South Park - ALL Sexuality Choices (Part 2)

South Park - ALL Sexuality Choices (Part 2)

44 360 views | 30 Oct. 2017

ALL the Gender choices you can make in (Part 2) of

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I literally pick every choice in the game and these are ALL the out comes the game has to offer.

There are more "Sexuality" choices if you change your mind, but there is no cut-scene for them.

Go to this link for ALL "Gender" out comes in (Part 2)


Go to this link for ALL "Sex Gender" out comes in (Part 1)


Negative Nancy

You guys know the asexually thing is a joke


"You already have two homosexual classmates, uh, Tweek and Craig"


That music when he says "…sexually attracted to" cracks me up every time


See even South Park knows pedophilia isn't a sexuality. Then again even if it wasn't I don't think children could be pedophilias.

Russell Booth

They still wonder why I don't get that job !


Guys Mr. Mackey's faux pas in describing asexuality is, in all probability, a joke written by or inspired by someone who identifies as asexual.

Summer Star

Take a shot every time you hear the word sex


They may have messed up ace, but the fact that there are so many options is amazing in my opinion

asahi's goatee

i'm asexual but i kinda get it i mean it is southpark

john higgins

Old people who lose interest in sex still love their partners. Similar to asexuals, still can love but have no interest in sex. So love can be there without sex.

Mr Mackay is throwing his own experiences in here lol. He was even a virgin until he lost it to Miss Choksondik. They were teaching sex education and both teachers were virgins. So they had no clue what they were talking about lol.

When it comes to sexuality, oh man does south park like to play with it a lot. What I find pretty odd is how both Mr Garrison and Cartman happen to have hand puppets, Jennifer Lopez for Cartman and Mr Hat for Garrison. Cartman also plays with stuff puppets and he communicates with too. And both are sexually confused and twisted alright. The more Garrison came out, the less Mr Hat was needed and became history as there was no suppression. Cartman is an angry suppressed kid who's very confused. He gets easily lurred in to cults that abuse children and that's in the hunt of a father figure. Chef was his until he went. He's really clever but very naive when it comes to that sort of stuff. Hes severely got daddy issues, and a mother like his to add to it.

It's like Butters and Cartman are shadows of each other. I know cartman is a horrible little shit, but even butters dad would deal with him better than those nannys in the dog whisperer episode imho. Even if she kept up what Caesar Milan taught her in the nanny episode she would have been better off lol.

It is called south park after all. Everything has gone south down there lol. Going down 'south' park..


oh man they screwed Asexual up almost a 10/10 on getting sexuality right....I mean that is if it was not just makeing fun of asexuals but that is kind of odd since they made fun of no others....
Anyway to be clear Asexuals can love it's just they don't like sex.
PS where is the furry sexuality :)

Coal Hoste

"your a scalieosexual, congratulations new kid mmkay"

ichigo doku

this is really in depth and the way he explained asexual is kinda sad but otherwise im impressed

go commit die

Mr. Mackey trying to wrap his head around sexuality is hilarious tbh. "What's referred to as.. what can BE referred to as..? Gynesexual."


"if you ever needed to talk about being a homo"


I didn’t even know there’s so much sexualities

Kirston Markowski

I'm not saying this as a "offended" person, just pointing something out- you don't need a romantic relationship or to fall in love to be happy, and if you are not capable of such things, you will not desire or miss them
Just felt like pointing that out


Eh they got asexuality wrong. Oh well




Well, asexuals can be in love, they just don't feel sexual attraction, but they can feel romantic attraction

Kazuma - kun

I find it SO WEIRD that South Park is the first game to ever include SO MUCH choice in diversity. It's just fucking weird. Especially after the first game offered no choices at all.

Ty The Weeb

He's talking about sexuality with a 4th grader

Bolt Thunder

1:00 that would be a funny scene tweek craig i have a confession to make

Dedric Silva

Heterosexual right here but I do support the LGBTQ Community even though i'm a Christian!

Jamison Is me

If someone says ace there should be like an option saying what genders there romanticly
ace doesn’t always = aro

Tsuki no Otaku

The fact that they decently separated Poly and Pan is quite impressive.... South Park's writers is sometimes impressing me...


Is it just me, or was there no Demisexual option?


So wait how do i get to this part? Do i have to complete some quests?

Marisa the gem fox

What happened to part one


Anyone else chose Bisexual?

Sora Cide

His confusion...


wait what was the last one called in this video


The entire gender thing proves just how easily brainwashed people are. All it took was the media to bring up gender issues over and over and over along with celebrities in the entertainment industry who came out in support of the gender identity issue.

These celebrities be they from tv, movie, music, the sports world and politicians all tried their best to sell the concept by talking about their personal struggles or just promoting it as a new normal but edgy way to make people feel unique and special. Further more recognition and celebration parades were set up by key planners who organized the events and obtained media publicity.

Also a major factor was schools and universities who's policies proclaimed the various gender identities to be normal and liberating as in it's your right to be who you are. All these strategies were utilized without the majority of people even suspecting that the gender issue was a carefully planned agenda to divide the population and bring about a chaotic climate where the traditional family would become looked at as an archaic and out of touch life in this age of personal liberation. And people took the bait exactly as predicted. It's sad that actual thinking and awareness have been all but eliminated.


I think some of the other commenters are missing the point on the asexual bit. Mr. Mackey makes an offhanded comment that you'll "never be in a real relationship or in love, but that's okay", but obviously the writers of South Park actually know what asexuality is. The point is, Mr. Mackey's offhanded comments indicate that he has no idea what this stuff actually means.

In fact, if you choose that you're a cis boy earlier on, Mr. Mackey assumes that you're into girls, which is also misunderstanding sexuality on a basic level, and part of why the principal sets up this other meeting altogether.

So the jokes that are used in this segment are a little nuanced, but I think the writers did a very good job of filtering them through a genuinely confused, yet well-meaning old man


I'm confused.
How did they mess up Asexual?

Not Ned, CJ

Most of this is completely dependent upon having an existentialist philosophical stance.

Malik Christopher

This is retarded lol


Isn't it a common misconception that asexual folks don't fall in love?
If that's the case, shouldn't you really expect Mr. Mackey to get it wrong?

Vector Perkins

I don't like that they messed up asexual but I do love that Tweek and Craig are mentioned.


List of sexualities


Zeratul Of Aiur

I use Deckard Cain to identify people.

Seriously, who the f came up with the word "Cisgender". Just call us normal. No, normal is not offensive, it comes from the word "norm", or what most things are. F the labels and all this "I identify as crap" bullshit. You are you. You like who you like. Labels won't change shit. It won't change how I see you or how you see yourself.

Zenhasu Stormclaw

wait did I miss the demisexual choice cause I just picked that in the game after returning a second time to correct the pansexual thing. Also I am myself demisexual


Eersian theDwarf

Shame that the government is pushing this stuff out and trying to confuse people

Carson Ruscheinksy

I remember the first time I was able to choose asexuality in this game. I cried happy tears. Of all the games I’ve played, South Park was the one that let me be ace.

Fallen Mango

Aromantic means you’ll never fall in love or be in a relationship with anyone. Asexual means you just don’t want any type of sex with anyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t love someone romantically.


Bi one is a little controversial with definition but close enough


I love the way music drops at "…sexually attracted to"

Ramager Cringeworth

he really just told me ill never find love huh


Last time I managed to create a Bisexual character was in Fallout: New Vegas . . . . . . .

Shot in the Heart

I was a genderqueer pansexual latin turc chaotic wiccan at my first gameplay


The last oneee Mackey was shook

Carla González

I know they kind of didn't get the point of asexual, but
1- It's South Park. WHAT you were expecting
2- At least there's the option there

Frédérike Lavoie-Blais

Am I the only one who thinks they did the asexual thing on purpose to be a dick to asexual people by implying that sex is an essential part of a relationship? Cuz I think that’s a very South Park thing to do

Fallen Mango

I’m glad alot of the comments are people recognizing that they got asexuality wring

Always Wondering

What a fuckin nightmare.

dexter 123

newsflash straight people doesn't care what is asexual means and neither is south park. This funking people hacked the comments.


That quiet “mkay” after he said gynesexual. XD

Olivia Dickinson

they kinda messed up with bisexual bc it doesn’t have to be binary, it’s two or more.

Sidney Jarillo

Because of this I discovered that I am polysexual.


angry aromantic allosexual noises


I went nuts with this selection and ended up being a gynosexual trigender.

Rylan Root

As soon as he gets to “multiple genders”, my mind’s like: “dis ain’t it chief


What were all the results. I was trying to research "scaliosexual"


I like how they can put in all options whilst also showing that mr Mackey has no clue on what these mean, hence the ace thing

Malik Christopher

Wtf is scalieosexual. Nothing comes up when you Google it.


Why did he get so excited over new kid being bisexual?

Marisa the gem fox

I can't wait to get this game but I really want a PlayStation 4 first then I want to get this game because this game is really cool!


I wish we did this at school

flame the cat

When south park is more inclusive than actual society


He got so confused at the end lmao

Shot in the Heart

You're scaliosexual new kid, congratulations lol

Baby Neko Chara

What if you were identified with a specific gender and pick neither or all? Would the options be the exact same if you weren't gender neutral