Warframe | Steel Path How to Solo Hijack - 0 Effort, 0 Forma/Exilus Adapter | ThatSingaporean

Warframe | Steel Path How to Solo Hijack - 0 Effort, 0 Forma/Exilus Adapter | ThatSingaporean

2 562 views | 9 Jul. 2020

Warfrane v28.1.0

Learn how to solo hijack in Steel Path without any investment at all. Featuring 0 forma builds requiring 0 effort in playing. No weapons needed as well! Simply cruise your way through steel path.


➤ Discord: https://discord.gg/PCs34Qt

➤ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thatsingaporean


➤ Loki Hijack Cheese (0 Forma): https://overframe.gg/build/57607/

ExpansiveVoyager Pro

They can melee the objective... It dies before i can get to extract :/


This video is slept on man, really appreciate this!

jeng jang

thanks u just helped me getting out of depression


Nice, like this method. I was doin a Nidus mucus ball approach, but it required effort. Wil ltry this one on my next sp hijack I come to. I've opened up all the planets now, I'm just trying to go back and completely clear the planets now. Got half of em done this weekend so good start

Kyser Prime

This video really doesn't get the love that it deserves. This strat was absolutely nuts for how simple it is. Plenty of other places will just tell you to run it with other people. Dude is a madlad genius.

Jack Fisher

I got close to finish on couple of frames, but your method is realy easy :D thanks.

Éder Gabriel

Dude, u just make my day so much easier...

Dustin Becker

Good shit right here


It works on Corpus in Europa too!




Why didn't I think of this! I used Ivana and put them all to sleep tho hahaha


All of these comments are 100% correct: this is a super slept on and underrated video. I can't believe I just did this on the Steel Path Europa node with a regular Loki without a potato/any forma...like what?? Thanks so much for making this video man--I hope your videos get more love and attention because they deserve it!