How to: Portal Jockey Achievement - SOLO Guide - (10m/25m)

How to: Portal Jockey Achievement - SOLO Guide - (10m/25m)

74 834 views | 27 Aug. 2016

Portal Jockey Achievement = Lots of elite heals! :) pump action bandage gun works as well for non-healing classes.

Easily achieved at lvl 100+

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norseman bushcrafting

But the achiev says to enter portals. When does that happen


Don't got a healer in high lvl so pretty hard to get :l


Works on a BM hunter with spirit mend!






can you use bandages?

Blue's TV

bandage gun dsnt work at all !

Azzy's Gaming Music


Jonathan Faulhaber

This is the shittiest how to video I've ever seen lmao. "oh, if you don't have a healer, then go fuck urself. and if you do, it's a useless video". lmao, good one bro. cause I'm sure healers are wondering how to complete this achievement...

Kendall Sanders

I feel like I should be protesting when listening to this intro. Lol

Mod My Ducati

8.3 UPDATE IF YOU HAVE A WARRIOR USE CONCENTRATED FLAME ON IT. It will take two spells on it and BOOM done.

Kai J

pump action bandage gun?


No portals were up ??


SPIRIT BEAST FTW!!! took less than 10 secs lol

Rita Y.

thank you, the achive description were a bit confusing and this saves so much time

Péter Baranyai

bad intro good advice!

_.R H._

Did it on my BM hunter with a spirit beast. Ty ;>

brian mills

thanks man!


u can do it solo with any class, just buy ''pump action bandage gun'' from a engineer vendor


At 120 vivify on my brewmaster instantly completed it lol

Jarred Webster

So wait, you can just insta heal her before any portals pop up to get the achievement? I thought you had to wait for the portals to pop up, go through them all, then heal her to get it.

Lardine & Masha

Bought 5 deep sea bandages, is that enough despite the cooldown? does around 36k heals over 8 sec.

Rheanon Jasmyne

I'm confused I saw ZERO PORTALS !
Another thing, yesterday went in with my BM Hunter, healed her up with only one spirit beast and NO achievement !


Can u do this achivement without a healing spec?

Zeus Growtopia

thats why i never completed it :3


Can confirm that this is still soloable with a 120 BM Hunter using a spirit beast's spirit mend


tfw you don't have any healer specs, only tanks and dps


And what about those who don't have a healer spec?


Oh my god... You just saved me so much lost time. Thank you! XD

Luc Vandermeer


m pin

i healed her up to full health but i didnt get the achievement.. what did i do wrong?


Seems doesn't working no more, maybe blizz repair this in some patch. I did but I only finished achievement for rescue this dragon but not "Portal Jockey" so looks like now we must do exactly what instructions says. But I don't know what should I do, when I enter the some of those portals dragons will fly up and just reset. So probably I have to do something else, any suggestions?