Destiny 2 Hunter PVP Build | The Perfect EXOTIC & Bow Combination | S Tier Bow Setup |

Destiny 2 Hunter PVP Build | The Perfect EXOTIC & Bow Combination | S Tier Bow Setup |

10 663 views | 20 Jun. 2020

#Destiny2 #Season11

Destiny 2 BEST Hunter PVP build FOR legendary bows! Last word and The stag, this combination in this sandbox is amazing! enjoy you beautiful people!

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Andreas Schumacher

Love your builds

Zailen Lopes

What’s your sensitivity?


this is my favorite setup! been using it all season. Another favorite of mine is accrued redemption in the kinetic slot with quickdraw/explosive head with 576 draw time paired with ikelos smg. I highly recommend giving it a try also! great vid.

Chris Good

Subscribed because I love the hunter le monarque subscribe animation lol


Sadly, on pc mnk the experience is still hit or miss with tlw


Traction gives 5 i think


Good stuff! Tried this before and wasn’t convinced. But have to hand it to you, feels great this season. Had a lot of fun thanks to this yesterday. Only feedback I have: I don’t think you need HC dexterity and dragons shadow. Quick access sling is pretty broken and I don’t think the extra dexterity does a lot. I’d say go with bow dexterity to help with the dearly missed snapshot on stag and stompees, wormhusk etc. Keep it up!

Matéo Husselin

Do you know if the buff from lumina stacks with charged with light? Btw great build like always!

Larry Chucks

You only make hunter loadouts why don’t you make any for titans or warlocks every load out you’ve made since season of arrivals has only been for hunters help me out man I need a new setup I’m a titan

Toufik Daqi Kiar

This build is for a nooby players. Good player unsing snipe stoompes and hand cannon

Toons B

very very nice. You have such beautiful creativity in your builds and you worked around the powerful friends nerf extremely fast. Great job and channel!

J.J Thomas

Tried this out in pvp I love it and I haven’t even got all of my mods on it yet great video thanks for sharing


Completely forgit this bow existed (as sunsetting wasnt a thing yet and hush was my favorite bow to ude with last word by far) now i gotta try this

Darren Stephenson

you worked hard on this but its a no. builds make very little diffetrence in pvp. bungie have not deveoped pvp in ten years its garbage




I used this setup but I had Lucky Pants instead of Dragon's Shadow.


Are there any other bows you recommend

Kaimana Stewart

those slo mo parts are sickk


I am a returning player. I have that chest, it is my only exotic clothing. How do I hunt down the specific perks on items and specific gun(s) ?

Santik Lingo

the vow and the last word with lucky pants was my go to for the first 5 months of tlw being out


The difference is uncanny between console and pc.


Is maxing strength and mobility on arc hunter good ?


I love your pvp build