7.3 & 7.3.2 RESTO DRUID GAMEPLAY GUIDE: How Do I Heal with Tier 19 & Tier 20!?

7.3 & 7.3.2 RESTO DRUID GAMEPLAY GUIDE: How Do I Heal with Tier 19 & Tier 20!?

36 537 views | 14 Sep. 2017

Patch 7.3 & 7.3.2 7.3.5 Argus restoration (resto) druid healing gameplay guide. This is a comprehensive guide which includes everything that you need to know before healing as resto druid. This guide is aimed at beginner healers who are looking into restoration druid playstyle.

This video covers the basic "rotation", spell priority, spell uptimes and best situations for rejuvenation and wild growth usage! It also covers the different healing gameplay associated with tier 19 and tier 20.

Patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus: World of Warcraft Legion expansion.

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Nik Sylvestre

Do you run Germination with T20 as well ?

Marci Csomor

are you creating the same videos over and over again?


Great guide.


Thanks for the turorial. I think it helped me (lvl 90) understanding more about the healing. Now I think that I don't suck at healing, I just got the idea about Resto Druid wrong xD Funny - I didn't see the obvious.


I want to download your addons please


Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to figure this out for about a week to see exactly how to heal with my Druid.

I was lucky and got trinket and shoulders but had no idea when and how to use them :L

Resto Druid is SO different to holy priest


awesome video, i think this is the only video like this on resto druid. maye u can include in 1 of your guides, how to use the velents trinket and when is the best moment to use...


Healing touch is mainly used for PvP

Diego V

I missed Tier 19 but I'm currently running with 4pc for T20. Will I ever be as efficient as someone using T19 and shoulders? I feel like T19 is so broken that those of us that didn't get it are in a huge disadvantage.

Daniel Miskowsky

Great vid. I learned alot about how to play a druid from this vid. Thank you for making it

Sergey Belyntsev

Best video on resto healling man thx a lot. What addons do u use? I am really in to resto now.

Theodor Lager

your vids made me roll a druid currently lvl 67


what add on is showing the damage and healing done in the bottom right?


Mad I remember when you were at 4K subs...congrats!


The best guide I found so far. Was really easy to understand whatever you were explaining in the video as a beginner resto druid player. Also, you were right about holy pala style of healers, I'm one of them and I'm trying to play druid the same way and not having a lot of success with it, that's why I looked up some guides. Also watched ur valents trinket guide, really liked it.


Could you do a video on weak auras for resto druid? I apologize if you've already done this, I don't see one.

Panagiotis Delavinias

I've never considered using innervate to replace efflo!..we have to consider if its worth it and if there is any hps difference between replacing eflo and spamming reju during innervate

Jason Pieters

Hey mad can you please help us with a guide to addons please ?


What u recommend Troll or Tauren for healing?


Suprised you did not mention Living Seed

Amanda Polsky-betz

I really like your hi setup could you maybe make a walk through for it?? Please!!


i really dont like the advice of taking healing touch off your bars. it has its place. you wont use it very often but that doesnt make it useless.


Can I please get the name of Addon that shows you healing numbers? ( 11:39 for example )

Noon Alamada

Heh mad hast Du auch mitbekommen das Nachwachsen und Blühendes Leben aktuell völlig bescheuerte mechanics haben? Blizzard hat seit Monaten keine spielerische Veränderung am Resto vorgenommen. Resto hat daher in seinem Kern alles beibehalten. Das Spiel hat sich allerdings massiv verändert. Aktuell kommt blühendes Leben und der bloom-Effekt zusammen selten über 3-4% Heilung. Nachwachsen aus dem Ooc-Proc geht oft in Overheal und bringt selten über 2% Heilung.

Diese Gcds sind auf Reju mit den Lego-Schultern massiv viel besser aufgehoben, insbesondere auf T19 aber auch auf T20/21.

Ich bin nur ein 5/9m Spieler, in einer kleinen Spass-orientierten Gilde. Aber meine Logs sind dennoch permanent unter den besten weltweit (ich spiele gern so gut wie möglich) und das mit minimalsten LB-uptime, teilweise ganze ohne blühendes Leben und Nachwachsen. Wenn ich dann 99% fahre auf Goroth m mit wirklich guten Co-Heilern wird mir klar das die meisten Spieler Ihre Gcds auf LB und Regrowth wasten und damit Ihre Heilleistung verringern.

Es ist einfach logisch: Gehe im Kopf kurz durch wieviele Gcds für diese beiden spells gewasted werden. Ziehe deren % von der Heilleistung ab. Füge diese Gcds Reju hinzu und verstärke dann Traumwandler und Reju entsprechend der erhöhten Cast-Anzahl. Das Ergebnis ist eine minimale Erhöhung der Heilleistung overall. Warum dann überhaupt noch Blühendes Leben wirken? Wegen 20% mehr Hotwirkung durch mastery auf einem Tank? Unbedeutend.

Das Spiel hat sich einfach verändert und Blizzard hat verschlafen die Bedeutung von LB zuerhöhen. Somit haben wir 3 sinnlose Zauber aktuell. Blühendes Leben, HT und Regrowth.

Ich weiß, das ich damit gegen den allgemein anerkannten Konsens spreche, in mmoc dafür geflamed wurde und Deinem Guide hier widerspriche. Aber ich hab das Gefühl Du bist Jemand der sich seine eigene Meinung bildet und mitdenkt. Die Zahlen sprechen eine klare Sprache.

Wie siehst Du das? Lg Whitestrife auf Azshara

Arcane Nebula

There's times in 5mans where i have rejuv, germ, and wild growth up on all party members and im spamming regrowth and they still die...this tells me they're taking a ton of avoidable dmg

Jake Bernard

First let me say great guide.  I love watching your videos because they are very informative.  Question, I am a very casual player who has no Tier gear.  What type of "rotation" should I follow to keep people alive.  I also just run 5 man content at the moment with some mythic.  When do I use tree form or do I?  Any guidance you can give would be helpful.  Thanks and keep making these awesome videos.


You talking about not using regrowth without Clearcasting.
If all my hots are not enough efficient to heal some big damage, what speel shoud I use to boost my heal ?
Should I spam regrowth or healing touch

Lucas Acras Cardoso

Could you please pass on your ElvUI profile?
Good video guy. :)


and how will a healer know which of the large raid of people will be the ones who will get hit by the next mechanic ?