Mass Effect Andromeda - Firebreathing Thresher Maws of Doom?!

Mass Effect Andromeda - Firebreathing Thresher Maws of Doom?!

32 965 views | 29 Mar. 2017

Why it’s cut? Is it a bug? I want to see it!

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Claire Dé Lune

0:52 If you're dating Liam, Drack says you're starting to sound like him xD


Yea was anybody else extremely disappointed? I reloaded because I thought a glitch happened. Nope. Just nothing.

James.T .Adams

"Fire breathing thresher maw" good god I've never heard of something so terrifying

Tetsu Hatano

Fire breathing threshermaws of doom sound like a heavy metal band from there universe


This quest came up and I was so excited... to be let down by nothing happening as well D:

Hurlock alpha the Anti-Globalist

My FemShep would be really upset if she saw this lol. Like Akuze was not enough. xD


hey fluffy what video editing software do you use?


this was so disappointing to be just a conversation

MadMongol Metalhead

Drack is so great.

K Monte

Does it make me a masochist that I was hoping a thresher maw was sneaked into the ark and mutated?
Annnnd I got to fight it.


Disappointing.. I thought it bugged aswel.. Fucking EA.


Is the bartender Gordon Ramsay?


I expected to chase down a thresher maw since they can travel through space for forever and still survive, pyromaniac drack and ryder are just as good <8D

Irene Incognita

My Shepard from Akuze dissaproves >_<

Not Obama

I wish we could fight the big ass flying lizards in andromeda

Dariel Oinal

i was really hoping for a mini game when i saw this.

Skyler Maves

When I saw the title I thought there was gonna be a fire breathing thresher maw boss fight. I got excited.

Admiral Fujitora

This is kinda disappointing cuz nothing really happend

Luke Danger

So, Drack's where James Vega learned to fly...


BioWare just HAD to make Thresher Maws breathe fire.

Damn it.

Keral Felgrand

And I thought wrex jumping on a shuttle was was crazy

exotic assault

hey love the vids keep up the good work


That's the last thing i need from those over sized worms.
Randomly popping out of the ground, insta-killing the mako, if not just hurling it sideways, spitting acid, AND NOW FIRE!
Damn space, you scary.


If I were to encounter such a thing in Andromeda, my first thought would be. "Why doesn't the Nomad have a cannon? I wish the Mako was here."

Tenno Shenaniganizer

Great, because normal thresher maw's weren't bad enough

Lucas M.

Damn, there are never any Firebreathing Thresher Maws of Love. My search continues...


The Tuchanka's Reaper: "Nop, that game is not funny"


Such a travesty they didn't make a scene to show figures with mini flamethrowers burning each other.

Marshall Kuhn

This was like the biggest troll in the whole game. I was expecting a mini game and I got nothing.

Ryan Benfield

Someone needs to make a cannon... that fires, FIRE BREATHING THRESHER MAWS

Ole Fredrik Skjegstad

I've really been enjoying Drack's character in this game. He's jaded on the outside, but there's quite a few moments throughout the game where he shows a very caring side. He's almost a family man, as shown by his relationship with Kesh and eventual acceptance of Vorn courting her.

Drack is a big scaly badass grandpa and I love him very much


I fuckin died in Drack's loyalty mission when Vorn falls out of the box and is all "Hi guys!" :D

Golden eldritch Looking eyeball

Are those cutie pies around, the thresher maws?

Xavier Vega

Such a wasted opportunity!!!!.     Should have been a mini-game.    Or at the very least show Drack and company playing the game in a cut scene.


I just finished this mission and came looking for video on it , hoping that my game had glitched out and the scene cutted . But nop , apprently Bioware toyed with us in this mission , no fun and games for you Ryder .

Rert 78

Unsubbed from fluffy for the duration of my ME:A playthrough but this was in my recommended and i just had to check it out.


Anyone else immensely disappointed we didn't actually get to play?

Leo O'Connor

I half expected the Krogan to all be super into dnd


Great Video!


Was expecting to see actual game but nope.

Drokon Flameborn

When I saw the title I hoped thresher maws mutated over the years and entered Andromeda. This is even better.


They finally gave krogans personalities gg andromeda

Lorgren Benirus

That one sucked, I mean, I wanted to burn things with mini flamethrowers but blast it, no such luck...


Rule # 1 Dutch: NEVER say a krogan isn't crazy to do something mad.


Aha... Just wanne say: " What - THE... FUCK?!" // Thresher Maws... Were the fuck they come from? No spore survive dark space like that... No chance! Also... Is he trolling us or is he for real?

A Of demons

would of loved to see this game

Very Concerned Jesus

What's worse than thresher maws?

Fire breathing ones

Azura BlackHeart

I was so dissapointed I didn't get to play that game,

Solar Aura

lol when I got to that part I was disappointed in the fact that we didn't get the scene where they were actually playing it. Even if it was just dialogue I would have been happy.