Borderlands 3 GUARDIAN TAKEDOWN MOZE BUILD! BEST Mayhem 10/Raid Build! INSANE Damage! INFINITE Ammo!

Borderlands 3 GUARDIAN TAKEDOWN MOZE BUILD! BEST Mayhem 10/Raid Build! INSANE Damage! INFINITE Ammo!

3 474 views | 18 Jun. 2020

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Today we take a look at a new mayhem 10/ Guardian Takedown raid build for Moze in Borderlands 3. This build has incredibly high damage, very high life steal, and infinite ammo and grenades. This build is one of the best and fastest builds for farming legendary and anointed items on mayhem 10.

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Gr33n G0blin

great build but I would use plague bear and yellowcake for mobbing


Nice modded gear. Sorry dude you don’t have my support


"I have pretty good rolls on this one." Looks at all the other modded gear... of course you do.

Jace Skell

anyone need to farm take down mayhem 10 let me know I''ll walk you real fast on it psn:scabretti

Slevin Gale

Definitely a unique build so that's interesting. Cool video

Cryptic Wording

Convinced that Moze will forever be limited to rockets


So I've found while playing with team mates that backburner can actually kill them. Would suggest plaguebearer for mobbing if you're playing with a team.


Lel, uploaded 2 hours ago!
I’m second but everyone is goint to complain :(


Using the backburner with this build takes some getting use to, it has a big radius of splash damage and will almost 1 shot you into FFYL if you get his by some of the explosions.
If you find yourself dying too much you can take the 5 points of of Torgue Cross-Promotion and put those points in any other talent so you don't have the chance of doubling the size of your splash radius.