Having Father Winter's Baby in Seasons | Carl's Guide

Having Father Winter's Baby in Seasons | Carl's Guide

208 108 views | 30 Jul. 2018

A guide to getting the Father Winter's baby buff for your Sim's child. Tips on romance and preparation are included. The Father Winter's Baby trait improves satisfaction gains by +50%. Father Winter himself may be moved into your household, which offers some nice bonuses as well.

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Father winter? More like daddy winter

Life, Universe & everything

Black Widow Challenge, Father Winter would be a great victim... I mean Husband.

Valeria Alvarez

How do you choose the season?? Never saw it before!!

Coralynn Brewer

I love it thank you for your guides they have really helped me



Beatriz Alicia Palacio Jaramillo

Your vice is AMAZING


I know I'm late but a fireplace is NOT required for father winter. :) At least not anymore if it ever was! Anyway I love your vids! <3

Chantal Ward

I guess if you can woohoo with them, they can move in lol. Same with Patchy


So, a question. Does someone take over Father Winter's duties after you move him in with you? With Death, the game will often manufacture another sim to become a reaper.

nd c

I've never had a fireplace or decorated the house, just a tree and presents, Father Winter showed up. He even mourned my cats. Then there was the time when 2 generations of Father Winter showed up and chatted while the household slept. I need to try this.

Suzy Q.

This is great. Thank you so much for doing videos on things you can easily miss in Sims 4.

nanie czka123

father winter comes even if you don't have a fireplace

Lil Boi

I dunno why I am even watching this....or why this was recommended

Rdof yazn


Tocalifeworld !

I had Daddy winters baby and I called it Nicholas

Kat Mlg

Step one: be Jim pickens

Seven Ellen

Starts singing Santa Baby

Ash Lockwood

I saw this and was like. whAt iS liFe?

Serena K

My kind of content

Freya Frettchen

Will the children of father winter have also children with the same trait?


you don't need a fireplace for father winter to show up. he showed up at my sim's house and i didn't have a fireplace. great video tho :)


Can you great pregnant from the Love Bunny Challenge?

Maddison Troyer

yknow I was playing with Seasons and Get Famous packs once. My sim was a Notable Newcomer and had her number leak. It was about summer in that game; I don't REALLY remember. But randomly I got a hate comment from Santa on the Sims 4 for that Sim and it was hilarious. Sadly I don't remember what he said... I was trying to.


I wonder what happens if you make a holiday with father winter in it but there’s already a father winter in your house hold will there be another father winter ??


I think in one of the recent sim updates they made it so you couldn’t have father winters baby anymore. Kinda sucks


Lol when Father Winter came in my game he randomly asked my sim to woohoo and she got pregnant (I have wicked whims so oof)

Eduardo Negrete

its so easy! i had sex with him but i put disable the option to get pregnant

Autistically Artistic

I get pregnant, have men move in, sell their stuff, then starve them to death for a living. The back yard is a cemetery

Lemondrop445 Plays

You really put the “father” in “father Christmas”

S Hammley

Holiday Tree is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. No ones calling a menorah a winter candle holder

S Hammley

So if a spellcaster has a baby with Santa. What perks would they get

Morley Games

Can’t believe you called her Holly Christmas instead of Mary Christmas


Now I will befriend Santa and make him move in to my sim's house then make him as my slave to do choir

Sabrina Rosario

Those flirty paintings....LMAO.


is that melapples


Not only is Father Winter a dog but a quick lover

Patrice deAvila

You are my favorite Sim 4 Youtuber for deep dive tips. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

Morosoro Dubuc

What the actual fuck.... this was so weird!

Madison May

I did an entire legacy challenge with Father Winter as my patriarch and I named all the kids after Christmas themed names. All in all, they had seven kids (I used MCCC) and then went into CAS (didn’t realize this problem), a set of twins just vanished. I was heartbroken. I’m still working on this challenge and I want to see how far I get. This has been my favorite save file so far.

Felicia Santiago

Wow I didn’t know this about father winter,I’m moving him in




Does the trait pass on to subsequent generations?


Welp, I know what I’m gonna do for spring break

Kiti2 U

My Sim met Father Christmas at party at the Goth house. It was surprisingly easy to seduce him. We Woohoo'd in the Goth house and to my surprise I was blessed with His baby. She gave birth to a girl a few days later. Unfortunately my Sim was killed in a tragic accident repairing a stereo. With no parents to care for baby she was soon taken from my Sims home. Next time I will need to be better prepared.


I've been referring to your website for a while but only just started watching these awesome videos. I love how helpful these videos are so thank you, for all the help and inspiration!


I had a baby with father winter lmao

Park ChimMin

Get yourself a man like Father Winter

Yumi _

I guess that I'll seduce daddy winter the next time I play sims 4.

neala xR

My lil boy is best friends with father winter so now he comes I occasionally to hang... which is kind of weird but okay

Nene Levy

Is that the only trait you get from having a baby with a special sim? Ugh I wish you could have a baby with the grim reaper

Rainoa N.A

i have a question i cant find any info on,
Dose this trait carry on from the offspring of father winter to their offspring!?
or is it given only from father winter himself?

thinking of making a huge family tree & this could be something interesting to pick up early on if it dose

Amber Blamber

So what happens when the next winterfest rolls around? Does a different father winter appear?

Serena K

When you said decor it sounded like “day core” lmao


has sims 3 but tries to do this anyway


Great video. Keep up the good work.

M. González

so this is why Kevin locked 2 Santa's in his basement...


In my sims game I made Judith Ward have his babies several times lol and they're always twins for some reason


lvl 10 parenting - lets his kid play in the toilet


I hate this guys voice

Yvon Serge

Comment on fait pour commencer a jouer


I had this sorta happen to one of my sims. I wasn't paying complete attention when san--excuse me, "father winter"... came to visit and soon the conversation became quite... steamy.

I went with it, got in a relationship with him, had his baby and man-oh-man did it ever pay off - literally. those 500,000 simoleons really helped around the house, I'll tell you.

anakin skywalker

Carl: Today I will seduce Santa

Oh please do.

Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ

Father winter is a married man. What has the world come to


A fireplace is not required for him to come to your house. He came by my house because it was simply festive.


Wow I didn't know that Father Winter came with so much money!

Kugerily Has no chill

I made father winter gay, moved him in and murder his face. Thanks to this very jolly video.

Supriya Konkol

CRT shift spacebar type in motherlode hit enter that’s how you get more money and it works for all games


Not sure if this was cus of an update or what but you do not need a fireplace for Father Winter to show up on your lot :)

Keely O'Really

Been watching your videos, great content. My question is, does the children of father winter also give the same perk to their children?


I have not yet tried this, but I have a question; does father winter stay as father winter when you move him in?? Please reply

Mama Young Loves Sims

I’ve had him show up even though I didn’t have a fireplace.

Karena Johns


NaNass Bob

Hi ! I have question, if Father Winter move into our household is he disappear for the others families ??? :) Is there an other Father Winter ?


Hearing him say jolly gift giver has a whole new dirty meaning now lol


do you have a guide on any specific sims character in the sims 4 expansion pack vampires im asking to see if there is away to get that Vladislaush the 4th vampire due to become romantically interested in a non vampire sim and as for my vampire family if there is a quick way of leveling up the friendship bar with him for any quirks may or may not come from it

Moore Studios

I have been having a problem I cant try for baby I have high enough romance but when I click it it just breaks

Zonio Genina Micah

is there mother spring? or father summer or anything?


I have some questions.
1. Will having another baby with Father Winter also give the child the "Father Winter's Baby" trait? Even if its not conceived on Winterfest?
2. Will Father Winter leave for work on Winterfest? Or will a new Father Winter be generated?

ᔕTᗴᒪᒪᗩ D

Or you coud just move him in and get alot of money and then move him out and still have the money! thats my way.


why would you want to do this?
Father Winter is low-key ugly

Chantal Ward

Also you don't need a fireplace, without one he just shows up at the door like a regular sim lol

Nellie Santiago

Loved how you played and explained everything , very much appreciated!I enjoyed this, also learned something new,I didn't know half of this!

G Studios

You don't need a fireplace if you live in an apartment.

Swag It

Dang he's quiet skillful for a homeless guy

Franchesca Claire

can you do a video on having grim reaper's baby?


You don't need a fireplace he just walks though the door lol (also once you've met you can invite him back anytime just like any other sim)

Red Panda

The opening line was “today I’m going to seduce Santa” I fucking died in the first 4 seconds


Father Winter? More like Daddy Winter

Ray Izard

What happens the following Yule?

Misty The Powerful

Me and my friend made a holiday called do the do with santa

Sam S

I got him to marry an elderly Queen with the royal mod (who has a large extended family, so he’s probably her second husband). I don’t want an old women to have a baby so I’m gonna try and figure out is there a way for them to have a child through surrogacy

Nabila Haque

Even if you only have a Christmas tree father winter will place the gifts under the tree. Extra present pile is not required. And vice versa. And so far as I've seen, father winter still comes even when I didn't have a fireplace.


getting screwed by Santa Claus...the old man who used to give you presents when you were a child now is placing a present inside you...damn that's really messed up

country gorls

my sim had a one night stand with father winter during the summer and the child still got the trait so..


You sound like a robot


I heard this was patched out is this true?


I wonder if the romantic light reward lamp works on santa. I'd put a couple of them around, lol.


Now I want to figure out how many 'unique' pregnancies there are in the game and make a household of Sims dedicated to that... To start off with, I'm thinking a nerdy character with an alien pregnancy, a goth one with a grim reaper pregnancy (unless they got rid of that), and a perky/cutesy sim with a father winter pregnancy.

Stephanie Pink

So, if Father Winter moves in with you does that mean the game spawns a NEW Father Winter?


Dude, I really want to see you play Terraria. The way you break stuff down and analyze the sims makes you perfect for it. I understand you probably won't, but it would be awesome.