Vinny Magalhaes & Renato Laranja fight at photo session

Vinny Magalhaes & Renato Laranja fight at photo session

981 193 views | 22 Oct. 2012 - Last night during our MMA Elite photo session with the fans during the Samurai Pro 4 event in Culver City, Vinny Magalhas and Renato Laranja started fighting over some old beef. During the first shove, my mic almost broke! Babalu Sobral, Alden Halpern, Ed Soares, Jay Hieron and a few other MMA fighters were also around to see the scuffle.

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Jody Evans

Thank God for creating us unequal. Mr colt thank you for creating my equalizer. It would shut that mouth perm.

Zouhir Bensmaia

dana just put this dude in the ufcccc...

Kev Curtis

Vinny posing one to many times..

AllWell B

Because he’s soul brother & he’s from New York he don’t play that shit


That fool at the very end looks like it got zika virus and shit


One of those guy recently got killed by Robert McCall...equalizer 2

Jason G

Greatest Troll of all time

The Mog


Steven Cranston

Attention seeking dick .... hes done this loads of times... if u have a problem sort it personally... looks like hes tryin to prove something

Ken Carson

I always come back to watch this gold


Hey Renato sign on the dotted line to go in the boxing ring

Scoop Dukem

The true alfalfa-male

Eamon Crawford

A couple of shoves is a fight?

Faceless Man

Randal Lee

When can I see Renato get knocked out.. does he ever shut the fuck up lol..

Vanilla Gorilla

why is this fake shit in my feed lol

Paul Valmadre

I know for a fact if that guy gets a hold of you your fucked,he's a human octopus, his Jujitsu Is elite level.

Low Ghost

Hahah what were these guy even talking about..?

Richard Barton

Id love to be so skilled, I was not afraid to take on any man!!! Years and years of training to get to that level!! Renato backs it up!

Anthony Gerber

That Lagrange Guy is always causing trouble lol

f 17

arranquense manga de loros

Ryan Harjo

Hilarious!!!! 10th planet parody's are great these are gonna be legendary frfr

Joey Rosenberger

Renato will embarrass that Vinny guy!

supermoto vtec

chaps so good at staying in character, i still start to believe what im watching until i realise he has an american accent haha chaps a boss

Andrew Bast

Why is this weird dude always messing with people???? Grow up losers

Q StiX

why was brittny speers dad there with his gym whistle?


This guy is a great actor. He’s not even Brazilian and can do a Brazilian accent perfectly


"A bum like vinny magalhaes"

Dylan Ashley

I have always had much respect for Renato he is my favorite martial artist just because he can make you laugh then kick your teeth in

Mike Dowdy

Tomy Montana showed up to the party

Michael Manukian

04:54 his twin brother

Ruslan Nabiev

I blame Vinnie. He couldn’t be friends with Renato.

Eli Diaz

Kinda talks like tony Montana




Guys. Renato is like santa clause. He's only real in the way you make him real, because he's Punked you! He's an actor. Yes he does jiujitsu but at that time he is only a blue belt. It's all an act.

Any real Joe Rogan fan could tell you that.

Billie West

I can't wait till somebody just puts a baseball bat down that guy's throat this is like the 4th video that's popped up of him just interrupting people and being an a**** definitely mma's biggest prick and that is saying something

Brian Cathey

27 time world champion!

Cwick Yo momma

Renato such a dip shit


this bitch was not all that when nate diaz rolled up on his ass fucking pussy


Who is the fat grey haired chicken hawk kissing Laranjas ass?

Junior Mudd


Mark Horvath

Number 1000!!!


Bobaloo was such a promising young fighter. He unfortunately liked to party more then fight

Hunter Simon

Who the hell is "Jana white"?

Some Guy

Be careful, Renato. You might catch a staph infection and it'll turn into Hiv Aids.

Marcelo Henrique

No respect in front of a Legend.

Bronson Z-1

He's lucky Renato did not obliterate him in front of everybody.

stephen weldon

this is how we do on the hegular

The F4c3m4n

Renato is just an idiot. Always bothering people. I wish someone would put him down on the mat lol.

Z Bowzer

Lookn like a light skin mike tyson lmao dude behind white shirt

Jenn Rose

Sometimes I can’t tell if these are real or fake!!! But I love them just the same………… id seriously love to see footage between him & Conor


Renato thinks hes God and unbeatable. Fuck u js a man mate alwayz someone better out there. I know a few guys personally that would destroy him.

Barone B

Is this same chucklefuck that stalked Rogan ???

Matiuta Sorin

Renato or how is your are my bitch, understand? :))))

Nay Nay

Fight!?....what fight?....weak ass vid

Chuck Saunders

So where is the fight?


Hell i cant tell anymore if he is bullshiting

john johnson

Renato,start being real to yourself,stop pretending to be someone your not,it will ruin your psych, cause to much neurological damage.

Jay Serrano

laranja mind control skills are sick

Jamar Hunt

Renato is one of the greatest trolls ever!!! That dude never broke character lol


Renalto is the Charlie Z of MMA

Ash Neel


Harry Poosie

Doesntch magalesh know henatch haveh Black beltch ju jeetsu carallou

Nyles Moore

Ronato boy.....You got punked out by NATE DIAZ....Ur lame

Greg Bradshaw

Babalu is an intimidating looking guy lol. Brazilian gangster


"I dont want to be a bum, like Vinny Magalhaes.

Sam Latifi

Renato is so funny. How long can you carry on with that deadpan humour. Amazing.


i wish he would knockout renata he is always provoking everybody with his big mouth

David Cato

Stop bullshitting people, it's called an argument

Wayne Kelly

Where was all that badass from Renato when Nate Diaz stepped to him and pushed him . He didn't want any parts of Nate .

Nate Wood

Click bait bs

Jay Met

Dana would never embarrass the UFC by putting those amateurs against the 27th time bjj champ.

Mark K

Chenerous of Henatch to leave Fuckalheas alive, porra.

Anirudh Bharadwaj

the funny thing is both babalu and vinny are actual brazil born Brazilians while rhasaan is born and raised in NYC but rhasaan's brazilian accent is thicker than theirs haha

Jernej Cofl

your a bitch renato

ossi 80

Nate Diaz

Abe Sanz

Jew lucky babaloo is here!!

amy lover

This guy acts tough but didn't want any part of Nate Daiz. Totally backed down.


Damn you can tell he expected people to get between them after that first weak push! Ha ha nope!

Rodrigo Coutinho

Renato ficou com medo do Nate Dias


Didnt nate diaz punked this dude

Timothy Watson

Mma guys must mature a lot later than regular men.


Great acting here well done guys

Alex Pena

I feel like this started off serious and then he just went with it as a joke

Shawn Fahoum

Renato talks a lot of shit, but only because he’s capable of his actions


Vinny Magalaesh run choo super reavyweightch choo hide from Henatch


Renato got punked....

Luna M

Renato laranja is the 27 time world champ!! He would have arm barred that puja in bout 5 seconds!!

Taco Slayer

He had to act tough after the Nate Diaz confrontation

Na Me

Vinny Magalesh, the bravest man on the planet!

Stephan Abbey

Bobalu sobral

M Gerami

the dude should be happy for the name drop honestly, renato is way bigger.....

Marios Christodoulides

Guys does Renato actually have a martial arts background, or is he just trolling people?

Mark Irwin

First thing he ever said I agree with!!! Fight in the UFC !!!


Renato Laranja is the greatest running gag in history.


"I don't wanna be a bum like vinny magalhaes" -henatch


I met Vinny at an mma gym in San Diego. Guys a complete dick.

Robert Rod

Who dafuck is that guy?

Matt Lopez

Vinny Fagalesh almost got killed!!!

stick jr.