Blade & Soul Awakened Blight Weapon Guide

Blade & Soul Awakened Blight Weapon Guide

22 942 views | 22 Jan. 2016

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Hey all,

This is my first guide for new players on how to get your awakened blight weapon at level 20. Upgrading weapons is essential in this game.


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LethalCSGO //

Hey man, Thanks soo much for this :) Not used to the whole upgrading weapons through other items sort of thing, so this helped a lot and I really appreciate the help. Subbed :D


My question is how to upgrade that last weapon ?

Miguel Gomes

Gj and Ty!


how did you get the dagger...I cant get it at all I keep getting the damn warlock one :(

we are spartan's

iv gotten every other class blight wepon 10 times but mine this game hares me

Seppe Elseviers

me and a friend did this at lvl 17...
this dungeon is easy mode


i did this dungeon like 30 times now and still dont have the blight staff. this sucks i have wasted so much time for this

we are spartan's

Holy shit I just got my blight wepon finally only took me another 10 rounds


thank you so much

rave hail

Is there any other way to get the Blight Weapon of my class? D:

Captain Knee

Now I was like a crazy looking for hongmoon weapon until I advice about new weapon upgrade system... lul sad


But is this still possible?


Is there any ways to get hongmoon weapon? I think I sold mine and shops doesn't sell anymore


That's how RNG works people can be as unlucky as you or friend and take 16-30 tries to get the weapon or you can be really lucky like me and get it on your 2nd run.


Ty mate ur info was so good!! realy ty ^^


Dungeon Keeper? In what part i can see that? . PD: i like so much that system, I thought what to find a party was like the old school


intro is 30 sec ... but good vid


Didn't work for me at first, was panicking so hard as it took a while to get the blight staff. Turns out I had a full invent and the evolution kept cancelling, I'm such a dumbass -_-

Maks Zaver

first song pls!!!

camron reynosa

are the dungeon rewards bind on pickup or can they be traded? i only just started playing but it would be nice to have a chance per player in the party to get the blight weapon your looking for

we are spartan's

I did 30 runs of this and still no blight sword for my character might just have to buy a special key

Lucas Lookcus

thank you sooo much!!!

Drum Beat


Mads Sejerskilde

That was a great video! Thank you for sharing that, i had a very hard time finding out how to get the weapon, awesome work! Keep it up!


the blight sword was drop when i finish killing the boss but some idiot always bidding and he wont give giv it to me i was pissed

Ultimate Gaming Weekly

so if I can't get a Brilliant Veridian Key, I have to keep beating the dungeon Blamram Narrows until I get a blight sword?

The Masked Man

level 22 and i couldnt find out how to upgrade the weapon to the third stage, until nowww!!!!