DREADLOCK TIMELINE • 3 years Twist and Rip

DREADLOCK TIMELINE • 3 years Twist and Rip

7 298 views | 19 Mar. 2017

This is a video about my dreadlock journey.

It's been a crazy ride and I hope you enjoy watching it.

If you have some questions feel free to comment in the comment section or visit my website or instagram.

Thank you!


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Eveline Bostelaar Any tips on washing and how often to? I use residue free shampoo right now, but I think I screwed up because I washed my hair the next day I twist and ripped and a lot of them got undone like if I hadn't done anything. Mostly near my hair line and top of my head. 2 weeks into mine now.

Arctic Dreads

Awesome! We have similar hair textures, so that was like seeing my own dreads in the future! :D

my dreadlock family

crazy shrikage! i love the last pinky colour, beautiful!

Simple Leaf

amazing dreads, I love them even if I personally don't like the last color dye, but really great journey!

Anna Manna

Looks familiar! I've had my locks about three months now and they've allready shrinken sooo much! I don't know how much more I can bear..

Hannah Soucy

Holy shrinkage girl!!!

ashley hurley

Did you ever go and get them professionally done like crochet them at all or just let them do it's own thing?

Beelzebubbzh x

I think the most impressive part is the hair color changing

Knotty Poppy

Wow! I am always impressed by the shrinkage stage. Your hair has been through so many beautiful changes!!

Elizabeth Ann

Fuck :( not what I was hoping to see. Trying to make sure my dreads are going good so far

Erik Ezrin

I love this! I wanna show this to everyone who just got their dreads and are panicking that it looks messy, saying "it has to be fixed/touched up" or "My hair will never get ok!"
At first it is really a total mess, and it stays that way quite long. Tbh I'm impressed you managed to put up with it so long and not give up (but that's part of it too! I've had my bad days too. Still do) But eventually they turn around 99% of the time. And yours did too, beautifully! <3

Mike Love

hey I have a Dreadlock Journey 2 I just watched your video and I liked it And subscribe to your Channel can you please do the same thing for me