Kingdom Hearts II Advanced Tech - Ep. 2: Revenge Value (Part 1)

Kingdom Hearts II Advanced Tech - Ep. 2: Revenge Value (Part 1)

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Yanaira 128

These videos are so helpful, i hope you keep making them, thank you so much :)

Claude Valentine

No.13 Roxas takes 13 hits till he attacks back...I wonder if Square did that on purpose.



Derry Cahya Fitradi

2:00 What's with that HP and recovery?

KenofTuna Gaming

I'm really enjoying watching these, as I watched your SGDQ2017 run of KH2 and was blown away about some of strats you used. I'm not a speed runner at all, but learning these mechanics is helping me finally clear some frustrating bosses so yay for that

Isaiah Davis

Wait, he played Overtime by Knower in the end card... I LOVE LOUIS COLE!


Love these videos so far as I'm learning new things even though I've been a fan of KH for many years. Looking forward to seeing more of these videos!

Nesouk Kefka

Will you continue this serie of vids because it's interesting.

Mvgic Don

dude great video !


You can cheese above forced revenge value and keep hitting with Dolan's megaduckflare. Probably gonna be a video on that.

Aeon The Ivory King

I didn't know Revenge value was a thing!?
Thanks dude!


btw BB never notices you using the song overtime at the end. i saw louis cole live and they played this and it was amazing. geneveive is a hottie!

Chief Crief

Do tech on the final form firga combo, Donalds comet and flare plss


awesome explanation, love this series, can't wait for the next episode

Mitchell Radspinner

Thank you so much

Zazon Zenzy

This is a good reference of game design. And surely we know that KH II does this far more beautifully and immersively than similar games.


so... where's the rest of this series? XD


Isn't revenge value only in Final Mix?


Man I love these videos. They're informative and filled with personality unlike so many vids out there that are emotionless. They're how I found you and why I subbed on Twitch. Keep it up BB They are great.

Shaman Buddha

I've been looking for game mechanics videos like this recently keep this up man


A KH nerd that loves Knower.


advanced tech
in a single player game where performance doesn't even matter.


Ron Bee

I never knew you made this video till today


Great video


KH3 will probably come out before episode 3


KH2 in this resolution is fucking beautiful.


Waiting for next episode, well done mateee


The only time would exploit revenge values would probably be the Terra fight. And that's if I do it correctly


This is a really good series you have going. Useful for both casual and new runners. Thanks for sharing what you've learned, as it is hard to understand it from a purely textual stand point.

chilly raptor



Do you know what happens to people who explain KH 2 Tech in an easy to understand way?
Do you??

You just got a SUB!

Pedro Trevisan

Has the series ended? :(

It was an amazing video, we want Episode 3!!!

Shin Estos

KH2 has Advanced Tech, SSB Melee has Advanced Tech...
Sora confirmed for Smash Ultimate


Damn it's really been 3 years since this came out. I'm curios about what other advanced tech for this game there is that I don't know about.


I already figured this out on my own.
Didn't know it was called "revenge values" though.
I just called it a stun lock.


Do reaction commands add to the revenge value?

Avinash Ramkissoon

I've heard about revenge values before in other videos, but never really understood it until watching this.
This series is the best KH content on YouTube right now, thank you sir.


I like the concept of revenge value a lot. Such a good way of making the player think and makes it a fair way of retaliation.

Professer 420

This rabbit hole again


This series was definitely a good idea, I'm enjoying it a lot.


Beautiful, nothing less.

J Carlito

So, uh, is episode 3 coming anytime soon? I was really enjoying this series.


Very nice vid. Hope you also go over flinch count

Chris Gullotto

Really digging this music! Thanks for putting me on to this. Also thanks for the kh2 tips you are an absolute beast at this game!!!

British Tea

So then, how does this work with the one-handed Terra loop? Why doesn't he retaliate?

Wandering Hero Zayra

this is actually great content, i knew about the revenge value on bosses, but the magnet one completely caught me off guard, this is seriously useful

Jobi dlv

I'm so glad that you use overtime as your outro music. KNOWER is god tier


never knew this


Incredibly well explained. These are great for casual speedrun viewers like me. Your visual aid was perfect.

WillYum Rogers

These are great bro! You should do some for 0.2 :also for KH3 whenever they decide to give us that lol you got a new subscriber


If possible could you do a video on limits and situations that there are useful in, ive gone through the game twice now and never really used limits much


oh kinda like the KD counter in elsword.

Rain K

Will you make more of these?


I feel like this is just intuitive knowledge.


I really like this series! Keep it up dude!


This is the kind of information I need to continue speed running. This is a great series and I've searched a long time for something like this! Please keep going!

Final Form

yay! This reminds me when I played the bosses without revenge value on pc a while ago. They got rekt! Bow down to my ultimate form!


How does "counting" for RV work, anyway? When you're counting against Terra, you go 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. But on 3, you can clearly see that Sora is actually hitting twice, both in the animation (Terra reels back and then jerks back a second time), and in the life bar (it doesn't fluidly drop. It drops, stutters, then drops again).

Are RV counts based only on how many times you hit the attack button? Or related directly to the attacks themselves?


What happened to this series? :(

Carlos Peralta

Continue the series please!


bb, does the revenge value turn into 0 when a boss do and attack allways? 'cause in sora vs roxas you can keep the loop only with Guard Break a hit and thunder, even you turn into using blizzard and thunder to not force roxas to retaliate before

Geovani Jr

Make a Playlist for this Advanced Techs, please
Great videos =)

Nuruddin Shah

2:42 PAUSE


so like ,can u make more vids like this already >.>

Kolomer Entertainment

Wasn't turned off at all. I love this series and I'm learning a lot. Thanks so much.

Justin Hayes

Keep these up man!

OwN Avenged

Hey, are you planning on continuing this series? I just beat KH2 on a level 1 critical play through, and I was hoping this series could help me out with the Data Organization. Or, really just give me more knowledge about how the game works. Your magnet video was very interesting, and I was just hoping that you'd continue this series.

FF Frah

Does Orizontal Slash add a different value compared to regular X spam air combos?


Nice video man

Jonathan Stinson

I'd still be hype if episode 3 ever did come out.

The Foolish Noob

So uh, i just found this channel and this video after watching the first part and uh.... are you still gonna be doing this? Or nah?
I was hyped and went to look for the next part but i don't see it.
And this has been out for like...3 months.
And I'm just wondering if you. Even wanna do this anymore, ya know?


What does he mean by advanced tech?

Sosax Phoenix

What's advance tech?


Keep up the awesome work, mah dood

Bigby Boss

What Reaction Commands that are best to usually avoid


Heres a better mechanism then rv. Just limit length of combo instead of adding in automatic cheap hits on the player that make it so movie and abilities that should make you stronger just open you up to being auto killed.

Mason, What happened In cuba?

4th hehe


Give us more of these they are pretty good

Garde Noir

I miss these, BB. Can we have Episode 3 soon, please?


What happened to this series its almost been a year.

Chad Radge

A year late but nice vid

The V-Blade

Really loving this series man, keep it up! I look forward to the later parts about Revenge Value and other advanced techs.


What if you theoretically manage to interrupt a boss mid retaliation? What happens then? I might've done that before, and I get the feeling that the meter doesn't drain back to zero completely, although it does drain quite a bit.

Mitchell Watson

Great series! Please keep them going :)


I am loving these new Advanced Tech videos. Keep up the awesome work but I do have a question that somewhat relates to revenge value but it might be a bit more specific. I played KH 2.5 Remix on PS3 and fought Axel doing the Reflect + Blizzaga + 2 Blizzaga finishers and it was fine. Then, I started on PS4 and I noticed that if you do 2 Blizzaga finishers, he'll jump into the fire wall and force you to do the reaction command. My question is, does this happen to you as well or am I just doing something wrong?

David GN40

does the revenge value still count towards attacks like the commands in Limit form?

Alex Jaramillo

There's another video where he explains revenge value using story roxas as an example. It won't be as clean as this but its something to start off with.

EJ Davie

Any chance you'll be continuing this series?

Duncan woodmansee


Kevin Altamirano

Definitely enjoying the series so far! Waiting for Part II on Revenge Value!

Robin Tanner

0:52 did... did Donald actually heal you?


Psst, part 2 please? Thank you.

Ernesto Hernandez

These videos are amazing and I hope you can keep putting these out.

Silent Void

Notice at 2:39 how roxas revenges at 13. :o


I don't think you ever continued this series? Can't find any more videos in your channel under "Advanced Tech"