RuneNews | Link'sOcarina Does a NoNo | SlayerMusiq's Error | Rocky Pet Vibe

RuneNews | Link'sOcarina Does a NoNo | SlayerMusiq's Error | Rocky Pet Vibe

4 262 views | 19 Jun. 2020

OmG tHiS iS cLiCkBaIt FoR sUbS. K wHy S

R.I.P Slayermusiq1 Tho

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Rick Wermer

Slayermusiq is Belgian tho rofl.
Happy birthday!


fucking legend Wade Green!


Quality content


NNNoooooo!!! he did not just make fun of my boi slayermusiq. that guy is the reason why i have my barrows gloves lol his guides show you how to do quest for low level players and any higher levels will only get it done faster. good content.

A. Alan Wrench

You're hilarious


Its a medieval point click game from 15 years ago, what is "good" content to you? Trading up 1gp lol?

Trevor Lahey

lol, another shitty ass fucking channel trying to get big by trash talking bigger channels and stirring drama.

Michael Myers

My only trusted news source.

Corey Carlaw

Havin a tug, that laugh you caused was great.


"Hes got fuckin' nothin" half hour of the most force ass laugh hs!


Why did link do the rooftops? I never even touched them during the bloody quest, puns intended.


For real! They get hype about a "200k pk, nice boys!" Like seriously? 200k gets your rocks off? I can't tell if they're genuinely excited about that or if they're just fake af until the camera turns off

George Alexander

Finally somebody that hates Link as much as I do, biggest virgin in the world fo sure

Josh Stevens

Hahahaha omg love this guy dude. Dude thanks for the laughs enjoy to see more in the future

Ariyah Fæ

Standing at GE flipping them gf’s ffs!

Junk Bonds

Keep tearing down the quest-guide whales king


oh i though slayermusiq is belguim and not german but ok

zach hulsebos

lets get a demonic gorillas guide

The Key

Rune news? More like birthday news. 44. Getting up there. Slay ur day girlfriend.

rizky anugrah



Everyone talks slayermusiq up but his guides take so fucking long that I get killed by random npcs trying to skip ahead to the next part of the quest and find out wtf I need to so.
Only watched part of the mm quest guide he did and decided he was shite, thanks for saying what needed to be said king, no one has balls anymore but yours are huge. Respect

Natanael Perez

U have garbage content no subs stfu dums ass


There's a reason why Slayer Musiq has 100k subs and you have 7k.


slayermusic1 is from Belgium :p


Did you just add Jay's image when referring to shit content?


Double BAHP! for the boyss. Great vid


Lol dude I think you could use some positivity in your life. They're just trying to help people out. You're not going to make a living trying to be the OSRS Keemstar.


Panic buy Iron Javelin's boiiiiiiiiz


Gz mvp

Natsu Dragneel

links ocarina: dog shit
Slayermusiq: dog shit
Kingcondor6969: godshit


Attacking the leaders of the community you want to be a part of.. Bold move

Trenten Robinson

Shooters shoot


Oh yes daddy yes big condy first


hhahahahahaha spot on about link

Israel Muro

Stream snipe

Derp Derpington


Juan Cruz

Fucking cheeky noobs!

Zar_ ttg

if this is you sober I would love to see you drunk or high.....................BHHAAAPPPPPP

Koen Lousberg

I wanna place an order for 100 GF's


intro is too long and gay

Chode Master ᛉ

Fear and loathing in runescape


Slayermusiq is from Belgium not from Germany

Ben Brittain

Rune news boiiiii like that intro. Happy Birthday!

Reece Bender

yeah the boiiiiiiiiiiiiiis


I think (and don't quote me on this; or do idgaf) Soup makes better quest "guides" then both linkocarina and slayermusiq1 COMBINED. Also King Condor is God (you can quote me on this).


Fuck yeah! Love this shit. RIP that guys bandos luck. Doesn’t matter to me who hosts the rune news, as long as one of you do it!

knack baby

Oi mate can you do a guide on Dagannoth Kings for noobs? Appreciate it



Wade Green is my favorite douche


Brooo i need you for the mm2 quest. Do you expect me to do it with slayermusiq guides? Ofcourse not. It’s a fucking joke @kingcondor

Nathan Priestner

jake10 image on the popular youtube dis haha

Dean Fish

That laugh at Havingatug was so infectious jesus christ

Having A Tug

glad you liked my dry streak big boy

Aaron Kemerling

You’re the definition of toxic

Gary Williams

Just thumbs upped all your vids while I was waiting for me fish fingers to cook bois fishy fishies keep em comin

Ronny Gesponny

The Runescape community is toxic as fuck....and i'm certainly not helping it ahahaha never change man x3