Metal Gear Online 3: Ascension 3 - Infiltrator Unlocks

Metal Gear Online 3: Ascension 3 - Infiltrator Unlocks

30 852 views | 13 Oct. 2015

I have finally obtained Ascension 3 for the Infiltrator class! :) Heres a quick video showcasing what is unlocked.

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incognitious maximus

been putting the work in for this to find out its just a shitty colour. mgs sort your game out. fingers crossed the update will keep me interested.




so now I see no point in going pass ascension 1 since u dont really get nothing new. I was hoping for new equipment or something that actually make me wanna keep leveling.




This game sucks... Please tell me is not a MGS... I want to cry...

Say Jah

Color is.. the reward. wtf

Vlan Doom

basically prestige master for stealthy people?


question how is this is different from the 1st ascend ? besides the colors ?


Havent played in a long time, so curiously I looked up what you unlocked after the first rank...Gotta say..really underwhelmed .


How did u upgrade so fast