Ufouria: The Saga (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

Ufouria: The Saga (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

14 539 views | 20 Jul. 2018

A playthrough of Sunsoft's 1992 action-adventure game for the NES, Ufouria: The Saga.

This recording is of the original English PAL version. The game never received an NTSC English release on the NES.

I remember first playing Ufouria several years after it was released - I think I was in high school at the time - and I had no idea what it was. I was familiar with the Hebereke games - I had played Hebereke's Popoon on the SNES quite a lot - but with the NES game's name change, I was clueless to the fact that Ufouria was actually the first Hebereke title. Needless to say, I was excited when I figured out the connection. I didn't know what to expect, but being a Hebereke game, I was expecting something good.

As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Though its limited, PAL-only production run took the legs out from under any potential for success with its western release, Ufouria is easily one of the best adventure ("Metroidvania") games the NES ever saw - I would go so far as to argue that it trumps its inspiration, doing Metroid better than Metroid did. Or Sunsoft's own Blaster Master, for that matter.

The world of Ufouria is big, and you will get to know it intimately by the time the end credits roll. You start the game as Bop-Louie (Hebereke) as he searches for three friends that he's been separated from. They each have special abilities that you need in order to fully explore the world, but they've all developed amnesia, so Bop will have to knock some sense into them before they'll join escape efforts.

The characters are pretty hilarious: in addition to Bop, you get Freeon-Leon (an orange lizard thing that ooches around on his back and can float), Shades (a ghost that can jump long distances), and Gil (a green angler fish that chucks up bombs to destroy walls). I can't tell you how much I laughed at Gil's character while playing... especially since Gil's original name in the Japanese game is Jennifer. Seriously. My stomach hurt I laughed so hard the first time I realized that.

Ufouria is pretty comparable to the rest of Sunsoft's late NES-era releases. It pushes the NES graphically - there are a ton of goofy, well animated monsters wandering around, and the environments brim with detail and color. Everything has a lot of personality - the facial expressions are priceless here: bosses eyes bulge when you hit them, blocks happily drool ropes for you to climb up - it's both surreal and hilarious. The soundtrack is also right up there with Naoki Kodaka's other NES A-list works - it's catchy, varied, and filled with digital samples. I don't think it's quite as godly as Gimmick's soundtrack, but it's not too far off, either.

Just like Gimmick, the game deserves far more recognition than it has received thanks to its super-limited English release, but even still, Ufouria: The Saga is an amazing game that really should not be missed by any NES fan.


No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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Jan M

Nice graphics, nice music, but god awfully boring to watch. Maybe it's designed to be played one-armed.

Andy Barclay

The Us Localization Proto Is Lost Theres A Differences About The Title


The glitchy mess at the bottom indicates this game uses the same scrolling engine as SMB3.


This game is awesome, beautiful graphics and excellent music, it remenbers the sounds of Batman Return of the Joker, the Sunsoft signature.


This game is easily one of the best out of the entire NES library. I got this game on Christmas as a kid and I was blown away by the graphics and the awesome tunes. Still like to do a play through from time to time.

Daniel Castañeda

Ya lo estoy jugando, y quizás le haga una traducción.


oh my god the still cat boss is amazing

Sebastian SRG

Excelente juego muchos niveles entretenido dé comienzo a fin
Mí puntaje un (10)


Gotta watch this and play again, I remember getting stuck, speding hours back and forth trying to figure out where I should go and gave up eventually... I think I missed an item somewhere which prevented me from advacing.


The nostalgia I'm feeling after watching this is incredible. By far my favorite NES game hands down, possibly even the best game I've ever played period. My brother and I spent countless hours and sleepless nights jamming this beauty. It's still something we talk of frequently and after almost 30 years I was able to show my son what I played when I was his age. Hmm


music like pokemon


welp you know where they stole charmander from...


Great game! Probably one of my favourites on the NES


Fun fact: The EU box art says "RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 8 TO ADULT", but was rated PEGI 3 on Virtual Console, so... Same content, different rating.


Man... if only North America got a release...

Brody M.

That Fucking Slapbass! It Rocks The Limits Of The NES Soundchip!

Funni Monkey

Why did they change the penguins design? :(


The name of this game at first had me thinking it was paired with the ill fated U-Force peripheral for the NES.


Feels like they took the mechanics of Mario Bros 2 USA and improved upon them. Added a gravity mechanic to the weapon throwing ability, like it bounces onto the floor instead of just falling diagonally, and putting their own spin on the enemy throwing ability.

Seriously, feels like there's actual weight in those projectiles. Heck, the early 90s Japanese toon style is really charming. Like, cartoony, but uniquely anime-like in a way you don't see too often anymore.


Hebereke is a fun game!

Random Guy on the Internet

I can't play this game without laughing with a huge smile at the sprites.


the idea is good and so is the graphics, not too fast, but i would get lost real easy without this walkthrough. the ending is kind of lame, and you don't get to see the land they wanted to go to, or is this it? i would have liked a scene of them playing together

Pablo C.J

In emulator we can put timing to NTSC,but some soundtracks,like the one that plays in the Ice Cave,sounds a lot better in PAL version!! Still,a great game!!!


I remember alot of Euro PAL exclusive games always have a bit weird box cover art compared to cover art like from bigger Japanese games.


The art style is remarkable modern. You could think these sprites are from a current indie game.

Tomy Power

Yes longer want to receive these emails?


1h10s is priceless haha great run this game is confusing AF but so good



Geiza Marcelino


Due to the price the game commands these days, the Wii VC version has to suffice, whether the game runs too fast or not.

The Real Sean W. Stewart

stefano iulli

Bop-Louie Join on Smash Bros Ultimate After Banjo-Kazooie

Uriel Septim

20:46 everyone's first ejaculation.


Like Gimmick, Ufouria was another brilliant Sunsoft NES title that really needed a wider release. Thankfully age has been kind to it, and it's still very much worth playing today.