I knew this B*tch named Becky | funny TikTok compilaton

I knew this B*tch named Becky | funny TikTok compilaton

104 099 views | 10 Jun. 2019

Kheanna Klye

are all these mom's name reaLly bEcKy??

Splitz Lol

White kids

Lacie Clark

The one with the mom is the best

RJ Polat

2:55 I didn't know tomatoes could make a tik tok account

Kaiden holmes

We gonna talk about the guy twerking he twerks better than my girl

Kemar Wynter

Anyone else wondered about bad spray tan or

Emma Greene

Thanks for liking

Worm off the string

That moment when you realize are you the uncle joe at the table


1:28 the boy can twerk better then my sister OkAY SiS

Betzy Torres M

Ouuu damn the 5th one, that guy fucking cute

T.j hart

Wait ...Is the girl at 0:32 becky?

Cuz she look like it

Analeigh Garcia

Your welcome

Dezirae Navarro

The guy at 1:29 twerks better than most girls I see


3:04 I think this is the best :v

Chey Rood

how do i find this sound on tiktok


2:49 is this a hotdog


2:53 what's wrong with that poor girls skin o.o

jetoriandjasaniavlogs scalesandrichardson

The girl with the sunburn


1:30 do u see all dat foundation on her face?

Just Kaylee 23

2:50 u need help hun


1:00 is the best one

Alli Anderson

2:49 are you ok


at 0:30 she looks like my aunt.


2:50, she look like she just got a sun tan at a 1 star place.

Diana AlZregat

Why was this recommended to me

WHAT is youtube trying to say...

leah gang

2:59 look at her tan lol

Ella Almog

And the dog being like
"Arrg, humans."

Carrie hamsters

You are the best yeet yeet

Peťa Dederová

uncle joe♥

Peppa Pig

bruh he been practicing
don’t @ me

Ghost Mueller

Does white chick horrible at dancing

Radka Šoltésová

1:00 omg ✨ who is he? He's so cute.

Fuck You

I don’t know bout y’all but that chick at 2:02 real hot

Frashiah Maina

My african mom would never laugh if I said that she would get the slipper and slap it across my face

Oltion Metolli

3:00 tomato

sarah hussain

Hope all the becky’s are offended.

Eye ship mice elf We tod ded

2:49 she must be sun burned or she the leader of Cheetos


We gon talk about the girl at 2:57

Salty Spongebob

1:28 This dude know how to twerk

Ray Gruberski

Lmfao this is my godsons song

Emma De La Cruz

1:31 was honestly the best one


What the actual fuck is that sunburn

Shachar Tzadok

1:29 when the boy twerks better than most of us

Cassandra de Haan

The flaming hot Cheeto at 2:50 girl we get it you want to be tan

Human Being

2:49 someone get this girl some sunscreen


2:54 she needs to scrrrt herself some sunscreen

Gacha Alien Boy


huskies. life UWU

3:03 she looked like the tomato sauce to my spaghetti, jk

lizzie m

Omg the grandma one killed meeeee

Diana AlZregat

2:50 the new sebation bals

Gacha Soapy

2:01 I DIED

Jin Goq

Didn't know flamin hot cheetos could make tiktoks

Cassandra de Haan

Yeah girl you got a really bad sunburn you as red as a tomato hope it gets better

Sphillxy C.

2:49 Sebastian Bails who?

tess morgan


The loneliest baguette Le Baguette!

That poor poor girl.

Ilene Ramirez

1:00 thank me later


I l o v e uncle joe

leah gang

2:59 i meant sunburn

Robert Ness

2:57 got me DYIN!

Kokaai Nowwak

First one cracks me up

Jemya Johnson

the 12th one looks burnt or someone rosted her to heard then she went into flames then burnt

brazyy pariss

2:49 tha sunburn tho


Peep they all white

prod. kajro



The girl in the beginning her moms is soooo cool I want a mom like hers

Nat Garza

3:02 bro get this girl some ice! Or was it a tanning machine gone wrong?

Elijah Allen

Girl at 2:49 need to chill on that spray tan

alejandro aedo

Realmente la nueva generación hace huevadas!! Y las madres se prestan pa la webada!!

Tatiana Blue

2:49 That Tan Don't Stop

Mav Machine



Why can this dude twerk better than me

Sofija Uzelac

01:00 who is he?

- slumbery raccoon -

3:23 omg, I crying


2:55 stop inappropriating Cheeto culture

Emma Greene

2:59-3:00 hahahaha where

tahicha young

We gonna talk about that girl with the bad sunburn or no