Gunlance Anti-Alatreon Build : MHW Iceborne Amazing Builds : Season 5

Gunlance Anti-Alatreon Build : MHW Iceborne Amazing Builds : Season 5

6 960 views | 24 Jul. 2020

A World of Builds Guide to my favorite builds in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. These builds are some of the best of the best builds found in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, using rare jewels, armor, and weaponry.

Season 5 Episode 5: Gunlance Anti-Alatreon Build

In this video, we take a look at some Anti-Alatreon Builds for the Gunlance in MHW Iceborne. Remember that stats are stated while your character is idle with no active items or food buffs. While some jewel buff will be in effect like maximum might, the video should give you a sense of the type of build I'm going for.

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it is possible to get level 7 crit eye, so the pokes crit more, but you cant use safi gear

Sketcher Gaming

I'm loving the risky build, health augment really helped me through out the fight it really compensates for the little damage you get, sharpness will not be a problem as long as you have the whetstone +.

Lackadaisical Duck



After you build the alatreon gl and a couple of beta armor piece you can do 2 builds
1) a full poke elemental damage build withv2 braky + 3 alatreon pieces
2) an half poke elemental shelling build 3 zorah + 2 alatreon pieces

Are more less equal, alatreon in 20-25 minutes with any risks, using a dragon type weapon allow you to do this monster without caring to break his horns, with like 800+ dragon elemental damage you will always suppress the escaton with a good margin of time (especially considering than gl trashold element multiplayer damage for escaton is very very low)

I suggest you the smartest way to farm this thing :
Start the quest with the cat with plunderblade maxed and try breaking his horn (just one) when you succede return fron the quest (it should take 5 minutes or less)
In this way you can farm rare parts like special horns and gems (the cat will provide the rest)

After you will craft the weapon you can kill him with this and full braky armor set, after you manage to craft 3 pieces of the alatreon armor and the bonus set you can easelly exploit the high elemental damage to cheese the fight with any issue.

Remember you can faint 3 times, so you have 3 escaton and 15 minutes to break one horn and retire, should be planty of time.


Alatreon has like 50k of hps and hunting coop increase his health as well


Thank you

SkOp3 _

Anyone else watch his videos just to hear him say “N-e-way” lol

Jacob Camp

If you could respond quickly that would be grateful.
1) why wide range?
2) what gunlances are optimal choices outside of safi and kulve?
3) what is the easiest and most efficient way to farm + 4 decorations?

Mr Smiley

Hm. Ive killed alatreon solo with db, ls, cb, bow, lbg and ig. Havent tried gs, sns, sa, hh, hammer, hbg, lance or gl yet. Gonna try Gl solo soon. Then Gs and hammer. Hopefully it i can do it without much of a problem

Im Shadow


Djinn 0110

Risky build looks challenging but amazing nonetheless. Thanks man!

Kapitein Koek

The first build would be better if you'd run it with agitator charm instead of resentment (since it doesn't work with health regen). It also provides 10% more affinity (and you should enrage alatreon asap since he takes like 20% more damage when enraged). This also brings your affinity to 100% without tenderize on those good hitzones of alatreons' head and front legs.