How to eat Rambutan fruit | What does Rambutan Taste like

How to eat Rambutan fruit | What does Rambutan Taste like

37 467 views | 22 Feb. 2020

In this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, I will show you how to eat the Rambutan fruit. What does a rambutan taste like? I will answer that question with a taste test. It has been over 20 years since I last ate rambutan. It was my second favorite fruit behind the mango when I was living in the Philippines. They are quite interesting looking red with hair-like spindles all over them, kind of like a sweet gum ball tree here in the United States or also kind of like a sea urchin. Rambutans are very tasty, sweet, with a thick flesh that covers a seed. It is watery and is kind of like a grape if the grape was bigger a surrounding a pit. They are definitely worth trying!

Where does rambutan come from?

They come from South East Asia and are native to the Indonesian Archipelago. They are cultivated all over the world in the tropics, like Africa, the Philippines, Costa Rica, etc. You can eat them fresh or use them in jams and jellies. They are typically red but also come in green and yellow varieties.

What are the health benefits of the rambutan fruit?

They are rich in antioxidants.

Hich in Vitamin C

Promote healthy digestion

Low in calories

Rich in fiber

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Just found these at Lidl in VA. Can't wait to try them! Have been trying new foods lately and this sounds like a winner!

Maram J.

I LOVE this fruit so much

Ashley Laduke

Wow! Wow! That is too cool. I can't say i will get to try this but clicked because it's so unique and at least i'll know how if i ever get the opportunity lol

Katherine Jerralds

They are so good. We usually just twist it to crack the shell open.

Devindi Nathasha

The rambutans very yummy fruit even the rose apple

James Tropicals

You can use your teeth to open a rambutan that’s the way I open it

Chris workman

They are so good $6.25 a pound in Alaska

Dylan Pike


Sarah Hanson

I just bought some at Costco.

Suzann Beverly Hills


Erna maksum

Rambutan is very much in our country Indonesia and very cheap (2kg one dollars)

The Blind Assasin Docs

I love Rambutan fruit


Hmmm...always learn something new from you. I must try these out if I can find them at my local Asian market. Off to go Rambutan hunting. lol. Thanks!

Angela bella Gameplayz

I know philippines has rambutan

Ella Sheehan quilligan

Also I love ur merch will be buying it soon

Rodney Jackson

Indeed, these fruits are so delicious.

Rocky Lenon

Do you know if it is ok to feed to a sulcata tortorise? They can eat strawberries. Would this about the same anything?

Vanessa Rhodes

It was delicious

Rash Babe

Thanks for sharing

God's Obedient Child-Deuteronomy 27:10 & 30:2

Matt aka My Best Friend In My Head, thumbs

Federico Mahora Suriname

I live in a small country in northern South America called Suriname and we grow and love rambutans here too


Where did you order this from?

Justice 60

Hi Matt,
My husband said that a Vietnamese gal at work brought a bunch in for everyone to try a while ago. While watching your video he remembered & said that these are really good. Thanks for the education on fruits around the world. You always have fun & informative videos.

Annette Smith

just had rambutan for the first time today! we cut it in half and the kids and I were shocked at how much it looked like an eyeball! so cool & it was very delicious. Thanks for your video ;)


you just can use your hand jst hold it then bit just a little at the fruit skin then you just can ripped it off


thank you matt(Not available in Baghdad)

James Tropicals

I think they said online that a rambutan tree produces 5,000 fruits a year!! I would be so happy If I had a rambutan tree with 5000 fruits growing on it!! Haha


I have two of them right in front of me lol I’ve been dying to try them

Bianca Malan

Mmm this reminds me of granadelas

Bianca Malan

And lichis

Lee Bernard

Do you have a follow-up video where you tell us what it tastes like? Your video title is only half fulfilled. You show us how to eat a rambutan but you don't tell us what it tastes like. You say it tastes "yummy". What is yummy? Some people think blue cheese is yummy. Blue cheese tastes like a week-old sweat sock after its been used to clean a rotten catfish. Coconut, too, has to be one of the most vile flavors on the planet, yet grandmothers still continue to lace otherwise perfectly good cookies with it for some reason. You could say that the rambutan tastes like a mix between a pear and a strawberry, or coconut covered blue cheese. That would actually fulfil the second half of your video title and help people narrow down the flavor field. Just saying...

Farah Vogue

That’s my favorite fruit

Jasmine Cruz

I only bite the shell Everytime I eat one....


Bought this at Costco. Didn’t use any tool (ie. Knife). Just used my fingers to open the shell and to poke the fruit out. It tastes like lychee, but sourer

alicia pfeffer

just bought one as this years mystery fruit for thanksgiving!!

James Tropicals

I always wanted to get a rambutan tree online but it kinda worries me if the plants going to die or because one time I bought a soursop tree online and it died when it arrived so if I buy a rambutan tree I’m really hoping it will survive


Reminds me of lychee. I will have to see if I can find them here to try them.

Dee Dee

I going too definitely try them!

lucidqueen 14

I was wondering if you could possibly make chocolate truffles whether it be white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Thenuka Boteju

I love rambutan

Mary's Chanel

Im eating now. . I just picked it from our tree hehe. . Yummy

James Tropicals

1:20 The shaped of the fruit looks like coronavirus Lol

Mitchell S Metzger

We eat the seed now. The pit, go ahead and eat it too. Just throw the whole thing in your mouth and chew everything together.

Sandeep Hiremath

Looks like corona

Vibe Chicken

In malay language or indonesian language, rambut which is mean hair, and utan or hutan is jungle. This fruits is sweet and i really love it. Thank you for sharing this video, i really enjoying it.

Fatima Hussain

What's the difference between a rambutan and lychee?

Jeni Dorin

Yep it's delicious I'm 52 years old and it's the first time I see this fruit. I guess I'm still discovering life wonders It's amazing this planet we live in

James Tropicals

I love rambutan!

Patricia Lester

I believe I bought them one time cause I wanted to see what they were like. But I always try new and different thing's. But I love it when I come across healthy thing's.

tasha lang

I love YouTube..thanks Matt, I rcvd a package of these from my neighbor and I didnt want to stand there asking 20 covered them all! Thanks


I found some at Trader Joe's today, and am so glad I decided to try...they are delicious.

Linda Sheehan

How can you tell if it's ripe?


Eating now great video they are delicious

Ray Satorre

This fruit is renamed to Covid-19 fruit. Pls. bear with that.

Andrew DiMaggio

I just picked up a bunch of these at my local Safeway on a whim. I was there to buy lychee (which they also started carrying recently, dragon fruit as well!) I was wondering about the sliver of seed that comes off with the fruit; didn't know if it was normal, or maybe a result of being shipped from thousands of miles away. thanks for clarifying!

Crystal Corbin

I'm here because I just found these at my local 99c store and wanted to know how to eat them, thanku for the video.

Ella Sheehan quilligan


Adelita Tirao

Hi matt that's one of my favourite fruit I have rambutan trees at my backyard in the Philippines it's so juicy and sweets

urvashi sharma

It looks like litchi


I grew up in the Philippines and often ate rambutan when I was young! I haven't had them since moving to Canada a decade ago :(

Ceej Rio

I miss rambutan from home, Philippines

Nany Pengek

yes we call this rambutan also from Indonesia. it tastes like lychee

Suzann Beverly Hills


Cris Edrielle Mejia

I am Filipino

James Tropicals

Can you do a video on mangosteen?