Bosch Envision — Hook Mounting Installation

Bosch Envision — Hook Mounting Installation

55 859 views | 18 Sep. 2017

Installation video for Bosch Envision premium beam blades with Hook adapter. Bosch Envision windshield wiper blade sharpens night visibility and offers extreme weather safety.

Cassandra Waterman

If you have a hook wiper, you need the version that does NOT have the OE after it. Learned that the hard way. Once I had the right wiper, they went on super easily and quickly. I hate that it took me an hour of futzing with adapters to figure it out. I hope this comment saves someone some time.

Landon Dial

I'm passed. Just spent $60 for my f150 and can't even use hook mount? Wth isn't wrong with these? Returning asap and never buying this brand again

Lena Hull

For anyone coming here confused as to why they can't do this with their new wipers, some (or most) of the bosch envision wipers don't come with the hook adapter, you have to get the bosch icon wipers instead. And for those, "A" labeled wipers are for the drivers side, and "A" or "B" can be used for the passengers side.

Julia H

Perfect instructions, thank you!

Jack Faunce

These are the specific blades listed in the Auto Parts book, however they don't fit on a hook type windshield. Horrible directions from Bosch.

jose sanchez

How did you remove that clip at the beginning

Mike Law

Need to make sure you get the right blade. For my 2016 Subaru Outback, the driver side is 26 inches. Bosch Envision has a 26 and 26E. The 26 model is the one with the "J" hook and only provides that connector. The 26E has various connectors for other model cars.

Rey Misterio



I can’t believe they made switching out the wipers this complicated where multiple customers are choosing the wrong product. These will be the last Bosch wipers I buy.

Nick Harris

Super easy with the help of this video, thanks!

Ryan Kline

The ones I bought didn't come with hook mount attachments. So this video is useless

Chad Lamb

Garbage video. This is linked from Bosch Envision 260E, and it does NOT install like this, nor does it ever install on a hook type arm. Bosch uses deceptive information to sell their products. This is a criminal act. Avoid their products, for your own protection.



Geoffrey Varga

Which adapter do I use from the Envision 26OE wipers for hook mounting?


I guess it was too difficult to show "not for hook type" on the packaging. Seems the common theme these days is lets make things as complicated as possible. I returned for a different brand.


I’m really annoyed at Bosch’s labeling. How was I supposed to know these wouldn’t adapt to the hook type?? It’s nowhere on the packaging!!

Waylon Bailey

Does not work for my 2015 hyundai sonata. 60 bucks down the drain.