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Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES "REVELATIONS" - All Time Trial Weapons Gameplay! (Nunchucks, buzz saw, skull crusher & nightbreaker!)


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Check out gameplay of NEW secret melee weapons in Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations! A small easter egg tied in with the time attack challenges!

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I'm the one

Can someone help me with bo3 zombies I will be getting bo3 zombies season pass so can someone help me I'm on Xbox one first to reply they can help me

MarcusEvonblade !

Time to show SpiderBIte!

Um Foxy

I accidentally replaced my pack a punched ray gun for a night breaker

Matthew Duddy

Why was live streaming not safe?

flame gamer 3235

night breaker

mike martin

these are all bloodbourne weapons except the nunchucks but the saw blade the bloodletter and the beast claws are all the same


The night breaker has the thunder fist animation


i completed round 5 under 5 minutes but i didnt get the nunchucks

Beckki Lloyd

Thank you, i wasn't sure where to pick them up so i always left it, but yeah i got the nightbreaker it's amazing

It's *Gulio*


Thomas Blanks

Lmao I never know this yo


I dare you to pin me MrDalekJD

TheGoldenGamer TGG

can you pack a punch these??

Lord Tempest

How many points have you made on moon at the start ? No maga gums

The Sith

Buzz cut

beep boop

You said the skull splitter is based off a staff but it's literally a medieval mace...


this doesn't work anymore

The1 Brothers

I knew it

tommy duterte

At 2:02 they are called galvinuckles


Buzz cut

preston pullen

on Xbox one can you get on Xbox One

OG Melonz

I ❤ U Dalek!


couldnt u get the katana

Chroeun Chroch

skull splitter

Daisy-Mai Jackson

Find the katana! it's in multiplayer it has to be on zombies!


Skull spillter

dead channel 57

the katana

BlueDemonz Gaming

I did it 2 two times and under 5 min and it didn't work


I've tried time trails 6 times today I'm 100 percent sure it doesn't work anymore :,<


i picked my weapon from round 20 in under 32 minutes up and i lost all my guns and money :(

TheGoldenGamer TGG

also you missed the katana


It doesn't work for me...


wtf? are you faze spratt? :D

Martin Tang

How do we get the buzz saw?

Nathsniel Sam

I beat round 20 under 32 minutes I forgot what I got


Skull splitter and saurons mace, check the similarities.

Freckled Venom Nugget

Buzz cut or path of sorrows

Christian Espinoza

I was playing with my brother in a private match and we finish round 5 in under 5 but it didn't work.Does anyone know why

Umar Khaliq

everytime I try this I complete round 15 in under 22 minutes but it won't let me get the 3rd melee weapon but it allows me to get the first 2
any help is appreciated


why do the graphics kinda look like trash?

Joey Davito


dennis le

Buzz cut


How to do this easy: everyone puts on round robbin

Cristian Gonzalez

I like all of them


I didn't even know this was possible till today

The Zombies Are Coming

I think there is an extra time trial weapon we havent found yet. The game kept track of how long it took me to get to round 50 when i died, which makes me think if i got there again fast enough i may get it.


Takeo's katana

KingDoms Kingdom1985

I didn't even know these existed lol.

Vince Magri

My favor ate is the nightbreaker

Lillshrim Gl

Lies don't even work

preston pullen

when it comes


It doesn't work :(

Loc Duong

The skull splinter is a lot like the gravity hammer from halo

The Professor

Where Is the catana???

Junk Rat

Richtoffen, stop playing with nunchucks

The Mandolin

I got sword

Matthew Romano

there is another time trial for round 40 too. i paused my game when i was at 42 (where it tells you how long youve been playing for) it said next to total time how long it took me to get to round 40.....so maybe we unlock something else at 40 if your quick enough

Kelton Bishop

Didn't work for my friends and I but that might also be because we were playing on local


I finished round 5 in 4 minutes and 44 seconds and it didn't give nunchucks

ReZoLvE 29

My favourite is the nightbreaker

Toasty Panda

Where is the samurai sword?

nuh uh

I have the Nightbreaker in multiplayer got in my my third supply drop, pretty good melee weapon.


Buzz cut


Buzz cut

Swanky Soles

do you have to purchase the weapon first when it's non chucks first in order for it to change

Brandon Kenyatta

mine didnt work

Ben Gough

just done 5 rounds in 4.53 and the nuncuchs didn't show what did I do wrong


hey guys can you take the time to go to my channel I do go3/NBA exc also mobile games!!

Matthew Navarro

"eLeCtRiC gLoVeS" from b02

dennis le

Buzze cut


Y did he say buzz saw BOI

Yuh ____

The skull splitter looks like a binded arrow from der eisendrache almost


Can you only do these while connected to the Internet I completed round 5 in 5 mins a lot of time but I never get the weapon

Jonathan Ramirez

Did he just call the galvaknuckles "electric fist"


Has anyone got this to work in co-op? lately this isnt working either in gorod or revelation for me when not SOLO.

Ginger Ninja


Caleb Federico

What about
Tackles cutona

Wyatt Gordon

Can't get it to work! Does it only work on solo?

N3on m6on

I tried it hecka times you lied you don't get it.

vyse 17

are the melee weapons permanent after you get them


This isn't all of them, there is one for round 50 also.

hajar hasdo


Leo Warmback

Buzz saw

Bryan Castro

Because I am a noob... How do we start these time trials?

Roku Shikayama

I thought that was a striper on a preview like a meele gun

Dylen Menhenott


Loonie Bird


Kerrie Meadows

do they stay unlocked or do you have to do it every time

Rob Vaters

Thanks for the straight forward tutorial! Looking forward to seeing you back with some BO4 videos and streams!!

Jack Grasselino

My favorite Malay weapon is the buzz cut

Mr. YungZzz

They’re gone

will murphy

I wish the nunchucks were one of the later rewards because they're definitely the coolest.


you can also get takeos katana

Chicken War

weapon 3 looks Like from borderlands 2


What is you had wall power then bought would it be pap?

Thomas Li


Please Subscribe

Night Breaker

Jasem Alzaabi

diz it works on ps4

Blessed Sins

Round 5 under 5 mins for nunchucks
Round 10 under 12 mins for skull splitter
Round 15 under 22 mins for buzz cut
Round 20 under 32 mins for night breaker

Rosiedawg 758

i don't know if my game is glitches but with my friend on ps4 we usually only play 2 player private game (not split screen though) but we finished round 5 in 4 mins but the time attack didn't trigger it doesn't work on gorod krovi either