Skyrim SE Xbox mods | 3 interior lighting mods

Skyrim SE Xbox mods | 3 interior lighting mods

8 997 views | 11 Jul. 2018

I take a look at interior lighting mods and compare them against each other. The three mods i check out are interior lighting enhancements, divine interiors shadows and light and enhanced lights and FX.


Buddha by Kontekst

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When covering mods specifically texture overhauls I always hard reset my console and clear the disc cache. Please don’t comment saying I didn’t do it, the mods may behave differently from yours because of updates since the video or load order.

I am not affiliated with this mod or the author.

Skyrim is property of Bethesda.

Kang the Conqueror

Good video! You sound like a sleepy Samuel Tarly

Crucial Crowd

idk why but with ELFX im having problems with the grass textures in caves. some appear to be normal but others are completely black, even when i use magelight or candlelight powers. could the mod Verdant be a reason why the grass is glitching out? and if so, would there be any grass mods i could use that doesnt have this problem

lil goat aka young kid!!!

Any interior lighting mods work with vivid weather? Or any other good lighting and weather mods out there?!

Gone Turbo

I hope you don’t mind, I gave you a shout out on my last video.:)

chief x3

Which mods do you use for light?

Strix Nuktia

A recommendation to showcase is different grass mods such as: grass field, veydosbrom, verdant, unique grass I think that would be useful.

Strix Nuktia

this video was released just in time I was thinking of which lighting mod to use only minutes before you uploaded. After watching the video I would say that divine interiors wins for me it's got a small file size and isn't as bright as ELFX at times.

chief x3

Vivid weathers is better


Divine interiors? More like "Dark Interiors" lol


My only problem with divine "interiors" light and shadows is that it also deals with lighting outside.

Xam head

Could you also compare surreal lighting at some point please

Gone Turbo

Awesome job friend! This is great! Castle Grayskull, lol, nice throwback

JRG 347

Hey bro in your game you have not noticed a lighting error? Xbox one versión

The Spongy Mallard

ELFX also has an add-on for those that think it's too bright.

Lucci Sosa

What mod makes your furniture and decorations look so real in the interiors? And the brick walls and the floor? I look up interiors and it’s just lighting and colors.

Champion Ogma

I would have liked a vanilla comparison but great vid as always.