What happened to the Watcher? [Borderlands Discussion/Speculation]

What happened to the Watcher? [Borderlands Discussion/Speculation]

129 views | 9 Oct. 2020

During the events of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a mysterious character known as 'The Watcher' was introduced. Originally, it helped the enemy. Later, it helped our allies, while also giving them a chilling warning. Since then, the Watcher has not been heard of or spoken about by anyone. Today we ask: what exactly happened to the Watcher?

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Abbas Abedi

Scourge the invincible martyr says some really interesting things during his fight in the guardian takedown in BL3.
Scourge and the Watcher know each other. Which may be why the Watcher knows about whatever war is coming. I got this from Scourge saying something like “while others Watch and turn a blind eye” and ‘Watch’ was capitalised.
Scourge says "The Overseer was wrong about you" which suggests that the Overseer from the proving grounds, who said that the vault hunters have proved themselves, was incorrect and that we are still a threat to them.
Scourge also says "I did what the Watcher couldn't" which is interesting as scourge the watcher saved Athenas life while Scourge killed multiple people which is hinted at in his name 'Scourge the invincible martyr' the word martyr suggests he fought a bloody war but it also means he would've died? But then again he doesn't technically die when we fight him either as he just teleports away so maybe he did that before too to get his oxymoron.
The awakening of the destroyer or some other vault monster is why the guardians are doing what they’re doing and possibly is what leads to the war.
Scourge alluded to his kind having to do something because we awakened a “sleeping giant”.
Scourge always speaks in rhyme and his subtitles have the little / that zer0 has so there might be some correlation there.
Scourge says something about building anew. It might have something to do with them taking over minos prime.
Scourge says “I live and die.” When you kill scourge, he doesn’t just die, he falls into a portal so he might still be alive.
Scourge and the guardians want to imprison humans or at leasts VHs. He says something about “your kind will live within their cell”


Watcher should have appeared in the Eridian Trials or the Eridean Takedown. As schism is happening amongst guardians about guarding the vaults. Also they are a shitty at doing their job defending them anyways.

Xeus Zion

I've actually been wondering the same thing. Btw it's Jacob star. Ya know the guy who told u to keep it up and u will be at the top. Yeah that's me. Just changed my channel up.