Mossberg 930 JM Pro best entry level shotgun

Mossberg 930 JM Pro best entry level shotgun

3 419 views | 25 Aug. 2019

The 930 JM Pro is the best value shotgun for 3gun competitors. It’s ready out of the box and can be had for an affordable price. I have had mine for 3 years now and I cover some of the modifications and upgrades I have done over the past few years.

William Nantz

Thanks for the info about the Skytac lifter! Just saved me $50!

Survival 4 four

You do know you have your stage saver on backwards right

SBE Precision Products

Check out the Or3gun and SBE Precision Products upgrades for these. Or3gun marine spacer, and SBE Precision Products stainless competition piston are a real gamechanger. We are getting 1,500+ shells between having to clean the gas system with great reliability.

Grant Wennesheimer

What were the names of the places you recommend over Skytac?

Takini Survival Channel

Mine has been a money pit, and still doesn't work 100%. I get light primer strikes, I'm on my 2nd firing pin, and the hammer end has mushroomed out again.
For less money I could have bought a Stoger 3-gun model

Natán Lee

Where can I get the Turkey sight to buy?