How and Where to Mine in Fortuna | Warframe Guide

How and Where to Mine in Fortuna | Warframe Guide

55 201 views | 9 Nov. 2018

Here's a quick guide on mining gems and ores in Fortuna, hope it helps!

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Pri vate

I have been mining wrong for 5 masteries...


What settings do you have to get them dots to be so clear?


You are awesome man thanks. Subbed.


To my understanding you ONLY get that bonus from the smaler brackets by hitting them while they are INSIDE the larger ones?

Kingcisco 1269

Hey boss I need travoride for my hellminth segment

Silver Fox

proceeds to tell you what the game tells you


This answers the "How" but not the "Where". Still don't know where to find the caves that I need for the gems, so not really very useful.

Vítor França

how do you fly ? you use the archwing ? how ?.. return to warframe few days ago

Lololol Ololol

How can I get goblin tears ?

The Sad Boi

The 5 icons at the top in the middle show how many gems and ores I get?


Would it be better to use the fortuna drill in Plains?


Who still plays warframe I do


Thanks !

Faceless Beanie

If you still have doubts on mining in Fortuna please let me know in the comments and I"ll try to help out, cheers!


like for fast travel in towns XD

Bodi W

Try your best to stop in the middle of range [ ]. I think that can give your better reward.


When u get the gems after mining successfully, how come ur getting multiple of them? Is there a mod?

Orihan Hartent

made my day , thx man

Pedro Santos

Heres the thing, there is only 1 cave on my minimap.

Dank Memes

What is the difference in the plains drill and the this drill


Thank you really useful


Whats the currency used to purchase the drill?


you didn't even show us where the caves are...


thanks man,i thought i had to fill the bracket not stop in the middle :D

Krazy Brezy

I've been mining for 2 hours in Fortuna and didn't even know the tiny bracket in the circle gave bonuses lmao, cheers!


Is there any difference if I use drill I got from Cetus? It seems to work just fine and the 2500 is a bit steep at start for new drill.