Rahu 1st House/Ketu 7th House Axis in Vedic Astrology

Rahu 1st House/Ketu 7th House Axis in Vedic Astrology

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00:00 Introduction

01:41 What are Rahu and Ketu.

5:50 Astronomy of Rahu and Ketu

10:40: Mythological Story of Origin of Rahu-Ketu

15:00 Rahu in1st/Ketu in 7th house

15:00 Rahu in1st House

Qualities of the Grahas -


Externally, Rahu signifies people from outside the community, people who are not part of the ordinary social structures, eccentrics, people who are unpredictable and untraceable. Physically, Rahu would co-signify the same parts as Saturn. Internally, Rahu represents desires, and the tendency to identify oneself with external objects. It represents impulsive thoughts and behaviour, and the ability to passionately pursue goals in the most crafty ways. Qualities signified by Rahu: passionate, impulsive, hard to contain, wild, intelligent, tricky, illusionary, fake, smoky. Determining what objects are signified by Rahu: Rahu signifies things that are illusionary in nature, or parts that are of foreign nature, not truly fitting in.


More qualities of the Externally, Ketu signifies people who are mysterious, who hold abstract or incomprehensible views, who do not show their true identity, spies, mathematicians, people who have flashes of insights, inventors. Physically, Ketu would co-signify the same parts as Mars. Internally, Ketu represents detachment, and the ability to contact subtle and powerful states of the mind. Experiences of higher states of consciousness at its best, and delusions at its worst are signified by Ketu. Qualities signified by Ketu: sudden, unforeseen, subtle, abstract, universal, intelligent, insightful, psychic. Determining what objects are signified by Ketu: Ketu signifies things that are abstract in nature, or things that are falling apart or disappearing.

1st House

The Bhavas - The first house - The first house represents the birth itself, becoming an individual. It represents life overall, the self, and the whole body. Whatever influences the first house will have its impact on the entire life, the personality, the body and the complexion. Events happening during and shortly after birth also belong to the 1st house. Physically, the 1st house corresponds to the 1st part of our body, the head in general, and the skull and brain in particular. The correspondence with Mesha (Aries) adds physical mobility and overall strength.

7th House

The Bhavas - The seventh house - YuvatiHomeTOCPrev.Next The seventh house - Yuvati bhava The 7th house is opposite of the 1st. The act of marriage takes us as far away as possible from who we are by ourselves: it is an agreement to live with, to accept, to love and to support someone who may be totally different than yourself. The marriage brings about relations with the in laws, and people in general. Marriage is also likely to bring travel, as at least part of the family is not under the same roof. The lower part of the belly (the region below the navel according to Parashara) is next in line. This includes the large intestines and kidneys. Libra corresponds to the 7th house. Movable, ruled by Shukra (Venus), it reinforces the significations of marriage, social interactions and travel.

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anand krishnan

should i be looking at first house and seventh house from rashi or lagna....my rashi is vrishabha and lagna is karka?


It's me also, my Rahu seat in Lagna with Vrishchik rashi... And 7th house Ketu. They spoil my relationships and kill my wife ,spoil my education background

reza chowdhury

Awwwsome man

Unujh A

i have this in virgo lagna but i didnt get into relationship early and no only 2 relationships right now.

Sai Poorvaja

So true !! Thank you very much.. !


Great explanation. I went to thialand in March and one of my sak yant tattoo was rahu in the center of my back. Based on your explanation I understand him more now. The monk looked at an astrological chart and said Rahu was to replace a negative energy that resided in me. I am a bit confuse when you say different houses. Is it physical houses or internal. Thank you.

po po

This is the only YouTube channel providing true insight into astrology.


Sense of self wala bahut sahi tha yaar

Rajesh Dodamani

Sir, I'm 29 yrs old and a virgo I want to make my career in film industry as a director and actor. I have acted in few serials as well but haven't got any big roles yet. Due to ketu in my 7th I'm thinking of not getting married and staying single my whole life, because ketu is effecting me and taking away my mental peace. Please Tell me can I be single my whole life and will I succed in film industry??? Also I have venus in 7th house. Please reply

Ravi Verma

Very true ... I m astonished with the analysis .. so true about myself ..and now I know where to focus ...but Rahu and ketu are dead my chart .. so does that impact



swati patil

I m having ketu in 1st n rahu in 7th were in both lagna n navamsa n my bf is having rahu in 1st n ketu in 7th in navamsa how it will effect after our marriage? We r about to marry soon

Reshmi Valiyapurayil

I m a virgo ascendent with ketu in 7th house!This why why my married life was a catostrphie!!!

বং Di

Really amazing sir...thank you sooo much

Rare Coral

first time I got the proper answer to improve ketu in 7th by working/focusing on yourself to improve your relationships.. very well explained...

Mrinmoy Behera

Thank you


Well, this helps me understand why I have chosen to be single for a few decades. I always said, “I’m broken and until I fix that, it’s not right for me to expect a partner to invest in damaged goods.”

Nice job on the video. Thank you for sharing. By the way, your English has greatly improved in the last few years! Way to go!! Proud of you, Sir!

Jodie Lee

Thanks for your video, helped me to understand better. I'm new to Vedic astrology. My rahu is in my 1st house Virgo (Hasta) and my ketu is in 7th house Pieces (Revati). Is this bad placements? I read that 7th house Ketu can negatively affect health, finances ect. Any knowledge of this would be helpful.


Hope to get my reply from your side. I had always this unsatisfied feeling of who the fuck I'm . What is the purpose and motive behind my birth since my teenage. I'm 32 yrs old now and still confused with my feelings

Yushu Niraula

Rahu conjunct with Venus at 1st house and ketu in 7th house for cancer ascendant . Venus is also my atmakaraka, is this placement good or bad?

Sreya Santhosh

If i want a consultation, is paying through PayPal the only option?

shikha ghanghoria

What shud we predict if the rahu and ketu in 5/11 axis with kark lagna and makar lagna

Sasidharan P

"Om Namah Shivaya" Problem Solved

Dave S

Its a worse combination in Lagna chart, Ketu in 7th house and Rahu in 1st house, second house is empty. I have same and i have attempted to commit suicide 2 times, I guess I wont survive 3rd time. alone for life, lovers left me twice, deeply feel betrayal. Surrounded with enemy and political environment. sometime I don't understand my own existence.

Violet Palmer

Thank you.. this is so true!

Piano Constellation

Thank You Sir, very interesting and clear explained.Thanks for sharing with us

Chaitanya Mundle

What can we do to work on ourselves ? Does it mean working on self means we have to do meditation, pranayama, gym, read books ? Finally, what if we know what to do but we are unable to do ? What can be that energy booster which will our thoughts into actions ?

SiSu SiSu

Very nice explaination..I have jupiter and Rahu in 1st house and ketu in 7th house. Whatever u said is right I expect perfection from my husband..but he is very cool..and understands me.. but is it because of these placements I don't have any child ?? Please tell me..this will be a great help

Kritika Pandey

Wow...makes so much sense...i m sun ascendant n 7th house is ketu. Everything about rahu in lagan with sun is right. Also illusion of self is also frustrating, m 33 n unmarried, single from almost 7 years, looking for husband but cant find...to the point i have given up. Also ketu makes me look for perfection and soulful connection which is making it even difficult

Subbarathnam YS

Very informative, even I found 1st house as Rahu and 7th house. It's exactly same. I understood need to work on myself. Thank You

riya das

In my birth chart rahu in 1 and ketu in 7 th, the following rahu ketu transit on September 23 makes rahu in 5 th and keth in 11, what will be the result..

Nairita Sengupta

I have rahu in my 1st with venus sun and Jupiter in libra and ketu in 7th house alone in airies

Neil Patel

Brilliant video my friend. Very informative

reza chowdhury

But i love Rahu so much,he is not evil,he is the power always makes you strong to overcome anything.

Sugey Neri

What if I have Ketu in my D1 but not in my D9 (empty)?

Mx. Laurel

This is amazing and accurate insight. Many thanks to you

Maryam Bonyadi

I have KETU in First and rahu in 7th and my boyfriend's IS reverse rahu in 1 and ketu in 7 is it possible that we are meant to be?

Anubha Bhardwaj

I have this placement in my chandra kundli and navamsa chart. Does such placement say anything about kundalini awakening?

Bhargav Ram

I have Rahu in 1st house -Leo , my mars, sun , Saturn are in 9th house , my Jupiter, venus ,moon ,ketu are in 7th house and Mercury is in 8th house. What career should I pursue

Mohit Vyas



I have same placement. Rahu on 1st and Ketu on 7th. All the things you mentioned in video makes so much sense.

I do move from relationships quickly when it doesn't work out and yes it's frustrating. I do try my best in my relationship and I have hard time to let go of it . Even though I don't look for perfection in my partner but I am still somehow feel I am unaware who i really am and what exactly I am looking for.

This video is really helpful.

Abhishek Verma

Can you please say about sun, moon, mercury conjecture

Chand Kumar

Sir, With aries ascendant..In Birth lagna chart, i have exalted Saturn in 7th and debilitated venus in 6th, Rahu in 2nd, jupiter in 9th, Mars in 8th, Moon in 1st, and sun in 5th house. Please note that in chalit kundli rahu and ketu comes in 1st and 7th house, respectively. Is there any chances of divorce for this combination..how would be the married life..

Neha Malhotra

I do have Rahu and Jupitar in first house and Ketu in 7th house... M confused about how my married life will be

Mohit Vyas

Bro .. You Are Giving Excellent Knowledge About These Malefic Planets .. I Would Like Much That If You Make More Videos On RAHU KETU ,... On Their Placements Wrt Degrees ,, Raashi ,, Nakshatra And Conjunction.


I am Virgo Asc. and there is Rahu in my 1st House, and Ketu in my 7th House.

Ramki A

Right Solution for my problem.


Sun and Rahu Lagna

Devinder Nagpal

My son has Rahu and Moon in 1st House and Ketu and Saturn (vargottam) in 7th house. He is quiet self obsessed as you said in your video. How can i improve he rahu

Pushpa Sahu

Ketu and Mars are in 7th house;
rahu in 1st house;
Moon in 6th house;
Ju,Me,Ve,Sun in 10th house and
Saturn in 2nd house in lagna chart,
birth star is Mrigasira 2,
Rashi lord is vrishabha shukra and
lagna lord is dhanu guru
How will be the married life

mansi kumari

Sir my boyfriend has ketu in 7house he is libra ascendant with mar in first house n m having ketu in my 6 house Scorpio ascendant we r very serious even thinking to tell our parents but many astrologer say it's not good for rahu n ketu in 1 n 7 house to get married what i do sir

Neha Shitut

Wow! This video is a revelation! I loved the story of Swarbhanu and the storytelling as well :) I think I have some Ketu influences in the 7th house because 8th Lord is in the 7th. And now finally I think I got my answer! Even though I have heard this no. of times, I have understood this only now. I don't look for perfection actually but I do my best to hang in there! :D in a relationship even if I know internally that it's not the right one. And yes that has taken me away from who I really am! Its my nature to stick it through and that why things happen that eventually bring me back to my true dharma. I think I have realized by now that I am a disciple first and in short anything that takes me away from spirituality is NOT the right choice! That's who I am!

Akash S

Video starts 15:00

Prity Kumari

Sir what to do . My life has always been about chaos . I don't know what to do.

zp zp

What's is kundli consulting fee

divya sharma

My transit Rahu is in lagna with moon ...going thru severe depression. Please guide when will I get the relief

Let's Explore

I have the same case in my horoscope. please suggest me career business options. Also suggest if I should be doing good if i move abroad.

Ajay Vats

Very true .You are right word to word

siru sharma

thank u for this video! i am from Nepal kathmandu... my rahu is in first house with mangal with karkat lagna... and my ketu is in 7th house i am 30+ and still single? is ithis coz of rahu and ketu?

Monu Katariya

Sir mera Kanya lgn h mere d1 chart me 1 House me rahu +mangel h & 7 house me sani + ketu h to sir kya meri marriage life me separation hoga kya

Ankita Singh

Hi my husband has ketu in 1st house and rahu in 7th house pls put some light here and advice wat are the consequences and remedy

Amulya Rathna Vanam

Sir, I'm Taurus, I'm in rahu mahardasha, now that rahu is transitioning into my 1st house in Taurus. Will it be difficult with rahu - rahu antardasha
Please explain thanku

Jaina Soni

You might be right.... As my relationship is not working and I m going mad for that.... Can you plz suggest remedy

Catherine Moore

I have this placement and I'm female: I doubt that being a woman makes this placement easier to experience than being a man... After all, you know that Karma is inescapable and that it will deal with you whatever your gender and your intelligence. Only awareness can soften the blows...sometimes.
My placement is ketu in Libra in the first house and rahu in Aries in the 7th: I haven't been looking for perfection but for the best compatibility possible. Again, if I didn't find it, it wasn't because of my being demanding of perfection but because my karma forced me to learn to put myself first and develop self reliance. I have now pretty much gone totally and willingly into the Rahu realm. I love being by myself only.


Excellent and informative analysis. I have this placement and all my life I craved good friendships and stuck it out in a 6 year long distance relationship because I know deep down the value and importance of human connection however it was only when I let go of my friendships and even marriage and decided to focus on myself that I truly found solace and attracted better partner and friends. Also the discussion of having a self esteem yet not a sense of self rang very true. That’s how I felt all my life until 2 years ago, when I had a spiritual awakening (thanks to the ketu mahadasha). Thanks for the video, it was nice to hear
your perspective on what I have learned through life experience.

Arapaima Gold

Sir, please give your suggestions for remedy of malefic Rahu 1st house and malefic Ketu 7th house.
My Rahu in Pisces, retrograde and aspected by Ketu. While my Ketu in Virgo, aspected by Rahu and Mars. Thank you for the answer.

Brahmin Nilesh

Sir do something about those advertiments, its annoying and its interruption is making us leave the video


My question is when I'm real to my partner, when I'm trying to give my best but doesn't see any effort and willingness from the other side. How come I be lacking of self awareness? It's obvious when you try to be real and give your best you want the same thing in return and when the other side doesn't appreciate this you are pisses off. So does this gonna make me self unaware?if so thn what is the process to work on myself? How to seek my identity? How to work on rahu side of my chart? I have rahu and Jupiter on my first house

payel chatterjee

Hello my daughter has rahu in 1st and ketu with jupiter in 7th..scorpio asc...will it affect her education...as 5th and 9th houses are empty

Sandra Shanti

Yes! Absolutely true... be a better person and you will attract better partners...I understood it years ago.... I have this placement in Navamsha... challenging for relationships
and Rahu/Ketu in 12/6 axis in The main chart
This lead me into a Spiritual Path,
Kundalini path
Thank you

Lisa Gandhi

This is such an informative video! I learned so much and you presented the information so well!!!

prem kanna das

Nicely explained buddy! Good one. Got it! Useful!

vaishu sree

Sir I am saggaritus ascendent at first house Saturn Nd rahu are placed and kethu at seventh house.. any suggestion to me sir?

Sharmistha Chatterjee

Try having this in D9,u WILL screw any chance of a relationship. I have never dated. Don't want to. I suck at it. Period

saurabh dewan

Is it anything to do with Snake. I experienced snake (Not physically but i could definitely feel it) enveloping my body but after I have milk to dog I could fee it leaving my body. It was one of a kind experience in my life cant forget it. And it's true. Can you put light on it.

Krishna Adhikari

Along with rahu there is Jupiter, venus and sun in 1st house , libra ascendent (tula lagna), what is the overall effect, Venus is retrograded , nothing is combusted.

Bhanu Prakash

I have rahu in libra ascendant and ketu with Venus in aries i,e 7th house, will it lead to more complications? Please reply

swtyy ss

Mera ketu and soni 7th ghar ...rahu 1st and 12 mangal...kya karo mey??pls help

Tejash Shah

I have first house with sukra rahu nd 7th with ketu.. my wife leave me 6 years ago. Plz guide me sir

Mohit Vyas

I Have Rahu In 1st And Ketu In 7th Ahmm Wait A Minute Bro .. I Don't Want Perfect Partner ,,, Bcoz No One Is Perfect In This Life ,, Even Me Not Perfect .... I Just Want True Partner Who Can Share With Me Her Feelings .. Emotions ,, To Understand Sentiments Of Each other.

Swapna Vaidya

liked this video. I agree with what you have advised because thats the flaw even I am experiencing with this placement. i have a scorpio ascendent lagna chart. Watched your other recent video about rahu in scorpio nd ketu in Taurus. But didn't understand the approach in which to work on self.. you mentioned there that the rashi in which Rahu is tells about how you have to work on yourself.. due to the question answers, vidoe lost its essence

Ramana venkata

Sir groom D.O.B is 07.11.94 time 06.23pm and bride D.O.B is 08.12.1996 time 02.00 Am.sir please check and intimate if any problem for marriage.Regards.


Very nicely explained.what is the effect of Rashi in which Rahu n ketu are?
Second if ketu in seventh house with Saturn or any other kuroor grah what will be the effect

Arundhati Bhattacharyya

Very well explained! Thank you.

Lavanya Kushwaha

Very well said.I never got satisfied from any relationship.So I turned my attention inside nd for the first time I felt satisfied.like you said when they know themselves their relationship improves.As i started meditating for long hours. My psychic abilities increased as well as my relationships also improved.

Nick Klause

Law of Inverse/Reversed effort.

Tanya Khare

I have this rahu ketu axis in navamsha chart, is this same as in lagna chart??? Please answer, thank you.

akansha jetha

Hi thanks for the insights.
Just an additional point of view that the person having this conjunction does not necessarily hops from one relationship to another frequently.

Definitely they do keep relationship on pedestal and give it a lot of importance and in turn get affected deeply by the way their relationship turns out to be. Yeah i agree that they have this incessant desire to be in a relationship with perfect partners and have high hopes from them(May be because they are ready to do the same for their partner) .

Drawn Within

Very helpful


Wow...such a deep and lucid explanation...thank you

Shelja Sharma,4099

What if Rahu in first house ,
Jupiter , Mercury, Sun, Pluto in 2nd house
Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune in 3rd house
Saturn in 5 th house

Salini Priyadarshini

I m trying for neet, can you say if this year june-july 2021 is beneficial for me


Quite counterintuitive!

joj william

Same but i have conjunction in 7th house with Saturn

m c

Totally resonant to me.. rahu in 1 house.. ketu in 7.. and I believe that my past marriage life is not gud and that's d reason I really want a partner whose have same vibration /energy..

Abhigyan Agrawal

Thanks a lot sir this video will be the turning point of my life.. as my birth chart is the same like rahu in 1st house and ketu in 7th house i often asks myself that who i m? But this video means a lot. Thank you so much sir for your valuable video and clear explanations

_flossy_ _

Is ketu in 7th house curable ?

Gurvel Sandhu

Hi sir plz help me sir i m trying to go abroad from 2017 i put my afferts everything thing is right from my side but i m getting my achive we asked from someone he told me that rahu and ketu making problems but i can not do any thing sir there are lots of problems in my life sir plz help me sir what should do

Ashish Joshi

This is me

Aditya Tyagi

What about venus+Jupiter+rahu conjunction in 1st house for libra ascendent?