GW2 - Gourmet Training (Cooking 500) achievement

GW2 - Gourmet Training (Cooking 500) achievement

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- I have arranged the tasks in order so that you save time and are working on other tasks while waiting for timers.

- Make sure the first 3 column tasks are done in front of the respective city's master chefs.

- I apologize for not showing the wp properly. A bit hard to edit a livestream but I have included the wp links below! Hope that helps!

►Recipes that can only be crafted once per day per account, on the daily reset.

- 2 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue

- Heat Stones

- Elonian Leather Square

0:00 1. Get your cooking to 425 by cooking orange recipes.

You can also discover recipes eg Jug of Water + Bag of Sugar.

00:19 2. You will receive in-game mail from Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone. Find him in your home instance & talk to him.

0:40 3. Cook a Chef's Tasting Platter for Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone.

Then talk to Seimur Oxbone again to unlock Gourmet Training achievement.

1 Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup

1 Bowl of Truffle Risotto

1 Plate of Steak and Asparagus Dinner

1 Omnomberry Bar


1:34 4.1 Go to the Cooking Station in Hoelbrak. Talk to Master Chef.

1:34 4.2 Discover:

- Sesame-Roasted Dinner

- Bowl of Snow Truffle Soup

- Sage Stuffed Poultry

2:36 4.3 Find Einar Blackforge, north of Shelter Rock wp [&BIsDAAA=] in Hoelbrak.

Bring 5 Deldrimor Steel Ingots, 5 Dragonite Ingots & 1 Spiritwood Plank.

Use these materials to buy the 3 delivery items from Einar Blackforge.

There will be a 2h timer on your buff bar. Come back to Einar later.

►Divinity's Reach

5.1 Go to the Cooking Station in Divinity's Reach. [&BCoDAAA=] Waypoint

Talk to Master Chef.

You will need to buy 2 recipes from him for 50s each.

4:30 Discover:

- Bowl of Roasted Lotus Root

- Chocolate Omnomberry Cake


- Flatbread

5:45 5.3 Buy Heat Stones recipe from Tier 3 Dry Top merchant. [&BIAHAAA=] Dry Top Entry Wp

You will need to craft or buy 3 Heat Stones. Bring it to Luron the Baker.

6:30 5.4 Bring the 3 Heat Stones to Mt Maelstrom. [&BNYCAAA=] Magmatic Waypoint

Head to marker, northeast of the wp, on the mountainside.

7:03 5.5 Bring 10 Bloodstone Bricks to Luron the Baker.

Then return to your home instance to receive your new oven!

►The Grove

7:30 6.1 Go to the Cooking Station in The Grove. [&BLsEAAA=] Reckoner's Waypoint

Talk to Master Chef.

7:39 6.2 Discover:

- Filet of Rosemary-Roasted Meat

- Bowl of Artichoke Soup

- Bowl of Poultry Tarragon Pasta

8:59 6.3 Talk to Mender Earie in Privet Gardens.

From Reckoner's wp [&BLsEAAA=], head northwest.

►Rata Sum

9:36 7.1 Go to the Cooking Station in Rata Sum. [&BLYEAAA=] Accountancy Waypoint

Talk to Master Chef.

9:46 7.2 Discover:

- Bowl of Tropical Mousse

- Bowl of Truffle Sautee

- Omnomberry Ghost

11:03 7.3 Buy Plikk's Immersion Circulation System from Gastronome Plikk near Auxiliary wp. [&BLkEAAA=]

►Black Citadel

11:31 8.1 Go to the Cooking Station in Black Citadel. [&BKcDAAA=] Factorium Waypoint

Talk to Master Chef.

11:42 8.2 Discover:

- Bowl of Spicy Meat Chili

- Plate of Lemongrass Poultry

- Plate of Fire Flank Steak

13:06 8.3 Talk to Vaastas Meatslayer in Village of Butcher's Block, Diessa Plateau.

[&BF8BAAA=] Butcher's Block Waypoint

Event: Help Kiboz Rapideater herd cattle to Butcher's Block.

14:15 9. Harvest herbs until you get varietal seeds.

Mine dropped in the area south of Crucible of Eternity in Mt Maelstrom.

14:47 10. Obtain Cut of Quality Red Meat from any creature that drops Slab of Red Meat.

I got this from the stags & doe in the same area.

14:59 11. Obtain Cut of Quality Poultry meat from any creature that drops Slab of Poultry Meat.

I got this from the moas in Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast.

15:14 Return to Vaastas Meatslayer in Village of Butcher's Block, Diessa Plateau.

This will complete the Charr part and give you 10 levels in Cooking.

15:34 Cook a Filet of Sous-Vide Meat after getting Cuts of Quality Red Meat.

Return to Gastronome Plikk with it.

Purchase Plikk's Fluid Gas Infuser & Plikk's Food Form Manipulator.

They cost 5g each.

16:41 Return to Mender Earie in Privet Gardens in The Grove.

You will get the recipe for a Portable Composter. Craft it.

Return to Mender Earie again.

You will get a garden in your home instance.

17:29 Return to Einar Blackforge in Hoelbrak after 2h to check on your cookware.

If you still have not hit 500, discover recipes or craft orange ones.


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