Thomas You're the Leader MV (Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy Bauer!!!)

Thomas You're the Leader MV (Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy Bauer!!!)

6 127 views | 10 Mar. 2020

This is for a very special friend of mine who has been with me through thick and thin. Thank you Tommy Bauer and Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend!!

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Ethan Schmid

One of my favorite songs!!! Happy Belated Birthday to Tommy Bauer!!!

ThomasFormersWars101 aka Andrew Leago

great job my friend i love it

No1Thomasfan Vega

Hey Do you Want to Voice On my Series As A Character

train lover5670

Favorite season of thomas
Favorite episode of thomas

Season (3) is my favorite season

Henry forest is my favorite thomas episode


Happy birthday tommy

TheSudrian A0

Awesome Thomas MV man! My second favorite song of the New Series!

Although, I have one question, for the TATMRR footage from 1995express at one point, are we allowed to use his footage. Just asking.

Riley Kovacs

other people: rap god is the best rap song
Me a intellectual:
(but is thomas your the leader a thomas rap song remix or something?)

Abdinasser Farah it.


♥Electro Gamer

Alexander arroyo

My birthday is July 1st

Winged High Flying Tank Engine

Awesome and Wonderful MV! Happy Belated Birthday to your Dear Friend, Tommy!!

Team Sonic Fan Productions

Awesome MV! Happy Belated Birthday Tommy Bauer!

Tommy Bauer

Wow!! This was an awesome belated birthday gift David!! I LOVE this song so very much!! Thank you very much for making this my man!! :D

Juan Carlos Rivera

Thomas your the no.1


Totally awesome, David!! :D