Pokemon Silver NUZLOCKE - 47 - Mr. Stake's Dance off! TFS Plays

Pokemon Silver NUZLOCKE - 47 - Mr. Stake's Dance off! TFS Plays

178 282 views | 10 Sep. 2016

Pokemon Soul Silver: It's time for a wild dance off as we take on the 5 Kimono Girls and their Eeveelutions! Bust a move Mr. Stake!

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Mister S.T. AKE


someone needs to make a drawing of Tantor and Mr Steak in the dirty dancing pose with Mr steak holding up Tantor

Juan Carlos

Last resort can be used only if you used all moves at least once. It supposedly does a lot of damage

Caretaker Studios

who else thought of Dr. Steve Brule when Flareon used Last Resort?

Shawn Heatherly

Ha, the Kimono Girls were no sweat for Tantor. The current team has some good coverage, even if it means some have more screen time than others.

Chris Floyd

"We already caught a Zubat" most underrated joke in TFS history


If Mr. Stake dies, can you play him off with "The Rose" by Bette Midler?

Jared Masten

Hey, Grant mentioned fighting a bunch of Eeveelutions with the Kimono Girls the last time they encountered one. Guess he just got them mixed up.


Last Resort and Trump Card are basically the same thing in terms of how they are both used when you have no other available PP moves.

Luna Satine

So is Mr. Stake's stand inspired by a Trevenant?

Alistair Steiner

A shame they got rid of Petal Dance just before this. Would have been perfect thematically.

Glenn Capozella

someone needs to make a comic where Mr. Stake looks like...himself, gets confused by Umbreon and then does a 180 into a badass.


I found the original game online.


I ran Last resort on my normal eevee for My eeveelution team.
He only knew protect and last resort for stab. 140 power and 100% accuracy.
Was a decent way to make eevee hit hard.

S. G.

I actually love Mr Stake with all my heart. TFS have a talent for creating characters.


Every time Mr. Stake busts a move, the TFS bust a nut.

Marcin Gawlik

Give some love to Budge, he would've swept Umbreon and Espeon easily. :c

Hunter Evans

dance tantor dance the dance of life

Keanu H

I had to look up last resort, lol. It's a strong move for long battles.


After seeing this team defeat all of those Eeveelutions, I think this team will be the team to take down Lakigr.


I love how Mr. Stake evolved from a punching bag for the team to get their anger off to an actual mascot of the team!

dan bark

i love how they froze for a second with flareons last resort move like " oh shit wtf ", ironical especially with that pokemons twitch story


Now I'm just picturing Mr. Stake dancing to the outro music.


Last resort 130 power, can only be used after the Pokemon uses each of it's other moves at least once in a fight
In case anyone else was curious like I was and check the comments before looking it up themselces


last resort is a 130 base power physical normal move which can only be used once every other move in the user's move set has been used. flareon had already used fire blast, quick attack, and will-o-wisp, so it was able to use last resort before slowmara dragged it to hell.

Trump card is a starting base power 40 normal special move that gets stronger the fewer PP it has. it starts with 5 pp at 40 power and goes to 50, 60, 75 and finally 190

i like to imagine coolhandluke comes in and levels the place with earth quake. then by the time mr stake faces off with vaporeon, the frenzy plants attack further smashes up the rubble and send it flying everywhere while thrashing vaporeon with the heavy vines and roots


last resort is a powerful move you can only move if you used each of your other moves at least once already

Peter Shalashaska

Cool hand luke is slowly growing on me. Good movie btw

Werewolf Korra

I just picture Mr. Stake doing hype as fuck break dancing, Slowmara does the robot... before killing her opponent, Sluckbo does some elegant dancing like Flamingo, and then Cool Hand Luke just spins record on his tusks with massive speakers mounted on his back.


WOO! Go Mr. Stake, go!

Crodog 13

Has Grant ever used Grantachu?


lol... "I don't know that move, but I know that Trump Card is a move that can only work when you have know other moves" when talking about Last Resort... did any body else notice that they described Trump Card with Last Resort's description?


Mr. Stake just calls the Ents from Lord of the Rings to destroy his enemies


Wait, the Kimono Girls are not colour coded for your convenience any more?

Ephemis Priest

"Hahahaha! Fear my Flareon!"
Sluckbo switches in with a look of complete indifference.
"FUC-, I mean, use quick attack Flareon!"

She was just in there to soak hits and she still emasculated that poor Flareon.

InsertCreativity Here

So was Ivan basically ceasar from jojo and when he died he didn't make a Harmon bubble but instead turned into a fire stone to give sluckbo his spirit or is it a pip and Seras thing

Urutora Tk


Qualquer gamer

last resort is a 140 power move that can only be used after you used all other moves... did very little damage considering


Alex Valentine

I think I'm the only one that actually hates Mr. stake


Trump Card: more damage as the move runs out of PP (starts at 40, last use is 200 base power, not linear in growth, special)
Last Resort: can only be used after all other moves have been used (140 base power, physical)

Jalen Goode

Dance til you’re dead! Stake til you break!

Trainer Shade

Trump Card does more damage the less PP it has, it is a special move and with 1 PP remaining it has a whopping 190 base power. Last Resort is a move that can only be used once you have used all of your other moves, it has 140 base power and is a physical attack.

All things considered, Last Resort could have been dangerous under different circumstances (such as a stronger Flareon or not being used on a Pokemon who can tank physical hits). Would have been cool if it had Flare Blitz as a move, making it a possible threat.

Selonianth Smith

Bulbapedia "Last Resort inflicts damage and has no secondary effect. However, it cannot be used until all other moves that the user knows have been fully executed, at least once, during the battle. Moves are not considered to have been used if the Pokémon was switched out after using them.
This counter resets if the user switches out or faints. Last Resort will fail if it is the only move the user knows."

Outset Eddy

Funny how they started absolutely hated Mr stake and now if they lose him they'd be more depressed than when Ivan died


Love Espeon

Spencer Olson

I am Murstake and I speak for the trees! The trees want you to die!

comic castle



"Mr. Stake's one weakness, his brain" I though I was going to die from laughing so hard!


Some of you may not know but it's Ivan's birthday

Darkness Dpa

Well I finally got to see what Last Resort looks like finally, I remember that it is a very strong move but can only be used if all moves the pokemon knows has been used at least once like Fire Blast and Quick Attack was used before.

Ethan Hensley

Are they playing up unto you fight red?

Kellen Rist

It seems Budge was not quite as unyielding as you say she is. Oh well. She will not be missed.

Black ReaperKai

Fox vs Fox

Kitsune Rokaku

8:52 You channeled Vegata for a second, Lani! Don't worry, the Flareon won't break Slowmara's spine teehee


budge would have been perfect against espeon. You fools.

That1guy -u-no

This is messed up but I'm glad they're son is dead

Werewolf Korra



Scrodum is do tsundere for Tantor, it's ridiculous.

Kaptn Key

Finally adding titles is smart.

Lord Starfish

Last Resort is a move that can only be used AFTER the user has used its other three moves first. One of them super-powerful moves with a drawback to keep it from being too overpowered. Actually it's probably the best of those seeing how as soon as you HAVE used your other moves, there's no drawback whatsoever to using Last Resort. So basically, get a Normal type Pokémon, teach it two moves to buff its offense and defense, then obliterate everything with Last Resort :D (The last move would be something to counter Ghost-types with).


Last Resort is a 130 power (140 in gen 5), 100% accuracy, Normal, Physical move with 5 PP that just deals damage and can be used only when the Pokemon has used all other 3 moves it has before it at least once. Switching out resets the counter.


I'm so emotionally invested in this that I'm extremely happy for Mr. Stake because TFS is finally beginning to love him. It's like Zabuza realizing he loves Haku after he dies but these guys still have a chance to admit it before-- (unthinkable things shall not be said)

Infinatum Gaming

Levitate? I didn't realize it had an animation because it was an ability...or is he talking about something else?


Old Man: What are Pokemon to you?
Tantor: TANTOR!
Old Man: What was that?
Tantor: TANTOR!!!
Old Man: Eh?
Tantor: sigh, Tantor.

Richard Rahl

last resort will become stronger the kless PP it has


Sluckbo's Journal, Part 14: The Descendants Of The Demon God

It took me hours to recover from my experience. My senses were distorted, my body experiencing hundreds of sensations simultaneously. I could taste colors, see sounds. Ecstasy, pain, love, hate. All at once.

When I finally recovered, Mancrobat gently asked me to recall my experience. Slowmara was also hovering over me. Her eyes shone red and her mouth stayed in that perpetual grin, but for the first time I sensed something other than malice coming from her; perhaps it was sadness, or pity. In return, I felt sorry for her, now that I understood how she had become the way she was. I told the two of them everything that had happened, starting at the point I had arrived in The Fuckbox. The first thing I saw was a grey blob with arms, legs, and dead, soulless eyes. This had been the being that had been responsible for all of the horrors Mancrobat, Slowmara and Bork had endured. The god laughed, then vanished. I was unable to comprehend my surroundings, my mortal senses not evolved to register what I was experiencing, but I saw Dumplin conquer whole worlds, killing trillions, before retreating and asserting himself as the ruler of all reality. I then saw a hideous woman with a beard fighting a great king astride a dragon, and a warrior with a ludicrously long nose and chin carving his way through hordes of beasts. I understood then that I was seeing Dumplin's "descendants": people who had survived contact with Dumplin and absorbed a tiny fraction of his power. These descendants would in turn pass their power down through their children. I saw a man with clouded features leading about a girl and a boy. I did not recognize the girl, but the boy was clearly a young Tantor. He looked happy. He looked normal. Then I saw the father vanish, dragging the girl along with him, as Tantor cried out in horror. From what I understood, Dumplin regularly devoured the souls of others, but occasionally he would accidentally absorb one of his descendants. When he did this, he would amend this mistake by transferring the souls of his descendants to other bodies. In this case, he transferred the soul of Tantor's sister into a Slowpoke. However, what Dumplin had not realized was that Pokemon would become twisted and insane, as their animal instincts and behaviors were incompatible with human emotions. Furthermore, coming into contact with Dumplin's power would enhance a Pokemon's powers and give them the ability to consume the souls of others. And now I had come into contact with Dumplin. Now I had the same power.

Slowmara then explained that after the incident, she had tried to use her new psychic powers to ease Tantor's pain by erasing his memories of her, but accidentally damaged his brain instead, making Tantor act like a Pokemon. Mancrobat also put forth the theory that since Tantor had a tiny fraction of Dumplin's power, he was immune to the influence of soul-eating Pokemon. This made sense, but what bothered me was how Lakigr fit into all of this. His interest in Tantor was even more perplexing now. Surely there was more to it then simply wanting a challenege. Was he trying to collect soul-eating Pokemon to increase his power? Or was Bork a bigger part of this then I had originally realized.

My conversation with Slowmara and Mancrobat was interrupted as Tantor sent me out against a Flareon, which I desperately tried to avoid fighting, not for fear of my own life, but for fear of absorbing it's soul. Fortunately, Slowmara came out to finish the job, but I knew I would eventually have to use my new ability to drain souls, whether I liked it or not, and the though chilled me to the core.

jeremy Baker

You guys should do a skyrim play through.

Hippo Tv

Mr. Stakes Death will be a Goodbye Tein moment.

Heart shattering

Only 2 team members will survive the impending doom to come.

Hunter Evans

step in time mr stake step in time


Mr stake walk animation is like a horse or any four legged animal.


Episode 48 - The death of Lugia


When's whats-his-name coming back?


Mr. Stake's dance was SO ADORABLE! :D

Shaylan Yarber

last Resort: when you used all of your moves at least once you can use this move pwr 100 I do believe


I know Slowbro has a good defense, but with Flareon's attack I expected Last Resort to do more damage

Nieto King

Mr stake dancing is just funny


so slowmara jsut ate a normal 140 power move, damn


Then uses rock tomb


Can we get like a fanart of Mr. Stake dancing after defeating the Kimono Girls?

DragonKnight15 - Jason Cruz

Mr. Stake's Day Off, EVERYDAY!


flareon is one of the biggest tragedies in the entire franchise. one of the most forgettable pokemon and one of the least useful of the eeveelutions


liked for the mr.stake dance-off

William Lewis

First time I fought these women I wasn't expecting it at all, and I got destroyed.


It's not actually Frenzy Plant, it was a typo. It's really Friends-y Plant, because Mr Steak is friends with all plants.

Kuro Shinigami

they dance with Mr. Stake, looks like they really grew to love the little trash fire


u guy love mr. stake more than striker

Ethan Hensley

Are they playing up unto you fight red?

Derva Kommt von hinten

Its our friend lyra.

Jackson Jewell

10:10 that's actually how animals walk. Their from right and rear left move together and then the other two.


Mr. Stakes follow-up Career after this Nuzlocke is probably that of a Step Dancer.
If he survives...

Long Forgotten

Mr. steak is finally getting love from his daddy's! Perhaps he orchestrated the death of his brother Just to get attention!

Don’tchuever 1020

Before they go to Lugia they should go to cave by Mahogany town and go through the trainers in the upper part of the cave you can't get to until you get waterfall. If they leave a space free after beating Karate King guy they can get Tyrouge

Scorpius Invictus

"Wow, a Master Ball! But we already have a Zubat...."

Chris MacIver

last resort is a move that can only be used after every other move has been used at least once in a fight.

J.J. Kuchenmeister

Mr. Stake has completely won them over now. Mr. Stake's love conquers all.

Kirby Durby

What about Leafeon?!


Kirin is definitely going to wipe the team when he gets back, he'll be punchy from being sick and away and he'll take it out on Mr.Stake and the others now that everyone bonded without him. I'm going to miss the calm rational battle strategy of Lani and Grant


It's Mr. Stake, he speaks for the trees!


that ending was perfect. way to go Mr. Stake :p :).

DTroy Sylar

It took 47 episodes but they finally appreciate Mr.STAKE