ARCH TEMPERED NERGIGANTE REVENGE - Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter World Multiplayer! #mhw

ARCH TEMPERED NERGIGANTE REVENGE - Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter World Multiplayer! #mhw

285 832 views | 11 May. 2019


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Monster Hunter World Arch Tempered Nergigante is here! Lets go over Monster Hunter World Arch Tempered Nergigante Gamma Armor Skills see if it's any good as well as Monster Hunter Arch Nergigante Fight Changes and other fun going on! A short Monster Hunter World Arch Tempered Nergigante Gameplay Guide to show a successful run to acquire his lovely new Nergigante Gamma Armor Overview! Monster Hunter World Pro and Noob Arch Tempered Nergigante!

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I'm Rage. I make funny things, I make useful things and I end up in many improbable situations. If you've got this far in the description you are an intrepid explorer of boxes and I approve you as a comrade in curiosity. So join me on this adventure as I make multitudes of majorly magnificent videos as I be excessively modest and have a good time! Thanks for watching and reading, give yourself a cookie.


of course you gotta put a daft punk reference with the commander's first line xd

Timmothy the Curious Changeling

Turns out, Arch Tempered Nergigante is actually him on a training montage, and Ruiner is the Result of said training montage

Grandma Gertrude

Honestly I feel like the black was to reason they won

Superpup 125

My name is nergigante and I'm here to stay I have a Russian ascent so you better pray if you want to live for another day hey.


Josh play a game undefeated


Cold is a virus


His new flippy punch attack is literally the only reason I haven't beaten this fucker yet tbh. :'C

Andrew Levister

I like how Josh needed an SNS main to help him because he couldn’t do it then he mocks him calling him health potion on legs.

Iceraven Crow

I have to say MAD respect for that SnS User

Dragonoid Gaming

Josh: we didn't nock him over via the destruction of spikes
Cotton: well we took a horn that's basically the same thing
Me: uh I don't know what is up with charge blade but breaking spikes on AT Nergigante has never been easier

Gilberto da Paz

6:34 The frog didn't give a f*ck. kkkk

Darren McCray

The first 5 sec I was like damn


What is at nergi's favorite store ? Sharper image


22:09 wtf audio glitch

Andrex [145]

17:55 and here we see Cotton perfectly replicating the Rajang roar in search of a new mate


“It’s weak and venerable, it’s so pretty I wanna take it on a date.”
that’s a women right there

The meow-sician

Wow nergi and xeno are the only ones that spawn in another area. Cries in at vaal

Silver Heart

Don't mind me, I'm just screaming at ChocaBlock's palico being named Morgan

King of worlds 7

11:11 jocat wants to know your location

Swaying Slayer

Nergigante does not have sex he reproduces axesualy...your date is cancelled.


"Noob and Noob VS Monster Hunter World Multiplayer!"

Lucas the Illusion Dragon

YoUr BoTh AdOrAbLe


Josh: Why cant Nergie get anyone to go to the bar
Me *an intellectual*: Because he spikes their drinks?
Josh: Because he spikes their drinks
Me: I can haz cookie?

Caleb Joseph

That laugh gave me a headache you annoying fuck


Went back with MR endgame stuff to quickly get the last two tickets I needed for the Ryu layered I never actually got. Oh it was glorious. He was limping by the end of the second area.

Not such an intimidating health pool anymore, eh, AT Nergi?

Yoshikage Kira

Josh watches jojo confirmed

Sushi GD

I had to fight that Nergigante...ALONE. Granted I did have Master Rank weapons, but I'm absolute cheeks.


srsly i will never figure out if its 2 dudes or a dude and a chick . that laugh is SO high pitched


Wait, I thought you couldn't beat the Extreme Behemoth?

Hunter Otte

... So who here is the pro and who is the noob? I'm new here, and couldn't tell.

Ben Reid

That intro is EXATCLY how my first ATN experience went

oh baby baby

Hey man what's your build

Extraneus Aemulus

Me, a simpleton: Nergigante. (Because that's how they pronounce it in the game.)
Josh, an intellectual: Nerjigante.

Anthony Johnson

yooo wtf how yall find him so quickly it takes me about 15 mins to finds him


this fucker is so hard solo.

Rose Waters

20:07 what sorcery is this?

Amaury R

Whats his armor?

Grand Weasel

arch tempered nergicuga


"Ready for one more quest?"

But all I heard was "Ready for three more carts?"

(I fared slightly better against AT Nergi than AT Xeno, lasting 20 minutes.)


Um...wut up with the kid vids?


I'm sure they had redo the intro a couple of times to make this effect

T-T a

Josh's laugh from 3:56 - 4:00 sound s like elmo

Arif Ramen noodles

Pro tip: bring nergi the classic Russian set
Vodka, lots of pencils and a flip phone. He may spare you

Aaron McBride

This guy is too loud. I couldn’t make past 5 mins.

Yasuhiro Tjokro

Okay great timing Teostra

Thomas Allen

Sorry but Nergi went to full Variant. PREPARE FOR THE BEAST OF ENDS THAT IS RUINER NERGIGANTE (Master Rank's Gate Keeper and trust me MR makes HR Tempered look easy)

Jerome Bustillo

Arch Nergi is my favourite to 1v1. Such an epic finale for base World. No supernatural powers, just brute strength and speed. One of the best fights in any game imo.

Scorch Crow

"Like a what exactly?"
Honestly killed me more then Gante did Josh then xD

Kskctb Griggs

When you realize that nergi is slowly building up his armament haki

Kris Lee

I'm loving this russian Nergie


I mean, I was just pissed. My mother just got slayed so I was mad then you failed to kill me, So I was extra pissed. I'm going to kill one of you next time though.

Gabe Itch

I love your guys' videos, but you gotta stop the screaming constantly and nonstop. It gives off a vibe of a kids channel where they think loud = funny. You guys are funny, but after a while of loud, obnoxious screaming, it's just a chore at times. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just trying to help you guys grow and be funnier. Because I do love your videos, but the screaming and yelling every 4 seconds sort of deters me and I'm sure many others from watching more.

Carson Freeman

have you ever thought that maybe nergigante is ruiner just younger


Josh's voice can get annoying sometimes, dont @ me



Cyclone Music X

So if he has around 50,000 hp, does that mean I’m legit super good at MH for soloing him 3rd attempted with only one faint?


Pepega slam ruins me every time.

Rob Smith

i made the terrible decision to try and get the full set of nergie Armor .........

ive killed him 27 times and i still dont have all the armor


22:90 I hear crasant

Sirsams 552

Does Rage-kun watch JoJo’s?

Ryan Hankins

"He went after the Mega Potion. That life doesn't count". Cotton, I love you. Your awesome and hilarious. However, as a Sword and Shield user, I take offense to that statement


Song at 8:15?

yeet master

arch tempered nergigante is the best of the arch tempered monsters in my opinion and it took me over a month and with many hours of practice and thinking but i managed to solo arch tempered nergigante and i felt so rewarded that i bursted in tears and screams of joy as i listened to victory theme but overall arch tempered nergigante is a great monster and it gives you the feeling your fighting him all over again as you stepped towards his arena and he bursted from the crystals and from there us as hunters we grew from those experiences so ima wrap this up josh if your reading keep it up with the excellent content see you in iceborne


3:58 isnt it a good day at the beach

Tytheguy 28

Josh asking "What am I doing?" Made me rethink my entire life

John Menhart

5:53 is the best

bum bumbum

Tbh I was hoping he wouldn’t be able to do it for not having the hud

God of pancakes Mooni

it's actually because AT Nergi has more spikes

Julian Stevenson

"Hello nergi we have ur medicine it's called die"


11:00 that is the most dusches way of describing us sword and shield mains


Arch tempered nergi has the best theme


i finally realized that i had become a good greatsword player in this game after i somehow managed to kill this beast on my first attempt. thanks for introducing me to this series, Josh, its my third most played game now and I love it to death


Hmm let’s watch another rage gaming vid ARCH TEMPERED NERGI me: oh hell yeah


20:05 can we just talk about that godlike support? over 200 heals/buffs during a single hunt


Josh: This cant get any worst

AT Teostra shows up.


6:26 I lost my shit lol

Lt. Jackass

I am Heaven God's Ruin of The New World The Tempered Master Hero!

Jakomi of the Rose

With the help of my friends (and me panicking like an idiot) I now finally have the whole armor.

Botan The Shogun

Why do you give nergigante a Russian accent

SychoSerbian Ljubisic

I had the best laugh of my life with the nergigante voices XD and also if you want to break nergi spikers try with an insect glaive trust me i didn't believe till i tired it and hell i nonchalantly said hmm ok that's fun

Ethan Silver

very slick cover-up on failing that mount around 7:50, with the cutaway to the self deprecating joke

Ginger 28

At least the taostra has heated seats


"Big Spolly Bike Slam"

Josh, RageGamingVideos, May 21, 2019

Katrina Turner

i wanna marry nergigante he's my favourite monster

Del Demmonet

Why does Nergigante Sound French ?


That slomo tho


202 heals applied jfc he really was a healing potion with legs

ahmed the dragon

I killed him with my favourite friend from second try


Hard g....

Ethan .M

14:57 this is what extreme behemoth does on a daily basis

Dude XD



Did you know that you can cheese AT nergigante by when he goes to his resting place? If you have the camp that is near his nest, you can bomb sleep him, knock him to the wall and if you leave the area or if you go back all the way to the camp, he will simply stop following and head back to sleep again, and you can do it over and over until he is dead


6:25 was my favorite part of all of your videos


what's the sound at 18:07?

Andrex [145]

Josh: why does nobody like going to bars with nergi?
Cuz he always..... SPIKES their drinks!

Me:.........but they’re at a bar

Chain The Ultima

Nergi does more damage because his spikes have purple sharpness. XD


You guys make the most meme worthy videos ever that even my dead self feels alive


Seeing the greatsword hit such low numbers felt so weird after playing Master Rank

xBROx Sub Zero

It hurts that we are only seen as health potions with legs.


Laughs in lv5 Earplugs.