Kelsey Grammer's Frasier Falls Off Stage

Kelsey Grammer's Frasier Falls Off Stage

473 290 views | 29 May. 2010

Kelsey Grammer's Frasier falls off Stage!!!

Kaos Fury

This is so fuckin funny


O and A used to have "oh good lord" on their soundboard. too funny


Anybody else coming from B99?


F*ck Face brought me here.


Makes me hard. Like his stare at the stage that caused pain and hilarity.


Everyone else is here from family guy, I'm here from Mbmbam

Juan Alvarez

Im here because of family guy

Cory CG

I’ve done that before so she shouldn’t ever feel bad.

Josue Martinez



thank you we hate movies for introducing me to this historic video

Yoohoo Drinker

Down goes Frasier!

steven armstrong

When that black cat crossed your path a few years ago you showed that you didn't believe in bad luck and decided to walk under a series of ladders too. Then, to add insult to injury, you thought : I'm Allen Kelsey Grammer dammit! That is when you broke a couple mirrors. Soon after you discovered that gravity is not a myth and has a tendency to bring people down...and keep them there.


0:14 when you eat a brussel sprout

Yiṣḥāq David

A fall like this could have seriously fucked up wrists or really any body part. He's lucky he didn't break a bone.

Pie lef

Did everyone pause mbmbam when you heard Kelsey Grammer fell off the stage


Did everyone pause sucking their dad's dick when you heard Kelsey Grammer fell off stage then came here?

try to try

I came from Brooklyn 99

johnathan wetherill

Family guy brought here

HoboDirt Yt

Did griff send you here?

Peter McGill

Opie and Anthony


Cam Winston hired a group of engineers to redesign the stage so that Frasier would fall off. Now we just need an edit with "Cam Winston!" dubbed over, "Oh good lord!"

Benjamin Michael

Brooklyn 99

Michael Schramm

Since we are talking about pompous Kelsey Grammer, I’m surprised he didn’t say something more elaborate like “Oh...sweet, precious, little baby Jesus...!”

Finsta Ferrari

Brooklyn nine nine brought me here

average ontarian

Money Plane

Chris DeM

Auch jemand wegen "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" hier?


Watch a grown man take a minor fall and act paralyzed from it.


He was in the middle of some bullshit supposedly witty reference when he fell. Even then he couldn't let it go.

Katherine Oakley

Welcome, fellow MBMBAM lovers.


UN Interpreter ... sort of a dorky lame story to pontificate about (no offense to the brilliant actor that KG is) ... and then ..
"GOOD LORD!" which was instantly way more entertaining than his dull speech about Corporate Disney crapola.
And it was in his acting voice that he shouted good lord, and then the hillarity of him standing wedged between the stage cutout, Clearily in immense pain--no argument there... but i must say overall in all seriousness this is some of his best work hands down.
(as a guilty pleasure i revisit this often and still laugh my guts out)

Felix Sweet

mbmbam time

John Ochiltree

After years of listening to o&a I’ve finally seen where they got the ‘oh good lord’ clip from


He says trip then actually falls. Ridiculous.

Michael Stick

family guy...


U sons of bitches in the comments section are the funniest folks I've ever seen. God I love the internet

Mister McKinlay

What a drunk low life


Brooklyn 99

Marian M

Who came here after watching Brooklyn 99?

Gülşah Kara

Hope your young second wife can change you .d.d.d.d.d


Had to pause the recent MBMBAM episode to check this out.



Jason Woodard


Justin Vankoughnett

Scrambled eggs all over my face!


Who else is here from my dick???

Patrick Biser

& then he turned her butt inside out, because, sexy.

Dragon Family Values


Dewky Shewt

sad day

Zachary Alexander

Money plane.


Crackle Crackle...

The Ray Valenzuela

Only Frazier will have the time to say “oh good lord!” While falling off a stage and would apologize for his language afterwards

Perro Loco

Did everyone pause Brooklyn 99 when you heard Kelsey Grammer fell off stage then came here?

MYK zoot

noin noin

Xeuz AK

Did everyone pause MBMBaM (My Brother My Brother and Me) episode 361: Gelsey Krammer then came here?

Michael Putman

there goes crane, down the drain.

Tarek TRX

Who s here from family guy


I came here because of family guy. The episode when Carter sends money to africa


who is here after watching brooklyn nine-nine?

William The Conqueror

He tripped on Eddie...


0:14 when you get smashed in a cod lobby and have no comeback

Brennan Gauthier

Who’s here from family guy?

Nicholas Pilot

I came here because of a family guy reference....

Jackson Fritts

I still cackle at this.... poor dudez

gregory francois

Im here thanks to brooklyn 99 ....


Brooklyn 99 anyone?

Ahmed Elghandour

9-9 lol

Johnny Fuerte

Oh wow

Danny Beringer

Family guy???

Phoebe Layton

Poor man, that must have been a shock to the system. He hurt himself. I don't find this funny.

Hebert [S]

Only me is here bc Brooklyn 99? KSJAGSJSJSJSKA


MBMBaM lead me here. I have no regrets.

Jose Perez

Lol, I'm here because of Mega64!


That’s me every time I try to talk to a pretty girl.


That had to have been a rehearsal because Kelsey is a pro and the show must always go on. Doesn't seem he is too badly injured, which is a good thing.


Hahahahahahahahahaha XD.


Not so funny when it happens for real but, it stuck in my mind that he said "Dear Lord "& not "OH DEAR GOD," as Frasier used to say.

graham brown

He should play soccer with all the dramatics

Arthas Menethil

Everyone saying they're here from Family Guy. I'm here from Saints Row The Third with Geoff and Michael - Part 4.

nahom mesfin

who came here from Brooklyn 99?

Bug Honey

That stage had no business being zig-zagged the way it was.

Mendo Vasilevski

What a f**** whinger

James Gatz

That X-Men movie truely was his last stand

Debbie Jeffries

Anyone keep rewinding this over and over omg

Jazmyne Drakeford

Frasier says "Oh dead God" but I hear yal


tossed salad, and scrambled kneecap

Captain Lu

did everyone pause mbmbam when you heard kelsey grammer fell off stage then come here?


Did everyone pause Mega 64 Podcast 588 Aftershow when you heard Kelsey Grammer fell off stage then came here?

Ashwin Sreekumar Nair

In hell:
Why are you here?

I laughed at Kelsey Grammar falling off the stage.

Sierra Delta

Thank you Family Guy!!

Douglas Butcher

...pretending I was a U.N. interpreter. (Bam!) Oh Good Lord.

That is insanely good comic timing.

Something Orother

who has time to say that when you fall

Jay Zee

Thanks John Oliver!

DSJB echt kanaal

this makes me sad :(


Server's his trump loving ass right


Cocaine time

Nemo Nobody

Did anyone else pause porn when an ad break for family guy mentioned kelsey fell off stage?


Oh lord, that was good.


Right after he walked off the stage, a piano fell on him


F**K FACE brought me here

James Aguirre

haha the spotlight looking for him

Christian Anderson

Family Guy brought me here.