Final Fantasy XV - Caem Carrot Farming Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Final Fantasy XV - Caem Carrot Farming Guide (Tips & Tricks)

6 068 views | 21 Jan. 2017

In order to get four special weapons, you will have to get some "carrots". Yes! Carrots! So, if you dont like carrots, I will show you the faster way to get them!


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James OKeefe

I love the style of these videos. Very cool and FF themed, you have done a wonderful job with this. Thank you for the tips!!


Yeah, new Final Fantasy XV video, the next one is about Aerial Combat, this will take me a while because I will improve more editing skills, so it will be the base for the upcoming Nioh videos. Also, Im playing Gravity RUsh 2 right now, so new videos will be upload tomorrow or the next monday. Resident Evil 7, 0.2 and 3D (english version) the next week too. So, yeah, a lot of work! Anyone want Yakuza 0 videos too? Let me know, ok?


Can I just say, I LOVE your videos because they are like throwbacks to earlier FF games? Well done. Really.

Now, I hate that there are so many rows in the garden but you can only plant along one. I wonder if more farming veggies will be available in future patches?


I prefer to leave the car at Hammerhead and do the lvl 2 hunt. That way I can hand over the weapons to Cid (after you reach Altissia) when going for the hunt. Also when Cid hands you an upgraded weapon it counts as a completed quest so the soil can be planted again.