Dying Light Walkthrough Part 21 - Pact With Rais, First Antenna

Dying Light Walkthrough Part 21 - Pact With Rais, First Antenna

16 652 views | 26 Mar. 2015

Major Slack's REAL walkthrough of Dying Light continues with the Pact With Rais quest and the first antenna. This isn't a blind playthrough. Come see how Dying Light is meant to be played!

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When that Toad started doing his freaking belly dance, I completely lost it :D Then Crane explains why he's shouting, making it even worse. Man, this walkthrough has made me laugh so hard it's unbelievable! Love every bit of it, though sometimes the incredibly commendable graphics make it a little hard to snack, when you've got a torn up rotting zombie gnawing at you lol

I got to say, the skull crushing never gets old :D Kill cams, hmm... They're great when done time to time in a scripted manner, as in I finish off a boss or get a ridiculously long range kill, but when it's slow-mo spam like it can be in this game, or by far the worst offender being Sniper Elite, where the game will give you a bullet camera and an X-ray of the enemy in 90% of your shots, it's incredibly tiring and pointless. What cool factor it might originally have turns into a nuisance within moments from starting the game. Thankfully the third iteration finally allowed to turn it off or customize it to your liking in length, frequency and style.

TL;DR - I wouldn't mind if the whole concept of slow-mo kill cams and any other kind would completely disappear from gaming. :D

Triforce Ward

Meh. Kill cams are nice at first but get old real fast. The best one I think was the bullet cam in Calebas hunting games. A kill cam should be active not passive, rewarded not given. Like jumping off a roof, and landing a one hit ko. Not random critical hits every few seconds when fighting a horde. I find that very frustrating. Thanks as always for the video. Great work.


Personally I really enjoy kill cams. They make the kill feel more..... satisfying lol

jill gibson

That was funny as hell! Karim asking why he's yelling...Not a bad reason! XD

Sean Boyll

I like long shot kill cams. They are hilarious sometimes.


First. For you know who. Lol


Great job, slack! As long as they're not too drawn out, I don't mind kill cams. Actually, I'm so used to them now, that I don't even notice them most of the time. lol I have been annoyed by the more drawn out ones, though. When everything goes to slow-mo for like five seconds and you just have to wait to keep fighting. lol Fuck that! :D

Chad Alexander

thumbs up slackster

Shoto Todoroki

Kill cam/Slow Motion Kill cam has its place in some games in my opinion, and can work quite well. But too many games are doing it now. The problem with it that I've found in Dying Light is that it can really throw you off, causing you to get hit or grabbed by surrounding enemies.


Slow-Mode kill cam I hate & FPS multi-player kill cam also hate but some time it helps to get pay-back...

Andrea Di Atene

I 'm not a big fan of kill-cams either, but I don't mind, as long as they do not take over when there are more enemies around. Sometimes my pace gets ruined by a sudden slow-mo or something. 

Taylor Addington

I love the kill cams in skyrim.


My favorite thing about the "Pact with Rais Missions" is Cranes growing disgust with having to do things for the GRE and Rais. His comments and attitude can be really funny. He can be a snarky ass XD


I like kill cams if they are done right.  Most game developers nowadays overuse them however.

Jeremiah Crouse

I turn off kill cams whenever I can.  


The only kill cams I enjoy are the archery ones in skyrim. I don't know something about it haha

Matt Walsh

where can i find this on the map though?!?!?!?!

Joseph McKay

It depends, but for the most part I do like kill cams, at least the ones in skyrim, they add a bit of satisfaction for killing someone


You weren't kidding when you said this was a long mission, Slack :) How long can it possibly take to get a pack of rice? I'll nip down to the shops and get you a packet of Uncle Ben's Boiled Rice if you'd like? :P Also, killcams... I don't mind them if it's the last enemy in the area, but if you're in the middle of a huge brawl with a hoard of enemies, it can be quite annoying, and even disorientating sometimes :/

sgt picazzo

as mentioned in other comments i also find this walkthrough really enjoyable.
The action never gets boring and lots of usefull information!
Go slack!


When your trying to survive during an zombie invasion don't forget to collect those herbs, lol. I don't really care for kill cams, I mean sure if your fighting a huge boss and it took you forever to kill him but for regular enemies, no thanks. Thumbs UP boss! :)

inef fable

Best way I found to deal with goons is throwing the heavy rebar at em


Nice video slack! I enjoy kill cams for certain games, though they are ignoring if you are a tense situation facing off against enemies. Fall out is notorious for this feature... it's best you stay away from the Fall out games slack. They have too many mods, glitches, and things that will make you gripe! 


Sorry if you talked about this in another video but will you ever bring back the original intro?


i love kill cams in skyrim because i've seen some crazy shots there. but the kill cam in this game isn't anything to write home about.

Kurtis Pysyk

how do you have all those weapons and stuff!!!!!!! like the gun and flame thing!!! ive been takeing my time and am on this mission now all i have are some throwing stars and some pipes for weapons and i cant beat this mission its pissin me off i have the game on easy ttoo for fuck


Great stuff, Slack! This walkthrough is immensely enjoyable, especially with a fresh cup of joe at hand :)
Re kill-cams, I don't mind them as long as they are done sparingly, as in this game.
It looks like they copied the radio/belltower climbing feature from Far Cry 3/4, and the enemy types are lifted straight from Dead Island (I love that game!), though with slightly different powers. The "Toad" zombie reminded me of that again; I forget its Dead Island name. Also the latter's "Infected", and Goons = "Thugs", etc..

p.s. Completely OT: I finally rewired my gaming rig (cue Tim Allen's "ARFF! ARFF!") and installed colour-changing LEDs, only to realise it's in the wrong location to see it properly, so I have to rearrange my room again. D'oh!!!

Geo Noy

Its so satisfying to see you take out a platoon of 30-ish zombies.I know it's not in this video,but you did it before.
ps:Is that you playing the guitar outro mr.Slack?


I dont like kill cams


7:00 So Slack how do you like your ribs?


Kill-cams are great at first but soon get boring and slow the game down, I recently brought Nazi Zombies Trilogy and some of those slow-mo kill cams are great when you get a head-shot or instant kill, but after a short while I turned the option off.


I enjoy kill can when its the last dude in the area, batman series prime example. This is annoying in this game and removes you form the immersion.

Nick Lager

I had some minor problems with the antennas the first time i climbed them. Its not the worst Super Mario stuff out there but it was a bit hard too see what you could climb up on and what you couldnt. Atleast the first time around.

Zoro Senpai

One time I got a slow/kill cam and on a zombie, I turned around smack another zombie on the head (I was still in slow motion). That was so fun :D

Robert Prather

So the new enemies, Toads, remind me of the mutant character from the X-Men who spits venom.  As for kill cams, I agree with a couple of other people who voiced their opinion on this...if it is the last enemy, then it is cool.  Having kill cam activate while in midst of a fight will slow down game play momentum and/or could cause you to be in a fight for your life situation.  That's no bueno!

Andy & Alex

every time i hear the intro "major slack attack" i always think its going to say "major slack videos" and i get dissapointed when i get it wrong.

Will, Not Will Young.

The kill-cams in Skyrim are the worst, with bows and spells it'll go into the kill-cam and you'll just miss -.-