Armor- Wizardess Heart- Cerim Leiado

Armor- Wizardess Heart- Cerim Leiado

18 765 views | 6 Sep. 2016

Hi everyone! It`s Sei again with new video for you- this time for the dense, but nice Cerim Leiado! Ah, I`m so happy that Wizardess Heart isn`t going to end soon, It`s really one of my favourite otome games (though it feels like the stories are getting a little too predictable, therefore boring lately :`( ) And that Guy is such a sweetheart, I CAN`T wait for his story ^-^

Btw, have you checked out the latest Shall We Date game?

Guard me, Sherlock is very interesting so far and is different from any other SWD game so far. The chalenges are a little tough, though. But all in all it`s wort the try ;)

Anyway, Hope you enjoy the video!

Love ya ;3

Song- Armor by Landon Austin

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Rhoicky A.D. Delos Reyes

its just allright to me

Rachel Taylor

Really good video!!! Love the game guard me Sherlock!!!!

sarah g

Does anyone wonder what their voices sound like? Also great video!

Victoria Blevins

This song perfectly matches Cerim... Have you ever wondered what Ronnys theme song would be?

Renee CC

Clap Clap

Wendra Torrenz

Siera Jones
Thanks for putting this on your channel. I love


I dont really like what shall we date? Did with his art work

Allyson Solares

I don't know why but my favorite scene was 1:43

chill club honey heart c

I love it soo much


wonderful videos. I love shall we date series. if only real men like them are out there


do you accept request?
if you do can you do mc x all guy from wizardess heart please?
with the song : the chainsmokers - all we know
thank you ^^~

Jena Lewis

You are a true tallent, love the video

Rachel Taylor

Just a brilliant video!!!!!! Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!


It's good

Alice Hart

Guy plzz?

Blainna .S


Michelle Lim

siera!! upload guy's video pls!!

Melina Souza

Girl, do Guard me, Sherlock videos and you'll have a subscriber for life! lol Love your music choices tho :)