocal range is approximately Bb1-E4 give or take on the highside, and I always hard a hard time singing along to my favourite Gontier songs and I didn't really know why. Until I realized my voice is basically an octave below where his voice's power really is (in the tenor range) where mine is much more stable and powerful in the Baritone are. Very cool being able to compare yourself to your favourite artists for fun.

Franco Aliberti

What vocal range is, F#2 To F5? i can do until these notes with my voice :v

Dat French Boi

Nice video man, just the video I needed ! His lows are quite weak, bad vocal technic ?

Сергей Устинов

Where is "wake up"??


Literally arguing about vocal fache in rock / pop music is retarded, the sub cats dont matter lmao. He would fit the Dramatic tenor voice though if we are being technical , dramatic tenors have a matalic quality to their high notes / belts, which adam has. Baritenor fits the range of people like ed sheeron or Johny rznik of the goo goo dolls.

The King

So how many octaves does he have?


The "D5" in "Goin' Down" is an A4.. What?... Unless you mean the background vocals which are barely audible. Anybody can do a "D5" in falsetto...

KOriginal Addict

Never too late was just a masterpiece

Woof Doggo

Seriously? Not even 3 octaves? what

Felipe Vasconcelos

Please,Aaron lewis!!!!

StrOng pOwer THanK YoU

i dont give a fuck about the comments his voice IS so perfect AND RARE

Slyfoot Soldier

This video is wrong.. His highest head voice note is C5..any note above is falsetto.... When did Overrated have a C5?

Niall Doherty

Lower range is so weak below B2

His money notes seem to be around E4 - G4

Aid Besic

A4 B#4 his best grit is there

Fans de Slipknot et de Lutte Bou

Adam is The Best

Slyfoot Soldier

I believe tenor. There's just bass, baritone or tenor

Joe Redfield

I have the same voice type as him... Baritonish timbre with same tenor tessitura... guess I'm a Heldetenor


Is he a baritone?


I have 3 words: Last to Know

Dumi the Great

I've finally found your channel Long Shot!!! I CAN FINALLY SHIT POST HERE. Lol, no but great job dude. Btw it's demi lol

Kevin Fisher

What song was D3