Ann Coulter: You Can't Police My Language | Hardball | MSNBC

Ann Coulter: You Can't Police My Language | Hardball | MSNBC

73 967 views | 31 May. 2016

Conversation gets fiery when MSNBC's Joy Reid and conservative political commentator Ann Coulter discuss the 'demographic panic' that many claim the Trump campaign perpetuates.

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Ann Coulter: You Can't Police My Language | Hardball | MSNBC


One day when liberals wake up and see that they have turned the united states into south america they will know that Ann was right, but it wont matter...

Laura Juarez

Fake news MSNBC

Running on Empty

Deplorable people.


Joy Reid is very disrespectul, no education, in interrupting Anne Coulter all the time.

Kevin Zi-Xiao He

Ann was talking about specifically the Mandarin speaking Chinese group. So the SJW woman is saying Chinese = all Asians? WTF

bring it on

Coulter is right.

Vi bi

Ann Coulter is a joke.She's a racist whose fame is only due to her skill in making provocative statements.Apart from this,she's really irrelevant

Jdm Zibby

They have signs written in french they are probably french

Liberal Mind

Can't police Coulter but CAN appropriate her language. From now on I'm a settler, not a migrant. Useful.


Funny how the left media won't force Obama to say the word "Islamic" but they try to make Ann say "Asian American"

New Yardley Sinclair

This is rich coming from joy reid what we know now.


Mandarins is far more accurate. "Asian-Americans" is meaningless because Asia is so vast.


Lol at all the people who support Trump cuz he's "not PC".
But on a side note they should really be calling Coulter out on the fact that nothing she says is of substance nor is it sane ffs

Team Drummond

Ann's a rich b*th a$$hole.

Serge Ménard

I think that coulter should hide the cross! She doesn’t have Christian values, and is constantly lying!

Jake G

even Chris Matthews is embarrassed of Joy Ann Reid's non-argument.


"Asian American" means nothing. Pakistani? Indian? If we're all in this together, why doesn't she just say American? Ann is correct.


Yeah. Mandarins could be seen as a slur. Agree

chris henson

language police now they have ban the word mandarin

Artsy experiment

It's seems like any pig can write a book

bryan kennedy

i dont want to sound racist but i dont trust woman with large heads telling me what I can say

PT Turboe

Turks, Indians, Iranians, a lot of Russians, etc are Asian Americans too?

Joanna Wong

Ann is right. Nothing to do with demographics, it is whether they are here legally or illegally.

Mandarin is just fine :) Mandarin is a complement, it is used to describe the elite class of the Chinese.

Bryon Jackson

I love Ann

Iron Sphinx

Ann is the definition of a racist, one day she's gonna mouth off to the wrong person

Pat Garrett

The main thing is that they feel and act AMERICAN, and obey the laws! If they don't, then they may feel that they're being DISCRIMINATED against, but so are many 'white, born in the USA' s treated when they break the law! Then just 'obey the law '!


Why is Ann coulter still on TV ??? Take that BZ out she is so racist


The uber annoying PC language policing liberals.

John Doe

This is why the left has lost so much ground. Joy Reid’s biggest concern about what came out of Coulter’s mouth was the “offensive” term mandarins.
A tip for you Joy, most American people believe there are much more important things to worry about than what to call people of certain ethnic backgrounds...


Lol. Apparently the Mandarin language is now replaced with Asian American language.

Stephane H

Ah, ah, black racist Joy Reid got shut up...

Sauvage Ascension

Coulter looks like a transsexual. Look at that face. Look at that Adam’s apple. She’s a dude.

LadyCarmen Blessed

i really hate that skinny female devil

Eddie 007

Nobody says anything when you speak Ebonics joy

Nowhere Man

This Joy Reid character is such a phony. Go, Ann!

Richard Beam

Barbara Lerner Spectre tells you everything you need to knoe about immigration!

Kiara Patrice Oxley2021

i love her she is so funny

Zanzibar Haberdasher

Yeah, cause referring to someone by the language they speak is way less accurate then grouping everyone from the biggest continent on earth in to one ethnic group.

Theodore Sweger

Excuse the type error lost a digit sometime during Korea

Thomas Griffiths

Ann Coulter is a douchebag.

Refiner Similitude

OMg, Joy blaming Trump for inciting racial tensions, now that's the pot calling the kettle black. You don't need to put quotes around illegal immigration, it's a very real thing.

Tutti Tutti

Joy is the new shining star of MSNBC. Chris Hayes is getting there too. Still love Rachel though!

Everything Fresh & Sassy

Not policing your language but her STUPIDITY! smh!

Farmall Fanatic

Taking away your 1st amendment rights is absolutely imperative to the left. Did you notice how quick she was to jump in and try to correct Ann's speech? These people really feel it's their job to control language, what a trip.

John Peterson

People need to wake up realize there is REAL racism that still exists in the world today and it's not this nonsense. Joy is depleting an important well of sympathy that should be reserved for an extremely important issue. Millions of people are being slaughtered in the caliphate, genocides in Darfur, Rwanda, the Congo, the Sudan, Central African Republic, if you want to talk about racism these are the real conversations we should be having not attacking Ann Coulter for saying the word mandarin

Scott Olsen

MSNBC has become so twisted that Ann Coulter and Fox News has become the real reporter of the real news.  Its like a bad parent {MSNBC} defending a bad child {all the Clintons} that just keeps exhibiting bad behavior. Lets see just how far they will keep going.  It is truly amusing at this point.  Hillary is BAD MSNBC.  Hillary is BAD!!!!!!  GOD bless Ann Coulter for telling them she is bad.




Ann wins again. These so called journalists are emotional babies. Trump easy win 2020!

You're So-Right

redefine, narrate, and police the language and conversation. They can't win any other way on the left. It's just sad. and it'll self implode eventually Cancer eats itself and that is what leftism is. Joy, go do a job where you can actually do some good! you're doing nothing but sickness here!! It's disgusting!!!!


Mandarins is the correct pronounce. Democrats are so uneducated it’s hard to see where they get their votes from

Mike Bahl

There many peeps going across the boarder. Good trades men that have skill. The construction industry in CA is built on this. I love Mex workers as they work hard but the thing they do not want to pay taxes. Wtf. If they are not willing to pay their share then they should go home.


Good for Joy.. She has zero class.. Not only that, she needs to eat!!! She built like a whole skeletor in the face!!

Boudica, Queen of the Britons

Ann trollin' the left, priceless.

Ash Tree

Pretty sure I'm not going to call half of the people in Canada, the French

Brett H

is this all Joy can offer that she shouldn't call them Mandarin. Shows that she is pulling for straws.

Vicki Takacs

Typical Libtards - police her language because all of you are way too ignorant to actually argue the subject. It just shows us how stupid you really are.


Asian American is a mouthful. Asian. Period.

Akon Fenty

You can't be conservative on any of these leftist fake news media. They interrupt whenever they don't like what you say.

Griffith Valentino

I love ann always destroying her competition with facts and a little bit of trolling

Freedom lover

Waht is this black female doing policing another person's language?! What a racist. We are expected to understand the worse battering of English by long distance "customer service" employees. Just keep quiet and stop being stupid and a racist. We understood what "Mandarin" meant.

Ooo Wee Baby!

Ann: We are Americans and speak English


Ann Coulter is nothing but a race hustler. I know one when I see one. She is like Al Sharpton but on the right side.. That is how she makes her money folks. TV and book appearances

John Shackleton

Trump for POTUS. BTW. Did Chris Hayes at the 01:27 mark say "Just Blow Me"? rofl.

Rachael Smith

Do words really matter that much? Can you really win debates by policing people's words?


Ann Coulter is one creepy looking beast of a man! Who cares what he has to say he is irrelevant!

Dominique ___

Chris Hayes is more like Fox than ever before. And Ann Coulter is a race baiting bigoted piece of rubbish.

Doug Graves



That woman-child that keeps rudely interrupting Ms. Coulter needs to grow up & learn some manners!

And yes, Mandarin, is a specific dialect & social-economic-cultural class of Chinese people that is accurate & specific & much more appropriate than the vague American classification of Asian-American.


Disgrace joy reid

Some Potato

I wonder how Coulter calls black people...

Secular Progressive

Ann has her great moments


The signs are written in mandarin, now is that offensive?

Eddie 007

Ann rocks!!!

Austin Smith

Ann Coulter is a man.

last time

Mandarin is spoken in the northern part and southwest part of China
They are Mandarin Chinese
Joy is proudly showing off her ignorance as her walnut sized brain rattles around in the huge void of her cranium. Shake her she rattles...

Ryan A

Good on Ann


It amazes me she is willing to go on these shows --y'all never let her talk.


I didn't know Skeletor owned a blonde wig

S 1947

Anti-Semitic Joy Reid needs to chill

PT Turboe

Also - who used to call them Mandarins? Black people?

I have heard Orientals. That was the old term.

Michelle Santos

Mandarin Chinese is widely recognized as “Mandarins.” Definition Of Mandarin Chinese: the standard literary and official form of Chinese based on the Beijing dialect, spoken by over 730 million people.
"Mandarin Chinese"
an official in any of the nine top grades of the former imperial Chinese civil service.
(especially of clothing) characteristic or supposedly characteristic of mandarin officials.
modifier noun: mandarin
"a red-buttoned mandarin cap"
an ornament consisting of a nodding figure in traditional Chinese dress, typically made of porcelain.
porcelain decorated with Chinese figures dressed as mandarins.
a powerful official or senior bureaucrat, especially one perceived as reactionary and secretive.
"a civil service mandarin"
Mandarins should know that Joy “race baiter” Reid is offended. Sounds like Joy is a racist. Hey, all liberals are racist.

Craig Widga

Things that don't exist....
African Americans
Mexican Americans
Asian Americans
Your either American or your not

Mark Williams

Tell them Ann

Staci Rivera

Lol Ann is sarcastic, childish, and barbaric like all republicans.



only asitiswritten


Tutti Tutti

lol "Mandarins", what a great way of calling the fastest growing minority in the USA.

Christian Westling

I wish it was 1913.
Western civilisation hadn't begun its downward spiral post-WW1, America was still young and innocent and you had a great combination of good values and technological expansion.

People were inventing new machines while loving God, Country and People and dressing really well.


They are Mandarin... black girl couldn't handle the truth


LOL The PC crybabies can't handle reality.


I love Ann

Ezekiel Bourne

This nasty excuse for a woman is so disgusting that she makes Katie Hopkins in the uk look like a voice of reason and sanity


Do they let Ann Coulter use the woman's washroom in whatever hick state she is from? I wouldn't want to pee next to that thing.

Theodore Sweger

Ann is really showing her ignorance. In other parts of the world you are considered ignorant and you are if you thing about it if you only sleek one language. You are obviously ignorant of other languages just as you may be or not be ignorant of the difference between weather and climate. Now let the ignorant argue with that. The ignorant love you Ann as the saying goes it pays to be ignorant.

Michael Pofi

I recently saw a clip of this broad , stating "I think less people should vote" . Yeah, that's try that again. How about Women and Slavery. It always amazes me the attitudes of people(most of who never served in the military) who can jump on somebodies private plane or yacht, and leave this place burning when it's burning.

Ngân Nguyễn

osu mkbhd pene 1hoursongs 3nights

M Row

that stupid blonde haired dude lashed out at working class americans during the 2016 elections in a most hateful tone of voice saying who cares about the working class. He is a charlatan and phony journalist. Ann is a real patriot, not phony like the left.


They are Mandarins, Blacks, Ukrainians, etc.

Srikesh Srinivas

1:15 "It is Mandarin, it is written in Mandarin" LMFAO

tre artis

Why do people keep giving Ann Coulter opportunities to talk?

Mike Conley

id take ann over joy any day , reid is hella racist, big turn off