Team Uppercut vs Team Dee Bee Kaw MUGEN Request 4v4 Battle!!!

Team Uppercut vs Team Dee Bee Kaw MUGEN Request 4v4 Battle!!!

5 362 views | 16 Jan. 2016

Hello! This MUGEN Battle was requested by Feedmekirby and he wants to create a battle of Joke Characters (so you guys can expect what to happen in this type of battle) The fighting style for this battle is going to be quite crazy and there are going to be unexpected incidents in this battle! Which team do you think is going to win? Find out by watching this video!!!

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Ghetto War Machine:


Psychopath Kyo:

Dee Bee Kaw:

Omega Tiger Woods:

Alter Amiba:



Crazy battle! My favourite Character is Uppercut buddy.

Radical MUGEN

Craziness Battle Ever!

Cardi Beatzz

I gotta get Mugen back..I forgot how lit dis shit is...anybody got a link?? and can I use a Xbox one controller with it??


Sorry for triple posting, my phone said that there was a connection error and to try again .-.

Max Rock

Match of 2016


Ah, don't you love 4v4 craziness? I applaud anyone that followed everything in this battle. btw, for team 2 I wanted Briaaaaaaan, the football player made by Ahuron, but not like they needed it! Thanks for doing my request :3
I actually expected Team 1 to take it, but I was proven wrong ._.