VERSUS #1 Uriel's Gift Vs. The Number A Destiny 2 Head to Head Review

VERSUS #1 Uriel's Gift Vs. The Number A Destiny 2 Head to Head Review

32 373 views | 23 Oct. 2017

Destiny 2 Versus Episode 1 The Number vs Uriels Gift Auto Rifle.

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bob parker

The judgment vs true prophecy


uriels gift vs prosecutorrrr, or prosecutor vs antiope-d


Antiope-d vs origin story. Or possibly mida vs nameless midnight.


Tango45 vs call to serve


Uriel's gift all the way


I like the number better too, I actually find a lot of success with ricochet rounds


The Number has better sights, the spark and flash are both ugly and unclean


Time worn spire vs Nightshade


AACHEN-LR2 vs Alone as a God. Blue sniper vs raid sniper.

Christopher Jacobs

Here you go!!!
A List:
1.Last Hope vs Etana S14 vs Last Dance
2.origin story vs The Forward Path
3.better devils vs the steady hand
4.Coldheart vs Sweet Business
5.Prosecutor vs The Number
6.Velada D vs Long Walk vs Shepard Watch
7. Curtain Call vs Sins of the past
8. The days Fury vs Play of the game vs wicked sister
9. Sumerlead D vs Baligant vs A Sudden Death
10.the time worn-spire vs vigilance wing scorpion vs Mida Multi Tool
12.time worn spire vs Lincoln green
13.unspoken promise vs it stared back vs negative space
14.D.A.R.C.I. Vs Shepards Watch
15.Persuader vs Single Clap
16. Elegy 49 vs Gentleman Vagabond
17. Mananan vs Nameless Midnight
18. Mida vs Plaideis Corrector
19. Mob Justice vs the hero's burden vs foggy notion

Would be awesome to see all or at least a few of these!!!
Hope this helps.

Christian Monahan

This is bullshit. If you take ricochet rounds instead of extended mag on the number the stability, range and reload are greater than uriels. How about you do an accurate video review next time buddy. And with 23 to 24 damage with each bullet at the end of the mag, the number takes the cake.

Sean McElligott

make a video on how you think they are going to fix the decreasing player population and if they will fix it before season 2

Ben M

Borealis V.S. Darci

Ben M

Better Devils V.S. Old Fashioned


I like how in the beta this dude was all "D2 is amazing, its what we need, this & that"
Yet look at it now, this game is nothing compared to d1.... D1 had its problems but in the end the grind was worth it
Slow ass TTK does balance shit but it makes it boring, glad i didnt buy d2

Matt Wong

Dire Promise vs Old Fashioned.

_ Justin

I like using the number because when I had both the number and uriels gift I would get more kills in competitive crucible

mistah pelican

Origin story vs namelles midnight

Nutty Gaming

You totally forgot about the glass half full perk...the number is the better weapon

Andrew Kappler

Better devil's vs the prophecy

Ryan Spawnsalot

Uriels vs Origin story

Joseph Raleigh

Ipwnstar4hire still does shit! fuck yes subscribe! my first experiences of youtube was him on machinima.


Midnight vs Mannana

Da Vi

antiope-d vs. adjudicator vs. guiding star


you're so trash


Nightshade vs Time Worn Spire

S.L.M 86

Destiny 1 vs destiny 3

Belmarus The Elder

Urials, Mida, and Last hope will always win comparisons so doing them would be fun to watch but basically a moot point. As for myself I got Number very early and got Very proficient with it. Urials just dropped a couple days ago. I still use the Number... FWC ALL The WAY BABY!

kyp durron

Ricochet rounds has a hidden range perk that actually outdoes uriels at range if you test them you can see it

Disengage Tattoos

Vigalence wing vs Lincoln green on time to kill


i have the number for a good minute and it is far better with good handling i love the number

Brady Benson

The show runner vs antiope D


Last Hope vs wormwood...


That's a good-ass thumbnail

famous4 nothingINC

Last Hope vs Antiope

Kroser Music

mida vs pleiades corrector

Human Shoe

Phosphorous MG4 vs Last Hope

Merrick Gibbons

Red mamba vs. Death adder

Rocket Robot

I had destiny 2 since launch and I still don't have Uriel's gift or the Antiope....I cry every time I see someone use it.

Johnny Nicholls

Your using the wtong petks those huns could be better you should never run extended mag its trash. Same with that scope on Uriels

James King

no uriels is overall better with high cal because shooting it from the hip is still pretty accurate and it will throw off someone aiming down at you and it has longer range so it will mess with scout/pulse rifle users as your team gets the kill on them, the number is just a basic rife, just throw it in the grinder or use it to buff a better rifle


Red mamba vs phosphorus


No one ever talks about the Jiangshi

S.L.M 86



Forward path vs. Uriels


Sins of the past vs curtain call

xXGreatnessXx7 77

Gravitation Lance and vigilantly wing

David Lindsey

Martayr's Make is just as good as numbers

Tron Jivolta

Jiangshi for the win

famous4 nothingINC

If you are a compulsive reloader like me, you never get to the bottom of the mag...

Nicholas Gibson

Mida v. Nameless Midnight


Strider vs storm caller

Christopher Robinson

How about the stocastic variable v the last hope?


Scathelocke vs The Forward Path


Great vid. I vote for Nameless vs mida. Last hope vs the best energy smg best cqc energy weapon faceoff

Footsteps of a traveller

Antiop-d submachine gun vs last hope sidearm

James Wainwright

Quickfang (or any sword) vs Sins of the past and as a bonus vs main ingredient

Drum toxic

I'd love to see The Hero's Burden vs Royal Dispensation ll

Emerald Azure

Erentil vs The iron banner fusion can’t remember the name


Last hope vs Last dance


Antiope-D vs. Adjudicator


This commentary starts as an essay introduction and follows the pattern. Made me laugh but great video overall!

Sean Wallace

Last hope vs fools remedy

Lightning Aura

Better Devils vs. True Prophecy


I would like to see Black Scorpion 4sr vs Mida Multi Tool


Urials...The Number...Jiangshi....Origin Story...are all great weapons....But I love the Cuboid ARU


Truth vs Ghorn

David Hasselhoff

peanut butter vs jelly

Daniel Rominger

Amazing series so far. Keep up the hard work. I look forward to the next one.

XxBraeden BreakdownxX

true prophecy vs sturm w storm and stress active

AI software

I feel like the Uriel's Gift is too good because as an auto rifle it has a role it's supposed to fill, but it can compete with scout rifles at long range which means it's fulfilling a role it shouldn't be and is therefore overpowered. In my opinion.
I'd vote for Antiope-D vs Adjudicator next

Mario Draghi

Video pointless .. all weapons feel exactly the same


Old Fashioned vs Better Devils


Mida vs Tone Patrol/ Tango




Old fashioned vs dire promise

Joshua Dixon

True Prophecy vs Better Devils

Hand cannons ROUND 1

Junior Moon

Mida multi tool v the Pleiades corrector


arcstrider vs pulse grenades

Jose Ismael Castañeda Cobos

Mida multi tool vs nameless midnight


Better devils vs Dire promise

kevin van humbeeck

Pilates correction vs manamanan Sr 4

Paralysis By Analysis

Mida versus Manannan.

rj Perez

tone patrol vs tango 45

Florian Hubold

ThePwnstar4hire: The number may have a slight advantage even in PVP when using extended mag paired with actium war rig. I think I saw +3 for crits at least even without extended mag, and that was shortly after half of the mag ... And with actium war rig I believe it can get slightly above 50 bullets or so.

Junior Odunuga

It been proven that the number has more range


If Bungie nerfs high caliber rounds, The Number becomes king.


I like the number better

Tron Jivolta

The Hardlight would beat both if the stability was better imo


The Number - PvE winner
Uriels Gift - PvP winner

Mr Dont tread on me

Midnight vs Pilates