Ukulele Fingerpicking Lesson: How to Play "Hallelujah"

Ukulele Fingerpicking Lesson: How to Play "Hallelujah"

650 593 views | 19 Nov. 2010 - To get the chords and see the cover I did of this song, head over to:

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Sarah Zanaz

You are amazing. I learned so quickly, and that makes me so GLAD ! And besides, I'm french and I perfectly understood all of your video, thank you SO MUCH, I'm going to sing it in front of 50pers tomorrow night! Thank you again <3

Laurie Cestnick

Thank you!

Wanda Keightley

I must be doing something wrong, when I tune the top string down an octave it sounds awful! The string is very loose.

Lily Jin

what is the brand of the ukulele that you used? thank you!

Jeff Musial

Very cool. Some of the best instructional I've seen yet!


I don't get how to choose which string to pick when you've brought your fingers in the position of a certain chord. Somebody help?


Great tuitorial. I love how you add that extra note for the transition. Out of curiosity when the song goes "the fourth the fifth" or "tied you the the kitchen chair" is it a change at the 3/6th note for finger picking? Since it goes f major to g?

Hannah Whitney

I don't get how people on their own can figure out the finger picking

Loft Monster

Nice one. Thanks!


Good teaching!


very well-made, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you so much!

Cera Birchland

any info as to why I can pick up finger picking so much faster than even the simplest strum pattern? I switched to ukulele from playing the classical guitar due to having small hands, but even when I play the guitar I always have issues with strumming but never picking.

Katia Pilar Colin

Thanks so much! This is so helpful!

Ukulele Tricks

@Kenyora22 you know, I've never played a Mainland ukulele, but I was SOOO close to buying their mahogany concert ukulele earlier this year. So close... I just haven't had the necessary funds to cover the expense right now. I've heard such great things. From what I have heard from other Mainland owners, that would be a great investment!

Batsheva Fe

your tutorial is the best yet! I got my uke two weeks ago ... I don't understand how string instruments work ... any tips of how to keep a finger from touching the next string over? I can see my nails needs to be shorter as well .. But at 55 this is my present to myself .. to learn!

Melanie Fallon Dignan

great video! I learned a lot and am Very excited to practice hallelujah. Thanks! :D

Desiree Womack

This helps ALOT! Thank you! 

A C Vickers

Being 70 + I knew this song from way back. Thanks this was a noble effort.
I would like to ask you if you would show me/us which part of your fingers are you strruming/ playing with (right hand)?before you went to pìck? Your blessed with skinny fingers (I'm not!), so am anxious to find a technique for my stumps? Thanks again!

Tim Aretz

Really like this tutorial, but I'm wondering, why do you choose a different way to grip the Cmaj chord? 4 fingers look more complicated than 1...


Great video, but let me ask a dumb question: Are you able to stabilize your ukulele just with that small part of your right wrist, or do you need any support from the left hand? The problem is that i cant hold the neck so smoothly like you do, it falls in my hand on changing chord.

Sigourney Roberts

Can you show us how to play the song 'Temple made in time''? its a christian Sabbath song


i think its easier to pick it by letting ur thumb drag down the 4 strings and then picking them individually going back up


I loved the video, but what are the rest of the cords? this is only the intro.

Christine Huynh

can soprano ukulele use this lesson?? i don't understand


holy shit it's bo burnham with a beard

Brett McQueen

@PowerOfCrimp if I do, I don't use many. Sometimes during songs I'll change the voicing of a chord, which means I'm playing the same chord but play it in a different position... so sometimes I might barre if I like the sound of it. You have to try it out and see what works best for you! :)

Jesse Burgen

Mate, just wanted to say that you have a great way of teaching your techniques. I have found your tutorials to be a massive help. Keep up the awesome work.


Are these snowshoes on the wall behind you? :) This chord is making my fingers hurt.. ;) Thanks for this, great vid!


This was so much help, thank you for uploading this :) Also, you have a really calming voice, and that, combined with the uke, was putting me to sleep lol it was a great tutorial, very calming, it helped me focus haha

James Wafer

how do you do that bar on the first two strings? I can do it but its painful!

Bella Junghwee Ryoo

You know what?
I always love your tricks! 
It is more of a lesson than a trick for me.
Thanks and luv a lot!

Frank Galambos

Thanks a lot! Really helped!

Ezekiel Baking

Thx man this really helped me cheers man

Skyler Ross

@ Brett: how do you tune the G so it's below middle C

The Red Witch Bitch

This is a great tutorial, it's really helping me, thank you:) Can you possibly do a Tutorial for the song 9 Crimes by Damien Rice???

Asier González

yeaah! Thank you :D

Kelly P

Sorry, but I don't understand the tuning of the G string. Before starting a tutorial (for beginners like myself) I would find it useful if 'we' could tune our ukuleles along with you - to make sure we are all playing and learning in the same key :) Maybe others are fine - but would be most helpful....for me :) Otherwise, I love your tutorials....thank you so much!!

Haley Starkey

You seem like such a sweetheart. Thank you for this. (:

Dayna Garcia


James Shelton

Play the C as a bar chord... bar all 4 strings at the 3rd fret with your index finger, middle finger 4th fret of C string, ring finger 5th fret of G string.

Adam Sheck

Little confused on how to play the fingerpicking when transitioning from F to G chords as F (123) G (456) doesn't quite sound right in "it goes like this the fourth the fifth ..." What would you recommend please?


Hey! I'm thinking of learning how to play the ukulele..any recommendations on what model/brand of ukulele I should get? Much thanks!

Concert Addict

Too much talking.I nearly fell asleep. But it is fine, anyway:)

Lena Bengtsson

Okey, you are right, I willl try to open my ears. I did not mean to be unkind.


Could you write the tab for me please?

Vince Noir

@Kenyora22 I have the fender tenor koa nohea ukulele. I love it! Extremely well made, koa, with aquila strings foe only $200


@uketricks Awesome, Thank you for the quick reply!

Inana Malate

Thank You.! For giving clear easy to follow lesson. I'm beginning to believe I can play this little instrument.

Brett McQueen

@theSarahendrix that's awesome to hear! You are very welcome. Please be sure to check out my other videos. I also have some lessons on my website. Thanks again for your nice words!

Caleb Gadwah

If you are starting out I would get a Mahalo ukulele. They are not too expensive and are a good starter. They are actually pretty good for their price. After a while when you get good at uke you can get a more expensive one if you want.

Joshua Wood

push it against your body with your right hand. Well, thats what I do :)

Alyssa Swanzey

I'm on a soprano... and it's tuned normally. But my instrument sounds completely different than yours (not even the same notes), any help on how to match your tuning?

Shaindel Siskind

hey Tyler,
Im finding that when I get in C chord I have no strumming sound. I tried to hold push down less tight but all you hear is the top chord.. it seems to sound different than yours 

Mark Lowe

That connecting note sounds great with the log G, but totally out of place when tuned to the high G. Great video! Thanks so much!

Peter Mosher

Awesome job, this helped a lot! Do you think you could post a video for how to play the rest of the song, please? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Hi Tyler, good video. I am struggling with the 4th line. "Well it goes like this the forth, the fifth". C, F, G. The F+G follow very quickly. Any hints? It feels thes is not the full chord,... or? Thanks in advance.




check out the flea or fluke ukulele. they are really awesome



Andy White

Love the tutorial - just wondering why you go for the alternative C note using all four fingers? The C that just requires one finger is easier for me, is the C that your playing EXACTLY the same note?

Charmian O'Brien

gonna enjoy learning this one


same with me

gandelf s

great lesson looking forward to thrashing this one out and adding to my library

Vanessa Dennis

great tutorial. thanks buddy.


omg marry me.

Barriga Verde Bike Club

Linda musica

Michael M

i bet this video got you more bj's than james bond!! LOL

  on a related to playing uke note, how in the heck do i get that bar on the first two strings, am i missing a finger joint or something? awesome tutorial dudesky keep it up

James Shelton

Play the C as a bar chord... bar all 4 strings at the 3rd fret with your index finger, middle finger 4th fret of C string, ring finger 5th fret of G string.


I have the same problem as bluevalentine

Paul Lenaghan

Slick move on the note between the C and Am. Thank you.

mon ukulele

thank you ! merci !

xveiar //

Your top string isn't tuned normally and it doesn't sound right tuned normal with your technique .

Jessica Johnson

I am having a lot of issues I think with the tuning. My tuner says it is set to G3 but my string seems too loose and doesn't sound right. Also seems out of tune again within seconds of playing. I'm a beginner so I am unsure if this just means I need new strings or what... help please.

M3Me G0d

For anyone having trouble with the "low G", rather than going out and buying yourself a new string, just change your picking pattern. Go from "G, C, E A" to "C, E, G, A". Basically instead of, "1, 2, 3, 4", it's now "2, 3, 1, 4". You get the same sound as with a low G string.

Pearl S.

Any advice as to how to get the G string to not sound like crap when dropped down?  I have a pretty good uke (Cordoba 20TM-CE) and Aquila strings.   I can't get that string to sound good but I love how yours sounds :(

Andrew Foy 앤디

i just got ukulele and thought fingerstyle would be easier than guitar cuz it is so small but I was wrong. Ukulele fingerstyle is hard.

Norman FitzNicely

To those of you asking about low G tuning, you cannot use a high G string tuned down because it will be too slack. Go to your music shop and buy a set of low strings, which will have a heavier 4th string.


is this a soprano ukulele?


I am surprised you can walk because playing this song should be getting you so many chics who are clamoring up your walls just to fuck your brains out. Playing uke is all about getting ass, and this song should be getting you more than you can handle.


GCEAEC repeat

K Smith

This is great! i really like the pace you explain and i love the sound of your voice :)

Diego Juncadella

thank you


only 2 chords? 

Ukulele Tricks

I would check to see if you're fingers are pressed hard enough against the strings. It's important you press down a good amount otherwise the strings will be muted and won't ring out clearly. It can take quite a bit of practice to build up the strength needed to play some of these chords, so if it doesn't come easily at first, keep working on it, and in time it will get better.

Amanda R DeWitt

Thank you!!!

Matt T

Dude looks like Craig owens.


you just match it to the next octave down on a piano

Gemma Pettersen

I can't get the G to stat in tune an octave down. One measure in and it's jumped itself up to a G#. Do i need steel strings?


I keep muting the A string on that variation of C major, any tips? :(


Hi! I have small hands, so I'm having trouble spreading my index finger across the third fret on both my A & E string. Do you have any advice?

Skyler Ross


Leearna Amos

My fingers are too small to cover too strings


Great help! Thanks so much.

Laura Dennison

I love the passing note you use between the C and Am. (Was it a B?) I was wondering if you use a passing note between the rest of the chords in the song?

Meg Galloway

So helpful! Thankyou!

Lena Bengtsson

I´ve looked for three minutes and 50 sek. an you haven´t shown us anything yet, just talked, show us how to play!! Please!!! stop talking!! With respekt I hope you try and reedo this little teachingfilm!

Robert Saelmans

Thanks man,  cool, calm and easy to follow,  will be buying a ukulele. Inspired!  Rob

Maeva Robson

I think my ukulele is not tune like yours, so I guess the chords won t be the same! could you please help? I really want to be able to play this song, mu uku is tune as G,C,E,A. thanks in advance


I concur, with the others, you're a very good instructor!

Alyssa Alexandru

I'm still trying to figure out how to tune the string to a low G...can't get it right for some reason