THE VANDITO - State of Decay 2 Best Vehicle Upgrades (SOD2 Guide)

THE VANDITO - State of Decay 2 Best Vehicle Upgrades (SOD2 Guide)

1 950 views | 3 Aug. 2020

Today I'm kicking off my vehicle showcase series in State of Decay 2 by going deep into the Vandito. Today I'm going to show you the top speed, the reverse speed, storage capacity and more. If you like what you see feel free to subscribe for my future vehicle guides!

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Introduction: 0:00

Vandito Overview: 0:29

Speed Test: 0:57

Reverse Speed Test: 1:52

Fuel Consumption: 2:08

Offroad Handling & Grip: 2:19

Vehicle Stat Summary: 2:59

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Gareth Neller

Love me the Vandito!
For so long I didn't delve into upgrading vehicles on SOD2, now an auto mechanic is the 1st skill I look for!

Some OlderGuy

Great Video ! Keep them coming Sam


did you do these speed tests after update 19? rip if not

juju Reno

It's always nice to catch your videos early, the possibilities for comments are endless!

The Makr

Great Video. Like the Vandito, but I'm more of a smashwagon man, lol....

Zac Tanner

Good content man. Best vehicle in the game

Jeff Adair

This is the only vehicle that storage makes sense to me on this game. How does a tiny hatchback have more storage than a pickup truck?

Freddie 4x4

I really appreciate all of your work in providing stats for the vehicles. This is great stuff! Looking forward to the rest of them!