Madsteez x Rone Hit The Walls At Art Basel 2013

Madsteez x Rone Hit The Walls At Art Basel 2013

2 262 views | 16 Dec. 2013


Street artists Madsteez and Rone first met each other on a beach in Hawaii. According to folklore there was surf, dolphins and a rainbow, perhaps an omen that this was the beginning of beautiful friendship bound in spray paint. The American and Australian would meet again later in Portland, along with fellow Aussie street artistMeggs, where they bombed their own walls. By the time Art Basel 2013 was in gear the trio were making sweet, sweet street art together.

Madsteez, Rone and Meggs hit Miami's Wynwood Wall district during Miami Art Week to collaborate on their first mural. The collaboration was a quick epiphany one morning. Madsteez calls it an "organic" and "easy evolution," more of a socialexperiment where they fed off of each others' ideas while recovering from the previous night's late night Art Basel hijinks. All three guys have some experience painting faces, albeit in different styles: Rone paints pale and serious female expressions; Madsteez paints with what Rone calls a "seizure color range"; and Meggs morphs shapes and faces through his own abstract expressionism.

"I just go, 'How about we paint three sets of eyes?" explains Rone of getting started. "Then, at the 11th hour our friend Meggs was like, 'I should jump on too,' and we were going to do a set of eyes each. Then, this morning we got here and felt like just hanging out a little bit, and were like, 'You know, it might just look good with one set of eyes ... and it might be a bit easier to do."

Adds Madsteez, "It was awesome working together. It's a collaboration in every sense of the word."

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