Battle Pirates How to Build a Rhino and Tank for Civil War

Battle Pirates How to Build a Rhino and Tank for Civil War

21 271 views | 16 May. 2016

This video is for players who want to learn basic concepts of building a good Rhino, the choices available, trade-offs you can make, and how to build a tank to go in front of the rhinos. With the 3M points everyone got from Kixeye, everyone should have the Rhino blueprint by now. It's a 9-month old hull, so I don't expect it to be useful for much longer, but it's certainly great for this raid cycle (2-4 more months), and for when targets are reused somewhere else in game.

If you're an experienced player who's already confident in your ability to build solid fleets, this video is not worth your time.

Please note the goal is to walk you thru the steps. The final choices will be yours, and success varies based on your playing style. After you build, rank these ships to at least 40% bonuses.

I'm not responsible for Battle Pirates, or any direction Kixeye may take it, these ideas and recommendations are based on the event "Civil War: Broken Council", and are known to be effective against top targets in it. Kixeye may change the event next month, but as it's part of a series, much of it should remain similar to this first event.

There's some background noise, it's due to the mic I have. This wasn't rehearsed, or scripted, in any way, and reflects my view of things only.

Peter S

Thanks your video was very helpful.

Daisy overland

do you have ageis build tank dont have savage or puns

Richard Guilcher

i dont have any of the hulls you mention except the novastorm, so any suggestions for that hull to go with your excellent Rhino builds?

Mail 1 - G Mail

Good vid ty , isnt the interception system just for launchers ?.


I build 4 Apollos with blades and got 120 mil the last raid. Now I am 7 days left with my 3rd hell wraith subs. You will need good subs for the September raid.