Fallout 4 Mods - Power Armor Autopilot

Fallout 4 Mods - Power Armor Autopilot

45 229 views | 18 Jan. 2016

Welcome back to my mod spotlight series for Fallout 4. In this series we will look at the selection of fun and sometimes cheaty mods that have recently come out for this fantastic game.

In this episode I mess around with the Power Armor Autopilot mod which adds into the game the ability to turn you extra suits of power armor into AI companions.



• Previous: https://youtu.be/YXDL9rTepVA

• First: https://youtu.be/XUzECNjE7iU



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It is like having danse back


i think it would be awesome if the author would add some kinda voice modules that would have certain type of personalities like bright happy and careing, maybe a girl voice? also a grumpy voice that is unpleased about everything you do and ofcourse a sacrastic character cracking witty jokes at inappropriate times.

Homerun Sans

I wish this was Xbox -1 compatible

Shady Bacon

On the fly, can you summon them then remove the AI module and wear the armor ala Titan Fall?


I didn't get the the pop-up message when I inserted the Module, any help?

Raven Peacock

Why Sony have to be strict about mods on Ps4?



A shit channel m9

A self destruct option would be pretty awesome!

Kchy Park

when i put in the AI module it doesnt give me that screen (is it because i havent progressed enough or i cant use it with the first power armor?)

Richie Konowal

Can it fight?


im assuming you cant get into them at any time?


The fact that this was done before the CK was out is super impressive, hot dang.

RvL Dark Banana



man, this makes me soooo excited for the Geck


I have been experimenting with this mod for a few weeks. There is a well known and documented bug that causes crash to desktop when fast traveling with AI power armor following you. I have not seen the creator acknowledge this yet on the Nexus page, but I hope that it is being worked on. Just beware that you will most likely encounter this bug if you use this mod on any difficulty other than survival.

Full Metal Courier

Great mod but has too many crashing problems, at the moment. cannot take the ai module out of the armor without game crashing

Joseph Wolf

Will removing the AI module give me the ability to jump in it?

Edit: When I removed the AI module, the frame disappeared and I have no idea where it went.


I think I like the teleporting more than the vertibird idea, because of indoors

Harley Taylor

what happens when a companion is in a power Armour and you put a ai unit in it will it crash the game?

Moto Buddy

I need help. I put all the files in the data folder. And my ai won't spawn in. It has fusion core. But when i put it in it does nothing. Could it be because i spawned the module with console?



That Lemon Guy

This ever gonna come to xbox?

Philip Whitaker III

go pick up your brother Hood armer

Chedda Chuuse

"Something I have to go out of my way just to grab." You mean you're just lazy.

Jared Murray

I have so many useless power armor frames that I made a bridge to spectacle island

MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle

@4:18 Oh, hi, Alphonse Elric.


am i the only one who instantly thought iron man?


hahaha, im a fanatic when it comes to power armor, i have like 12 power armor units in my base, looks like i can get toghether my team, oh and 7/12 of them have the bos armor lol

8Bit Armory

I wasn't expecting Alphonse to get an upgrade


wheres ale (eds brother)

EvgeN WingmaN

Hi your mod is the problem, pass to partner (X1) weapons (gatling gun M45 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10289/?) get a stable game crashes and the view of the desktop of my PC


he's gonna do a hero landing!

bad for the knees...


That's ok, I can buy new power armor frame

Ace Jones

I miss when power armor was armor

Vector Omega

When will this port to Bethesda.net :)

elite smoothie

Could you have the 3 suits AND paladin danse?


Combine this with the power armor airdrop and you can officially say "stand by for titanfall".

Turtleking 263

all 3suts you and our companion in x-01 invisible

Kusanagi Ryuuichi

I see Durandall and FMA here... loving it

Bob M

That's amazing. Not too bad to lose power armor. You can buy new frames at atom cats and diamond city worse case scenario. Wait and repeat. If a new game brotherhood of steel and all three right there. You can also just use console commands placeatme. I created a bat file named "powerarmor" lol.

Erika Yazmin

And now we have sentinel companions...

Old time mods...

Rene Højvang

Kottabos.   just tell each of the Human /synth  and Ghoul companions. you get along the way to go into a powerarmor .   and then tell em to stay behind.  aka leave there sorry asses to defend the settlements as leaders.  1 power armors get used.  2 easy to find you companions Again .   or you can go whit the powercore in a armor and just wait for the settlement to be atacket.  and you will see you settlers run to grab the powerarmors whit cores in em :)  sadly settlers aint easy to get out of them Again.  they tend to love staying inside the powerarmor :)

Philip Whitaker III

it is Full Metal Alchemist

Remy Harden

works great with lootable power armor frames


Well, you can make any of your human companions wear a power armor and they don't even need power


Step1 cheat and get three suits of XO-1 power armor. (Also one for yourself) step2 put AI modules in them and give them gattling lasers with a shit ton of ammo. Step3 take over commonwealth!


I mean, the A unit may not be very smart, but he is a bit of air head so I think we can allow it.


oh christ. This will go fucking amazing with any Terminator power armor mods and some warhammer 40k paint schemes. Absolutely amazing mod.

Shitty Name Blah Blah

Am I the only one crashing like fucking crazy?

Spencer Fox

I will get your body back brother!


I was disappointed by this mod.

Just imagine how crazy it would be if you can have your power armor follow you around (like the mod), but when the shit hits the fan you just get into it? You'll basically always have your power armor at your disposal. That's what I want to see from this mod.

Bright Garinson

Everytime I take out the module, it crashes.


NEver knew this mod existed THANK YOU fOR SHOWING THIS!!

Jeremiah Ramirez

Your videos crashed my youtube

The Komic Kid

Now if we only we could enter and exit them and still have the AI working

sweetchaos Fox

i want this mod lol

viperbuzzard01 h

dude get 3 of these give em miniguns and do the mission where you take nukaworld from the raiders

Harley Taylor

the invisible person could be the invisible boy from goosebumps

Mirabile Guy

Is it on xbox?

Joshua Everett

Did it cost an arm and a leg?


so wait the power armor can die or will it be like a fallen companion?

because im gonna use it with the bioshock big daddy power armor

Jake Johnson

I need this on xbox and I need it now


if you shoot them where there head would be, does it do damage?


Hopefully in the future a essential option and maybe a mod menu to tweak their status and material requirements for crafting the module.

Nicholas Mayes

HOUSE PARTY PROTOCOL!! I was just talking about this a few weeks ago. looks awesome!

Nicholas Zhang

well even though the suits can die, you can just install the misc for the power armour torso piece the " medic pump" i think it was which basically gives an auto stimpack when they're low so just give like a couple of stimpacks to ur power armour suit and that SHOULD make sure they could last a bit longer and especially you could check once in a while if they're running out of stimpacks you could just give em like 3 more or something like that unless power armour mods don't work for companions.


The fact that they aren't essential companions makes this mod absolutely useless to me. Hopefully there's a mod or console command to make them essential

Selena Gamya

now we can truly be the Commonwealth's Tony Stark

Sam Fhisher

@5:28 LMAO

Seth Newport

Can you make power armour

Logan Coning

Talk should have been a sentry bot voice.


this with a fma mod would be perfect


your dog is a badass. there needs to be a dog power armor mod.

Harley Taylor

there should be a mod the vertibird design depending on the ending

Power Armor Patriot

does this work for PS4?