Shattered Throne Solo - Vorgeth - Dul Incaru - Destiny 2 - New Light Guide - Season Of Dawn

Shattered Throne Solo - Vorgeth - Dul Incaru - Destiny 2 - New Light Guide - Season Of Dawn

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An easy way to solo Vorgeth and Dul Incaru in the Shattered throne. These are the two most difficult encounters and all the guides I have found use Acrius, or another raid exotic.

For Vorgeth, I used Well of Radiance with a primary bow with anti-barrier, void fusion with backup plan, and a 150RPM nade launcher with spikes and a boss spec mod. Any combination of these will work, and you can one-phase if you are faster in the damage phase. Just keep an eye on the ads and weaken the witches until ready to clean them up to dunk. Well helps significantly with the damage phase and retaining health. Lastly, some transcendent blessing mods on armor were helpful, but not necessary if you two-phase.

For Dul Incaru, I used a similar load-out as my other video, but changed to a 90RPM snipe(Tranquility.) You can use any subclass, but the Riskrunner is essential for ease of use. Keep an eye on the ads and slowly work-down the knights, then unload on Dul Incaru.

Please comment if you would like to see a different load-out, or a different mission.


In case anyone reads these comments - anyone can absolutely solo all of the Shattered Throne. You can find multiple videos of the map for the first area and you just need to take it slow.

Смотритель Дивана

Nice gameplay


why is this an add?


Man, awesome run. You make it look easy.


Came from the solo whisper, that was beautiful. New sub!

brandon sowells

I actually tried to solo this back in the forsaken days b4 mods and stuff. I got all the way to the ogre and then I died and died and died and died( I died a little inside and the game broke me. I couldn't play destiny for a week afterwards) ..... For 3 hours straight. I think now after watching this video I can give it another try. Plus mods will def help out too