What I want in the next Neptunia Game

What I want in the next Neptunia Game

10 614 views | 26 Sep. 2019

In this video we take a look at what I'd like to see in future Neptunia games.


FPS Idea


Make a Nep game with Star Ocean 3/4 battle system, decent story, multiple endings comparable to Nier Automata including multiple death ends, much like IF's other game- Death End Re;Quest they just made this last year. And maybe an actual bad ending story line comparable to Conquest end in Mk2 but instead it can result in your own 'defeat end' and not just everyone offing themselves to a sword to defeat final boss.
Have it take place on PC Continent and the main antagonists can be Velvet (Valve) and Epheria (Epic): Two goddesses recently born to the same nation that had no goddesses for decades and are now at war with each other for full control of their nation. They both have 3 or 4 big bosses.
You can choose to join one of their factions, or have them come to peaceful resolutions, defeat both factions and side with the original 4 goddesses, side with one of them against your former friends/nations, or side only with planeptune/yourself and plan/scheme to take on everyone else.


I;ll tell ya what I wana see,afew loose ends tied up
Rei raising the gameindustry graveyard and making it a retropolis like the city of the dead Necropolis but for all things classic and forgotten,
I think it would fit her to run such a place,along with the subplot of bringing her old nation back.

Also I thinl it's about time we see what the good Arfore can do. seperate her from that evil power she stole way back when and team up ((most likely hesitently)) with the main CPUs to fight it as "the real enemy"
and I think her "good" transformation should be the kick ass one from the anime.
((I have more but i'll cut this part short to avoid a fanboy rant))

As for the fighting game I'd say yes parody the hell out of this! make each character as strong as they should be too
And they should each have thier own ways of fighting...I figure Blan is a tank that hits hard as hell Vert would have long reach but be kinda fragile
Nep...would probably spam cheap combos and Noire would be the most adaptable as she is by far the most driven.
how the other characters would go...no clue but i figure Plutia becomes Iris Heart at half health...and then shit gets real.
that's all i got.

Fennekin Flame Boy

We Need A Fighting That’s Play Like Guilty Gear With 3D Models By Team Red

P.s We A Compa Game IF Go A Game, She Should Have One Too.


I want to see Neptunia Kart and Neptunia Party. Maybe some Neptunia Tennis too. One thing I agree on, is that we need more modern, relevant topics. Neptunia's woefully behind the times and a parody and reference to the video game industry should not be in a such a state. I think we should get rid of Tamsoft entirely, get rid of the god awful ARPG formula and go back to form. Neptunia's state of the union right now is chasing two hares and catching none.


I'm hoping we don't get another crap game and more games similar to Super Neptunia RPG.


An actual dynasty warrior game, even reference the three (Four) kingdoms.
Omg, i am now picturing a Noire-Sima Yi

Going further.
The Sun Jian family should be Blanc, since, Nintendo, Family friendly. Then again the elemental match up go against that idea.
Liu Bei can only be Neptune, since the relationship of the three sworn-brothers can be aligned to Neptune-If-Compa.
Cao Cao is left for vert, while not ideal, Vert kinda treats everyone in her nation with respect and vert does have an authoritative aura on her.
Sima yi does work with Noire and her oracle could be the equivalent of zhang chunhua.

Lu bu?. Well Iris heart seems to be the kryptonite of everyone, thought i would have to wonder who could act as Diao Chan
Also, Uzume as the best babysitter on the whole china, zhao yun xD.


I'm a simple man...I see Nep and click


"Good" and "Senran Kagura" don't belong next to each other.


There's a lot I want from the series. Some of it realistically possible, some of it not so much. Meaningful character development, some sort of continuity progression, characters to stop getting abandoned, significant mechanical improvements, etc.

But in the end, I just want the series to be halfway competent and enjoyable again. The series has fallen into a rut of mediocre, if not outright terrible, spin-offs and meaningless re-releases It just sucks to see the series stagnate so badly with whatever promise there could have been squandered so thoroughly.

Agni Gustama

How about google stadia reference?


Please bring back Nitro+

Homura Yuri Squad

how would they do vert's spin off? since every other main cpu has one.
the main series needs more dungeon variety and cutscenes, that arent just vns. I get the budget reasons. but it's just recycle dungeons, for different stage 100 times now

I've thought that it'd be cool if neptunia had a fighting game made by examu/team arcana. 19 characters seem hard to pull off for a new fighter, because of budget and needing to draw every frame as well, as make sure everyone's viable but not too broken, competitively. most new ip 2d fighters have under 14. If examu makes it. there will probably be some sort of assist system to fit in every character

Matsuri Mizusawa

VII was awful to me. the story was awful, 1/3rd was a tutorial, another third was a tutorial and an introduction to 4 bland characters with the same fucking name and the third part was just... not fun a all just pulling in dumb concepts out of nowhere

also nepgear should die next game yay


beign a shooter fan, i would really like to see a third person shooter neptunia game.
One day i got soo into the idea, i legit came up with most of the mechanics that would be in such a game and some basic idea for the story.
Something about Nepgear making a device that lets people experience dreams in multiplayer. She invites the other candidates to try it out and connect into Unis dream (thus the whole military/shooter type conflict setting) and she screws something up, they arent able to exit until they find something (at the end of the game). And so there they are, 4 Candidates unconcious on the floor in Nepgears room wired to some device. Well, the rest of the Goddesses are coming to save their sisters.
I actually wanted to make a series of artworks of their appearences in such a game on my DeviantArt, but i still havent gotten to it, its going to take a while for me :P


Here's a better idea:


Lener Link

If i rememeber from a time ago I remember watching a video of people speculating that there could be Neptunia chars in BBCTB as DLC. Hey you never know.

The Useless Channel

There needs to be the game where Nepgear is the protagonist again. I don't know why the the mainline games after mk2 treat her like a joke.

Turtle Mike

I wish for them to get more involve, like, a legend of Japan, like Mazinger Z, Sonic, Mario.


A main neptunia made with UE4.


I don't want to sound bitch but I want a mainstream neptunia game like vii.
No another side game with diffent genre i want a pure jrpg I hated the latest installment

Jose Hernandez

This is just me but I like to see how they do in a horror game XP

Jeffrey Agrao

Fighting games

Luthia Moonlight FRQC

I wish the future of Neptunia woud be on PlayStation AND Nintendo .... With how puritain and taste police PlayStation is now i wish they woud keep selling their game on Nintendo console for thosd who dont tolerate censorship ....Also if a the story after megadimension finaly continue i expect the Next form to return " they are so cool " and as a new villain they coud take inspiration of the real world and make a evil CPU based on Google stadia ...Also of course bring all the Neptunia that was on PSVITA to the switch! The rebirth trilogy remain the best game in my oppinion and action U was my fav spinoff

Funny how you mention seran kagura because Marvelous ave ben killed by PlayStation censorship policy and even the seran kagura creator ave quit gaming because of that .... Noire shoud totaly be a villain now


There are a lot of horror games based on popular franchises like Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Pokémon, etc., either in .exe format or made in RPG Maker, but I haven't seen any horror games based con Hyperdimension Neptunia, so I would like to share some ideas about possible horror games of this franchise. I hope that someday they will come true.

Leanbox.exe and Vert.apk: it's the same game, but in a different format. Is a short game, and we control Vert, who is frustrated because she is the only one who doesn't have a younger sister, so, in a moment of madness, she murders Neptune, Blanc and Noire, and stays with her younger sisters to fill the emptiness that she feels, for not having a younger sister. In the end of the game, Vert creates a machine to go to the real world and kill all the people of the X-Box company, for not making her a little sister.

Neptunia.apk: is a game similar to Neptunia & Friends, but the difference is that in this game we will witness the descent into the madness of the character we chose at the beginning of the game. The game will start normally, with questions the girl asks the player about why he chose her, even questions about whether the player loves that character as if she were a virtual girlfriend. Depending on our choice, her personality will change to being a yandere girl, and we will see how she will kill the other girls in the game, thus witnessing a total massacre.

LoveME.exe (also available in .apk format): it's a visual novel set in a university. The protagonist knows Plutia, a girl who comes from other country, and we are in charge to take care of her and help her with her studies. Over time, Plutia and the protagonist become good friends, but she develops a sickly obsession for him, to the point that she doesn't let any woman get close to him, including relatives and teachers.

Lowee.exe and Blanc.apk: it's the same game, but in a different format. It's a platform game where we control Blanc, and she has to eliminate the enemies using her hammer, but when an enemy crushed by Blanc's hammer dies, its scream sounds like a real person (use jumpscares for the screams). Those cries make Blanc go into a state of rampage and madness, crushing everything that crosses her path, also killing Neptune, Noire, Vert, Plutia, Uzume, Arfoire, the seven sages, etc.

I have two other ideas for Hyperdimension Neptunia horror games, but I will write them as Creepypastas, to better explain what the story of each game is about, so I hope to have your support.

Thanks for reading!!

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987

Imagine if we ever got, a Platiumgames Neptuna spin-off game

christopher robinson

I would love to have a Neptunia Fighter game

Dicky Satria

"ideas for future Nep game"
Compile heart/ idea factory : rebirth 1 remake.


While I have Just gotten into Neptunia and recently gotten Re;birth 1 and 3 I wanna see a open world nep game that has the traditional turn base stuff but a deeper story to it like FF X or FF XV while keeping the Neptunia flare. Or Idk being able to actually walk around Planeptune lowee Lastatio and Leanbox. And maybe switch ports of the Rebirth triology and maybe just maybe VII for those who don't want to buy a sony console of course.


Waiting for Uni to come to bbtag

Juan D Silva D

I would like to see a neptunia game with a gameplay similar to the tales of series, making it something like an open world action rpg


What I want in the next Neptunia Game?
Proper translation instead completely made up shit.

call me J299

What if nep gets a souls like game

Thicc Bois Incorporated


John Smith

I'd like to see a game journalist spinoff game


I just want Neptunia sequel. Adult Nep returns to her homeworld; Megadimension then meets Plutia and Peashy.

Nicholas Vargas

Here's a pretty simple idea; Kurome, Linda (Underling from mk2) and maybe a third new villain all team up to enslave Gamindustri, and the CPUs must team up with Arfoire to help stop them.

Chase Bladesword

Oh my goodness yes I want a neptunia fighting game so badly, it would be so cool! the interactions would be amazing, a transformation mechanic would definitely give uniqueness, and let's face it, most neptunia people want neptunia to join the BBTAG scene, what better way to prove our worth than to make our own fighting game to show there's a way we can get added.


We need a nep fighting game to be like Dragon Ball Fighterz or Mortal Kombat in Gameplay. One or the other. I would buy it in a heartbeat


IMO, I'd love to see the series work on its writing kinks before anything else. Don't get me wrong, I like Nep but I feel as if that what holds it back.


how about a take on a more Devil May Cry, DOOM, downright Demonic take on the Neptunia series? Like give have this new dimension be the 'Infernaldimension' and instead of falling into it, Neptune and co have to find a way to infiltrate it when somehow portals to this dimension open and powerful monsters, monsters which the CPUs struggle to defeat and nearly die in their attempts, spill out into their dimension. Their task could be to find out how this dimension accessed theirs and put a stop to it, only for their initial attempts to go awry when the goddesses and candidates are overwhelmed by perhaps a few boss level minions, and it'd be up to some new and old characters to get them back like in rebirth 2/mk2. This infernal dimension could consist of seven different continents, each representing of the seven deadly sins and this also reflects on the monsters there too. Think how in Dante's Inferno in the 'lust' section there had been a monster who looked like a woman, but had a 'tendril' growing out between her legs. That kind of messed up. During the 'war' between these two dimensions, maybe even have the other dimensions also suffer attacks of their own, the big boss of the story and some minions could be watching it all whilst also overseeing the torment of the other Goddesses.

As for characters, since this could be a spinoff title maybe some male characters could be done (although this likely wouldn't happen due to the whole series female only gimmick, but who knows since they DID do an SI protag in a few spinoffs like that singing one and Hyperdevotion Noire) who may have been survivors of their own dimensions which got absorbed into the Infernaldimension and have thus been changed by them. They could either be advisors, informants and eventually combat candidates with some humorous interactions between them and the main cast. They could be their own badasses with their own abilities and powers which they got from the Infernaldimension, which could be parodies of other demon-based games.

Hollow Naruto 63

What if arc system worked on a neptunia fighting game


Neptune in Smash :DD


Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down your scroll buddy! Milli and God Eater are not Makers. God Eater is owned by B-Sha and Milli's a card game.


Oh heck yea a Neptune fighter would be super special awesome! Maybe even 3d like JumpForce would fit it? Although i like 2d fighters more.
And we already have the 3 attack styles (light medium and heavy) represented by rush, power and break. Add some cinematic Metermoves like DBFZ and it'll be a topseller under Nep fans.

darth imperator

Personnally what I really would like to see in a future Neptunia game would be a game using the fourth wall breaking in a more interesting way. I mean, the series is known because Neptune does that all the time, but what she really does is just screaming that she's a main character, for all we know it just means that she's very egocentric. I think it would be really cool if the fourth wall breaking was more used in the story and/or the gameplay. Like One - Shot did, where the main character was literally talking and cooperating with the player. Well, granted, the series is more known for his silly jokes, but I still think it would be very interesting to see them use the meta aspect of the series for more than just some repetitive jokes or references to other games.

Alfch - -

i don't care what gameplay, i just really want male mc that lead neptunia gang or cpu sister gang, not like neptunia idol game when you can't see the male mc

Joaquim Alberto

I only whant to see more and more nep games XD

Hell Tantrumbull

I would actually like to see a game where the character models look like how they do in games like Transformers devastation and Dragon ball fighterz where the characters actually look like how they do in the old cartoons and DB anime. the models in VIIR do look alright but they still feel lifeless at times due to the texturing on them.

If the teams behind the games could just make the character models look like how they do in the cutscenes that would help put more life into the characters and help the games look like you're controlling an anime.

I also agree they need to stop naming characters after companies since constantly doing that will only cause problems in the long run and I get the feeling IF and Compa will fall victim eventually because of that.


Just bring back freaking NISA


Dating sim, anyone?

LyricGirl2009 Very songy

I want where you can make your own character!


I think either a fighting game or full open world (as in 1 complete map, as opposed to the "open world" with separate dungeons that the game currently has). I think either could be really cool, although the second is unlikely to happen.

Robert Trujillo

I would love to see the 4 goddesses appear in BlazBlue cross tag battle. They already have Yumi from senran kagura coming to the game. Furthermore, the games creator hinted in an interview, that Nep might make an appearance in the game.


I´d like to see something about mobile gaming, just imagine how badass a heavy armored Nokia Samurai would be.


A Neptunia fighting game would make me nut, especially if 2v2 is an option, i can make my kurome/noire dream team

Alpha Sol

I want a neptunia that have uranus and the past cpus or a neptunia were the Chaos cpus are canon instead of a crossover like nep nep connect.


Spinoffs for Vert, Compa, Uzume, Ploot ect.....I would pay good money for these.

Mr Big

Big Neptune gets her own game

The AGL Group

I agree with all of your points - VIIR was kind of a shot to the foot in terms of using up the VR concept, questionable choices in lighting, and slowing down the gameplay, but the few aspects it did have as benefits are worth iterating on.

Having to set combos can be frustrating, but I feel that could be mitigated with a menu option that auto-assigns combos based on how they're designed - if they can be used multiple times but are limited by points like the mk2-Victory-Re;Birth series, you could set it to prioritize certain types of combos or be more balanced, if they're single-use but limited by the weapon like VII, you could set it to set your strongest attacks to the slots available. Either way, a QoL update to streamline the process would be a welcome option.

Even though fourth-wall-breaking has been a big part of the series for quite some time, I don't think that treating the player as a character is necessary. VIIR's localization did a good job in making the player gender-neutral unlike Hyperdevotion Noire, so if it must be done, it's best to not alienate the female section of their fanbase.

In terms of story, utilizing VR or the Switch as plot points could create interesting opportunities for comedy and character beats, so I'd go in that direction myself.


The problem is with a fighting game is too expensive to make, take example of SF V,

without Sony, that game without never have happend

a 2D fighting game is even more expensive to make KOF XII was too much money in development, that why they changed to 3D.

That problem with the butt and the leg is a rig problem, you can fix it with a little bit of weight painting and blendshapes in any 3d program.

I would like to see a big step up in the 3D modelling of the characters, more expressiveness, 3D eyes and
mouths cloth simulation for example, more 3D cutscenes, and the visual novel part in 3D too, with a long range of animations and motion. (i`m a 3D modeler).

Sorry for my rough english, is 5am here in Chile haha.

Sebastian Rodriguez

I hope they stop reusing assets so much and add real cutscenes

Andreas Nicolas Brito Serafim

While Nepu games not comes baaack to the Nep fan game I’m playning


I just want plutia :(

Lone Nep

In the next main game i want
Better turn based RPG gameplay.
Very lighthearted story.
More Fanservice (Less ship bait though)
And Improved Comedy.

I would also like to see a Dating sim spinoff at somepoint.


I would like to see a 4GO (more refined of course) with a Tales of kind of hybrid battle system. I'd also like more of an open world design where the 4 cities are big zones you can explore and take on quests. Maybe the guilds in each city have a unique storyline, each with different quests and rewards for the goddesses of each city, etc.

Khairul Hafiz

What I want from Neptunia series was new Drama CD featuring nameless male character which is you every time they launch a new game..

Jeffrey Piatt

We need a game where Vert teams up with the Matrobe sisters Microsoft Japan's mascots for Windows. Make it a Xbox joint project with FNS action as in First Neptune shooter. Lead us see gameindstri from the CPU's point of view Neptune could even pick up Pudding for health.

Elpizoerebus Garza

i want one with uni as protagonist a shooter or a gale gun like game

We Are Not Your Nancho

I just want to see night demon when she got an demon core to enhance all her powers and get a new powers.

This story should be darker and powerful. Because these Demons are appearing in Hyperdimension to run search for Neptune.

Neptune will get a new long sword: Senadus.

Improved and better gameplay. And better graphics.

It will have open world map during an free roam.

Rain and thunder would be appeared in Planeptune, Lastation, and Leanbox in weather system that would be better.

Neptune (Night Demon) will have an aggressive movements, better skills, IOWA mode gauge appear when playing Neptune (Night Demon) and everything else we want to see it in future.

Neptune revealed her name: Neptunia Natsuyoki.

Exetior isn't one of a enemy, they are an new savior of Gamindustri.

(That's all I want Idea Factory and Compile Heart would to get work with new mainline Neptunia game not spinoff stupid Neptunia game.)


A Neptunia side-scroller action game?....like Shante The Half Genie Hero but set in the nep universe.


No thanks. I don't want to see VR. It is a game that's commentary on actual game news or game companies. Things like referencing Cancel Culture, referencing Electronic Arts, but imo the BEST idea is to parody Neptunia YouTubers.


i would like a story that takes part/parodies the current gaming generation,and also,dont know if this counts,better Switch ports of old Neptunia games please!

perfect paul

I want a game that’s called Ultradimension or something like that and it is set up like an all out war between the good characters and evil characters in gamindustri. It would have a similar system to VII, but would bring a TON of missing characters back to help out on each side. Two main stories one from the perspective of good one from evil.


Jesus love you

Necro David

I think a 3d arena fighting game would be cool, I dont think a 2d fighting game is good idea would sell well, because you need a lot of balancing and the game would way to niche

Philip Pillis

Fighting games have become a bore. I'd love to see them do a a more open game. Not necessarily open world but with a broader scope and a different dungeon system. I like the gameplay from action U and Zombies the most but they could change things up a little bit with a different lock-on system, more abilities and better UI for equipment which has been rather confusion and messy throughout the series. Personally I loved what they did with SUPER RPG so an improved version of that would be nice too but I don't see that coming because of the bad reviews.


I'd love to see Noire x Ram become an actual pairing as Ram will be Noire's friend for real so she won't be a loner anymore. To be honest, I randomly had that pairing idea in my mind twice where I was having fun watching Touhou Genso Wanderer cutscenes (w/ YouTube) and playing Bullet Heaven 2.

Ram may be a tsundere like Noire but she is still a good girl.


i've had this idea in my mind for a long time and it's very interesting in my opinion.
so basically... consoles meets gaming laptops, cool right?

Tyler Chambers

Since I already know the only thing I want will never happen, any Neptunia games beyond the Re;Birth ones would be a waste of money. I'll just stick to the ones I have.

The_One_Eyed_Rouge 1700




A turn based JRPG crossover with Phantasy Star characters from all dimensions. Both franchises has a Sci-Fi Fantasy theme. Dark Falz could fused with Arfoire to become the new Profound Darkness.


Hyper Musou Neptunia!

Yoshi 7894

I would like to see a change to the UI in the next mainline Nep game like something similar to trails of coldsteel 3 UI

Natto Nep

I want a another hack and slash Nep game.
or Neptune for Smash Ultimate, I doubt it though...


Hard disagree. I loved the VIIR system.


Is it bad that I want a more mature, story-heavy entry?

I'd personally like to delve into Nep 1's lore and history myself, plus maybe a few tie-ins to the later entries.


A game where Neptune and the other CPUs go over to the PC Continent to promote the PC ports of their games and stumble into the war between two goddesses based on AMD(Crimson Heart, named after the AMD driver software) and Intel(Sapphire Heart...maybe, I know the colour is slightly different from the blue in the Intel logo but it's the closest with a cool sounding name).



VeliaEnid Serrano

What I want is for the regular rpg neptunia game but the party has the 4 goddesses and candidates with uzume plutia and peachy and the makers of victory.

Jb Sprinkles

No Compa no buy


A 2.5D fighting game, like Tekken, or Jojo All Star Battle would be nice

Etienne Quinn

Hey Yellowsupernintendo what is your favourite anime mech game?

Purple HeartVR

You have s purple heart on your channel banner...


Histoire Sama

What i would like its both complicated to make and sad at the same time, so i'll resume it.

Ultimadiimension Neptunia Victory III, A game where a secret vile power unleashes and unites all gamindustris, all characters and all villains will be in 1 game, copies of nep, nowa, etc. And same for villains, at one point of the game, when you fight reincarnated CFW Magic, she tells you the main reason why they were collecting the items to make something called "Gamindustri Sword", Because the main foe they were fighting against, is conquestdimension, from that on: villains and heroes from all dimensions must unite to defeat the conquest dimension and its followers.
It would have a big variety of characters btw, villains included.


I want a playable Peashy


what about a souls like neptunia
you should apply to IF to help make nep games lol

Daniel Simmons


You can play as Nep...

In a senrenkagura game...

The water sport one spesifically...

* looks at wallet *


How bout the next time they make a game with a male self insert, they give him an actual voice, art, and flesh him out as a character?

Not even asking to be playable. Just stop having it be a chore to sit through cookie cutter nice guy dialogue.


Jesus loves you